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// $Id$
$_SERVER['BASE_PAGE'] = 'mirror.php';
include_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/include/';
<h3>More mirror sites</h3>
Find more available mirrors on our <a href="/mirrors.php">mirror
sites page</a>.
If you are interested in mirroring our website, you can
find more information and setup details on <a href="/mirroring.php">our
mirroring page</a>.
// Try to find a sponsor image in case this is an official mirror
if (is_official_mirror()) {
// Iterate through possible mirror provider logo types in priority order
$types = array("gif", "jpg", "png");
while (list(,$ext) = each($types)) {
// Check if file exists for this type
if (file_exists("backend/mirror." . $ext)) {
// Create image HTML code
$MIRROR_IMAGE = make_image(
'mirror.' . $ext,
// Add size information depending on mirror type
if (is_primary_site() || is_backup_primary()) {
$MIRROR_IMAGE = resize_image($MIRROR_IMAGE, 125, 125);
} else {
$MIRROR_IMAGE = resize_image($MIRROR_IMAGE, 120, 60);
// We have found an image
site_header("Information About This PHP Mirror Site", array("current" => "community"));
<h1>Information About This PHP Mirror Site</h1>
Here you can get more information about this PHP Mirror site, as
well as some details about the provider. The information you find
here may be helpful in choosing your preferred mirror site for your
everyday work. Note that the webmaster team is only capable
of tracking official mirror sites, and trying to ensure that those
provide the best service possible.
<h2>General Information</h2>
<li>This site is <?php echo is_official_mirror() ? "" : "not"; ?> an official mirror site</li>
<li>The mirror site's address is <?php print_link($MYSITE); ?></li>
<?php if (is_official_mirror()) { ?>
<h2>Mirror Provider</h2>
<p>The provider of this mirror is <?php print_link(mirror_provider_url(), mirror_provider()); ?></p>
<?php if ($MIRROR_IMAGE) { ?>
<p><?php echo $MIRROR_IMAGE; ?></p>
<?php } ?>
<?php } ?>
<h2>Mirror Services</h2>
<li>Default language is <?php echo $LANGUAGES[default_language()]; ?></li>
<li>Local visitor statistics are <?php echo have_stats() ? "available" : "not available"; ?></li>
<h2>Mirror Status</h2>
<li>The site was last updated at <?php echo strftime("%c %Z", $LAST_UPDATED); ?></li>
<?php site_footer(); ?>