Dereferencing process-handles no longer waits on those processes #130

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When handles created by proc_open() and popen() got destroyed they called waitpid() and waited for the process to exit. Now they only wait if they are explicitly closed with proc_close() or pclose().

Implements FR #46487

I will also send this over internals to be discussed.


@Jille patch looks good. Can you add a test for your patch?


Could you rebase and squash?


I've committed f2bad2c to Jille/php-src:proc_close_lingering_squashed.


Please force push to this PR as well.




Hm, the test is gone?


I'm sorry. Fixed.


Comment on behalf of lstrojny at

Merged into 5.5 and master. 5.5 and not 5.4 because it comes with an ABI break.

@php-pulls php-pulls closed this Jan 15, 2013
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