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Fix bug #65873 - Integer overflow in exif_read_data() #539

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I can confirm that it fixes our test case. But dir_entry-offset_base will be a ptrdiff_t, i.e. signed long, whereas dir_entry is unsigned. A TIFF file can be up to 4GB in length. So on a 32-bit system, you could imagine a case where dir_entry is near the end of a 4GB file, say 0xffff1000, and offset_base is near the start of addressable memory, say 0x1000. Then the subtraction will be negative and the condition will be false.

I think if you cast to unsigned, you would recover the actual file offset as intended, i.e.

            if (byte_count > IFDlength || offset_val > IFDlength-byte_count || value_ptr < dir_entry || offset_val < (size_t)(dir_entry-offset_base)) {

I've confirmed that that fixes our test case also.


can this be closed?


this one already merged

@smalyshev smalyshev closed this
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  1. +3 −0  NEWS
  2. +6 −1 ext/exif/exif.c
3  NEWS
@@ -16,6 +16,9 @@ PHP NEWS
. Fixed bug #65196 (Passing DOMDocumentFragment to DOMDocument::saveHTML()
Produces invalid Markup). (Mike)
+- Exif:
+ . Fixed bug #65873 (Integer overflow in exif_read_data()). (Stas)
- Filter:
. Fixed bug #66229 ( isn't reserved any longer). (Adam)
7 ext/exif/exif.c
@@ -2852,7 +2852,12 @@ static int exif_process_IFD_TAG(image_info_type *ImageInfo, char *dir_entry, cha
offset_val = php_ifd_get32u(dir_entry+8, ImageInfo->motorola_intel);
/* If its bigger than 4 bytes, the dir entry contains an offset. */
value_ptr = offset_base+offset_val;
- if (byte_count > IFDlength || offset_val > IFDlength-byte_count || value_ptr < dir_entry) {
+ /*
+ dir_entry is ImageInfo->file.list[sn].data+2+i*12
+ offset_base is ImageInfo->file.list[sn].data-dir_offset
+ dir_entry - offset_base is dir_offset+2+i*12
+ */
+ if (byte_count > IFDlength || offset_val > IFDlength-byte_count || value_ptr < dir_entry || offset_val < dir_entry-offset_base) {
/* It is important to check for IMAGE_FILETYPE_TIFF
* JPEG does not use absolute pointers instead its pointers are
* relative to the start of the TIFF header in APP1 section. */
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