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* Dedicate a wiki page to the doc-editor (and move this TODO there)
* Take a decision once and for all about the app name, and its spelling
* Take a decision about the license, and update all the files accordingly
* Allow use for other systems
- Other PHP Projects (peardoc, gtkdocs, php-src/README*, phpweb/reST/)
- Other VCS Systems (SVN, GIT)
- Generic projects (not related)
* Security
- Fix XSS holes
- Redo the folder tree to keep classes and data out of web server reach (can we do this in mod_rewrite?)
* Implement RTL where appropriate
* Main Interface
- Get rid of the "Main Menu" and put the buttons on the header
* Add support and tools for specific markup types
- DocBook
- ReST
- PO files (gettext)
* Implement WYSIWYG
- using XSLT for rendering? (inspired by
* Translator vcs account parsing failed
- check php parsing scripts