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<h2 class="content-title">Contributing to PHP</h2>
<div class="content-box">
Anybody who programs in PHP can be a contributing member of the community
that develops and deploys it; the task of deploying PHP, documentation and
associated websites is a never ending one. With every release, or release
candidate comes a wave of work, which takes a lot of organization and
With the introduction of release managers comes a smoother release process,
but help is still needed: testing release candidates, finding and squashing
bugs in tests, documentation, and sources.
<h3 class="content-title">Four Best Ways to Contribute</h3>
<ol class="content-box listed">
<li>Running test suites in <a href="">RC</a>
and <a href="">release</a> distributions of PHP</li>
<li>Help finding and diagnosing failed tests, see
the <a href="">phpt documentation</a></li>
<li>Filing and resolving bug reports
at <a href=""></a></li>
<li>Help maintain and or translate documentation files
at <a href=""></a>. Check out our
<a href="">guide for contributors</a>.</li>
<h3 class="content-header">Development of the PHP source</h3>
<div class="content-box">
Someone hoping to become involved in the maintenance and development of
the source should be experienced in all of the areas mentioned above, as
this creates a strong team; everyone knows how every other part of the
project works.
You will also need experience in C programming as PHP is written entirely in C.
XXX: lxr is offline and should be re-added once its are back online in a more permanent state (Kalle, 17/10/2017)
<li><a href="">lxr</a> - an online interface to the
PHP source, providing search facilities useful for programmers and researchers</li>
<div class="panel"><a href="build-setup.php">Developer Setup Help</a></div>
<div class="panel">
<div class="headline">Useful links for developers:</div>
<div class="body">
<li><a href="">The RFC process</a> - the process
by which developers can suggest and discuss new ideas with the community</li>
<li><a href="/build-setup.php">Developer Setup Help</a> - some helpful information
regarding setting up a development environment for PHP</li>
<li><a href="/mailing-lists.php">Mailing List</a> - List of general and internal mailing lists
used by PHP</li>
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