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Bug #52958 :: Segfault in PDO_OCI on cleanup after running a long testsuite. #219

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Please refer to for more information.

P.S. May someone help to contribute the php-level test case for this issue?

Sorry that since this bug will ALWAYS hit during installation when develop with Drupal 7.x pdo_oci driver, but very hard to reproduce its trigger with simple test cases...

Hope someone can give a hand for it ;-)


Comment on behalf of lstrojny at

Fixed in 5.4, 5.5 and master.

@php-pulls php-pulls closed this
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Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 ext/pdo_oci/oci_driver.c
6 ext/pdo_oci/oci_driver.c
@@ -227,8 +227,10 @@ static int oci_handle_closer(pdo_dbh_t *dbh TSRMLS_DC) /* {{{ */
H->server = NULL;
- OCIHandleFree(H->err, OCI_HTYPE_ERROR);
- H->err = NULL;
+ if (H->err) {
+ OCIHandleFree(H->err, OCI_HTYPE_ERROR);
+ H->err = NULL;
+ }
if (H->charset && H->env) {
OCIHandleFree(H->env, OCI_HTYPE_ENV);
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