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=== Installation instructions ===
== Requirements ==
* PHP 5.2.1+
* The MySQLi extension
* The cURL extension
* Shell exec privileges
* native vcs-client (e.g. using Subversion should have native svn-client)
* Php mail function must be activate
* Apache mod-rewrite module
== Configuration ==
* Configuration is set in php/conf/
== File structure ==
* Clone of the GIT repository copy named doc-editor.git
- git clone doc-editor (for readonly access)
- git clone doc-editor (for write access)
* Make sure the data directory has read/write permissions for the web server user
- Default data directory location: doc-editor/data
== The Database ==
* Create a MySQL database as per php/conf/conf.ini
* Import install/doc-editor.sql into this new database
* Setup configuration options for each project inside php/conf/project.XXX.ini (php/conf/project.php.ini for the php project, php/conf/project.pear.ini for the pear project, etc.)
== Initial (first) run ==
* Execute install/firstRun.php either in the browser or via CLI
It will take a long time to execute, as it performs the following duties, for each project:
- Applies tools such as revcheck, doc_check, and error_check
- Checks out the phpdoc-all VCS module into the data directory
== Other notes ==
* Anonymous authentication : anonymous with blank password
* Or use your own SVN credentials
* After modifying any .js, run scripts/utils/, you need yui-compressor-2.4.2+
The script will look for scripts/utils/yuicompressor.jar