Fixed bug #61964 (finfo_open with directory cause invalid free) #91

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we have been discuss this issue in irc, @laruence got some concern,

then I sent a mail to the file lib author: Christos Zoulas
he replied:

I got two question to ask:
1. is file intend to support dir?
2. does the double free is bug?
Yes, yes, and I don't know what version you are using but the current version
does asprintf() not snprintf().

both 5.3&5.4 didn't use asprintf(), we use our memory management functions.

after got his reply I think I can send this PR to ask you guys comment.


@laruence member

..... Double free is no doubt a bug, the reason I care is lib magic is not ready for that in php, as I said there even was code fprintf(stderr... So I think it should be whole examed by somebody who really know it. But not do a little fix one by one,



Hm,.. from the commit log , seems Felipe & Pierre knows about it, we could ask them to improve it.


Thanks for looking into this @reeze :)

@laruence member

for the record, as felipe said, this patch cause segfault. need to be re-examed.
it's really bad we having two conversiones both at here and


Comment on behalf of stas at

Looks like the patch is not right (see the bug, it segfaults) so please fix and resubmit the pull, I'll close this one for now.


Hi, stas:
The segfault mentioned by felipe have been fixed right after felipe reported in the bug, and I've added the test case:

Thanks for reply!


BTW: The reason there is only on commit is that I want to make the commit clean I update the PR by force-update.

@php-pulls php-pulls merged commit 1d2f619 into php:master Jul 15, 2012
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