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with UseCanonicalName On, apache will populate ['SERVER_NAME'] from t…

…he value of ServerName. without that the SERVER_NAME will be different for and, hence it can cause problems when we look up the mirror from the mirrors array where the mirrors are indexed by the host.
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commit 93a8e7b4dcb8ad5bb87415ec2f681c4a09bc1b7a 1 parent 8219cc8
Ferenc Kovacs Tyrael authored

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  1. +1 0  mirroring.php
1  mirroring.php
@@ -200,6 +200,7 @@ function make_seed()
200 200 ServerName
201 201 ServerAlias
202 202 ServerAdmin
  203 + UseCanonicalName On
203 204
204 205 # Webroot of PHP mirror site
205 206 DocumentRoot /www/htdocs/phpweb

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