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<a name="ads"></a>
<h1>Advertising at and mirror sites</h1>
The maintainers of and the mirror sites are definitely
<em>not interested</em> in graphical banner or text ad placement
<a name="contact"></a>
Please report problems you find on and mirror sites in
<a href="">the bug system</a>. Categorize the bug
as " Website Problem". This allows us to follow the progress of
the problem until it is fixed.
For security related issues (in PHP or our websites) please contact
<a href=""></a>.
If you have problems setting up PHP or using some functionality,
or especially a program written in PHP, please ask your question on a
<a href="/support.php">support channel</a>, since the webmasters will
not answer any such questions.
If you would like to contact the webmasters for some other reason, please
write to <a href=""></a>.
Note that this address is mapped to a mailing list and a newsgroup, so
<strong>every message you send will be stored in public archives at multiple
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