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// $Id$
$_SERVER['BASE_PAGE'] = 'usage.php';
include_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/include/';
site_header("PHP Usage Stats", array("current" => "community"));
<h1>Usage Stats for January 2013</h1>
PHP: 244M sites, 2.1M IP addresses<br>
Source: <a href="">Netcraft</a><br>
<?php print_image("stats/php-trend-201301-netcraft.png", "Graph"); ?>
<a href=""></a> provides statistics for
<a href="">server-side programming languages</a>
where you can also see the market share
<a href="">by version</a>.
See their <a href="">FAQ</a> and <a href="">technologies</a>
page for the details of the methodologies used for the surveys.
You can also see how popular PHP is relative to other Apache modules
at <a href="">SecuritySpace's
Web Survey</a>.
There is also a
<a href="">Programming Community Index</a>
provided by TIOBE.
<?php site_footer(); ?>
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