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README FOR THTTPD MODULE (by Sascha Schumann)        

	This is a SAPI module for PHP 4.0 supporting thttpd, the tiny,
	turbo, throttling HTTP server by Jef Poskanzer.

	The module contains a patch against version 2.21b of thttpd. The patch
	adds hooks to thttpd to call PHP, if a filename matches *.php. This
	patch will be applied when you install PHP.

	This is a functional and stable module (it runs a large application
	like IMP 2.2.0 without any problems). Its original intention was to
	demonstrate the ability of PHP to work in every web server environment.

	NOTE: All requests will be serialized. That means, one long running
	      script will block all other requests. Choose another web-server,
	      if you want to execute arbitrary scripts.


	1. thttpd 2.21b (2.20 or 2.22beta will _not_ work)
	   Full Distribution:
	2. PHP 4.0.x
	   Snapshots from CVS:


	1. Extract software packages

	   $ gunzip -c thttpd-2.xx.tar.gz | tar xf -
	   $ gunzip -c php-*.tar.gz | tar xf -

	2. Prepare PHP

	   $ cd php-*
	   $ ./configure \
	   		--with-thttpd=../thttpd-2.xx \
			<further PHP options>
	   $ make install
	   $ cd ..
	   You can see the list of valid PHP options by executing

	   $ ./configure --help

	3. Configure, compile, install thttpd

	   Now follow the thttpd instructions. The Makefile template of
	   thttpd was changed to automatically use the components
	   required by PHP. 
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