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"::class resolution as scalar" Feature #187

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Commits on Sep 8, 2012
  1. @ralphschindler

    "::class resolution as scalar" Feature

    ralphschindler committed Sep 7, 2012
    * Allows for Name::class, self::class, static::class, parent::class resolution to a scalar based on current use rules and current namespace.
    * Reuses existing keyword "class"
    * Alters zend_compile.c\zend_resolve_class_name() to facilitate compile time class name resolution (and runtime by way of FCALL)
  2. @ralphschindler

    "::class" Feature:

    ralphschindler committed Sep 8, 2012
    * Added class scope checking for self,parent+static
    * Fixed tab/spaces in phpt file
Commits on Sep 10, 2012
  1. @ralphschindler

    "::class" Feature

    ralphschindler committed Sep 10, 2012
    * Fixed memory leak by adding zval_dtor() on class_name in zend_compile.c's zend_resolve_class_name()
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