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// $Id$
$_SERVER['BASE_PAGE'] = 'my.php';
include_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/include/';
// Try to make this page non-cached
// Languages array copy and options to list
$options = array();
// We have post data, and it is an available language
if (isset($_POST['my_lang']) && isset($langs[$_POST['my_lang']])) {
// Set the language preference
// Add this as first option, selected
$options[] = '<option value="' . $_POST['my_lang'] . '" selected>' .
$langs[$_POST['my_lang']] . "</option>\n";
// Remove, so it is not listed two times
// We have received a cookie and it is an available language
elseif (isset($langs[myphpnet_language()])) {
// Add this as first option, selected
$options[] = '<option value="' . myphpnet_language() . '" selected>' .
$langs[myphpnet_language()] . "</option>\n";
// Remove, so it is not listed two times
// We have no cookie and no form submitted
else {
// Add this as first option, selected
$options[] = "<option value=\"not_set\" selected=\"selected\">Not Set</option>\n";
// Add all other languages
foreach ($langs as $code => $name) {
$options[] = '<option value="' . $code . '">' . $name . "</option>\n";
// Assemble form from collected data
$langpref = "<select name=\"my_lang\">\n" .
join("", $options) . "</select>\n";
// Save URL shortcut fallback setting
if (isset($_POST['urlsearch'])) {
if (isset($_POST["showug"])) {
myphpnet_showug($_POST["showug"] == "enable");
// Set preferred mirror site, prepare mirror array
if (isset($_POST['mirror'])) {
$mirror_sites = $MIRRORS;
$mirror_sites["NONE"] = array(7 => MIRROR_OK);
site_header("My", array("current" => "community"));
<form action="/my.php" method="post">
This page allows you to customize the site.
<?php if (!is_official_mirror()) { ?>
<p class="warn">
This is not an official mirror site, and therefore the settings
you set and see here will <strong>not</strong> be effective on any
official mirror site. The settings you specify here are only
going to be active for this URL, and only if you have cookies enabled.
<?php } else { ?>
These settings are cookie-based and will work on all official
mirror sites.
<?php } ?>
<h2>Preferred language</h2>
If you use a shortcut or search for a function, the language used
is determined by checking for the following settings. The list is
in priority order, the first is the most important. Normally you don't
need to set your preferred language, as your last seen language is
always remembered, and is a good estimate of your preferred language
most of the time.
<div class="indent">
<table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2" class="standard">
// Data for the language settings table
$langinfo = array(
"Your preferred language" =>
"Last seen language" =>
(isset($_COOKIE['LAST_LANG']) ? htmlentities($_COOKIE['LAST_LANG'], ENT_QUOTES | ENT_IGNORE, 'UTF-8') : "None"),
"Your Accept-Language browser setting" =>
"The mirror's default language" =>
"Default" => "en"
// Write a row for all settings
foreach ($langinfo as $lin => $lid) {
echo " <tr>\n <td class=\"sub\">" . $lin . "</td>\n";
echo " <td>" . $lid . "</td>\n </tr>\n";
These settings are only overridden in case you have passed a language
setting URL parameter or POST data to a page or you are viewing a manual
page in a particular language. In these cases, the explicit specification
overrides the language selected from the above list.
The language setting is honored when you use a
<a href="/urlhowto.php">URL shortcut</a>, when you start
a function list search on a non-manual page, when you visit
the <a href="/download-docs.php">manual download</a> or
<a href="/docs.php">language selection</a> pages, etc.
<h2>Your country</h2>
The site and mirror sites try to detect your country
using the <a href="">Directi
Ip-to-Country Database</a>. This information is used to mark
the events in your country specially and to offer close mirror
sites if possible on the download page and on the mirror listing
<div class="indent">
if (i2c_valid_country()) {
echo "We detected that you are from <b>" . $COUNTRIES[$COUNTRY] . "</b>";
} else {
echo "We were unable to detect your country";
<h2>URL search fallback</h2>
When you try to access a page via a URL shortcut, and
the site is unable to find that particular page, it falls back
to a documentation search, or a function list lookup, depending on
your choice. The default is a function list lookup, as most of
the URL shortcut users try to access function documentation pages.
<div class="indent">
Your setting: <input type="radio" name="urlsearch" value="quickref"
$type = myphpnet_urlsearch();
if ($type === MYPHPNET_URL_NONE || $type === MYPHPNET_URL_FUNC) {
echo ' checked="checked"';
echo '> Function list search <input type="radio" name="urlsearch" value="manual"';
if ($type === MYPHPNET_URL_MANUAL) {
echo ' checked="checked"';
> PHP Documentation search
<h2>Mirror site redirection</h2>
The site redirects users to mirror sites in several cases
automatically. It tries to find a close mirror first (a mirror in the
user's country), and if no such mirror is found, it selects one mirror
randomly. Here you can set one preferred mirror site for yourself in
case you are not satisfied with the automatic selection.
Please note that in case the site finds your preferred mirror site disabled
for some reason, it will fall back to the automatic selection procedure, but
will not alter your preferences, so next time when your selected server works,
the redirections will lead you there.
<div class="indent">
<select name="mirror">
$mirror = myphpnet_mirror();
foreach ($mirror_sites as $murl => $mdata) {
// Skip inactive mirrors
if (mirror_status($murl) != MIRROR_OK ||
$murl == "" || $murl == '') { continue; }
// Compute user friendly mirror name
if ($murl == "NONE") {
$mname = "Automatic selection (default)";
} else {
$tmpurl = " (" .substr($murl, strpos($murl, '//') + 2, -1). ")";
if (isset($COUNTRIES[$mdata[0]])) {
$mname = $COUNTRIES[$mdata[0]] . $tmpurl;
} else {
$mname = "Unknown" . $tmpurl;
// Print out mirror option with selection if needed
printf (
" <option value=\"$murl\"%s>$mname</option>\n",
($mirror == $murl ? ' selected="selected"' : '')
<h2>User Group tips</h2>
We are experimenting with listing nearby user groups. This feature is highly experimental
and will very likely change a lot and be broken at times.
<label for="showugenable">Enable UG tips</label> <input type="radio" name="showug" id="showugenable" value="enable" <?php echo myphpnet_showug() ? "checked=checked" : "" ?>><br>
<label for="showugdisable">Disable UG tips</label> <input type="radio" name="showug" id="showugdisable" value="disable" <?php echo myphpnet_showug() ? "" : "checked=checked" ?>>
<p class="center">
<input type="submit" value="Set All Preferences">
<?php site_footer(); ?>
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