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PHP4 Module
This module requires PHP4 as thread safe shared library. Have a look
into the INSTALL file which accompanies that distribution.

If you distribute this software bundled with the PHP software in source
or binary form, then you must adhere to the PHP copyright conditions -
the terms are reasonable.

You should have checked out and built the PHP4 source package from the
PHP CVS tree into the Pi3Web source directory called 'PHP4' first. Then
build PHP4 as Pi3Web module and after that build the Pi3Web PHP4 wrapper:

1. Checkout PHP4
cvs -d login
The required password is phpfi

cvs -z3 -d co php4

You must also checkout the TSRM and the ZEND module from the ZEND cvs tree
into the PHP4 root directory

cvs -d login
The required password is zend

cvs -z3 -d co Zend TSRM

2. Build PHP4 
cd ./php4
./configure --with-pi3web

2.2 Win32
other required downloads from the php website
  - bison 1.25
  - bindlib32
  - number4.tar.gz
nmake php4dllts.mak

3. Build Pi3Web PHP4 wrapper
Run make in the Pi3Web /Source/PHP4 directory.

For further information refer to
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