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archive 5.6.7 announcement
backend Update fixtures after backend changes on
bin 5.4.38 release
conferences Kill off XHTML
distributions @ ea26148 5.4.39
fonts Correct font weight usage.
images PHPTour announcement
include Fix undefined notice using older phd
js Dun't recoorse-a intu iffremes. Bork Bork Bork!
license Replaced old link "Documentation HOWTO" on new (
manual These are required for the toc
pear standardise on redirection methods, plug in missing folders
releases 5.6.7 announcement
security Kill off XHTML
stats Fixed spelling of "Stats".
styles add borders back to fieldsynopsis with better selector
.gitignore Adding entries to the gitignore
.gitmodules Add distributions submodule
.htaccess be a more explicit here
.router.php Disable compression, if set by INI, for images
ChangeLog-4.php Use release_date() also in PHP4 changelog
ChangeLog-5.php Add CVE for bug #68901 (5.5.21, 5.6.5) Fix grammar, as suggested by cjones
build-setup.php Fixed typos
cached.php *sigh*
cal.php Kill off XHTML
contact.php Add current config option (ignored in old-web), and FIXME placeholder…
copyright.php Clarify that the manual is covered by a different licence.
credits.php Add some style overrides to improve the credit styling on the beta site.
crossdomain.xml Another oft-requested file
docs.php Replaced old link "Documentation HOWTO" on new (
download-docs.php Language improvements (thanks Peter!)
download-logos.php Kill off XHTML
downloads.php Remove links to
elephpant.php Fixed header.
eol.php Link the supported versions page from some appropriate places.
error.php fix bugstats link
favicon.ico Replace favicon with version made by Didou, approved by Colin :)
get-involved.php added mailing list link to get involved
git-php.php Replaced old link "Documentation HOWTO" on new (
git.php Make the git page more useful for current versions of PHP.
gpg-keys.php Only show GPG keys for active branches on the downloads page.
humans.txt Add a humans.txt file since it is getting requested. This saves
index.php Update link to migration guide
labels.rdf We get a lot of requests for this outdated content description file, so
mailing-lists.php Add standards@
manual-lookup.php make sure params are strings for manual-lookup.php (bug #61756)
mirror-info.php Update the rsync check now that 5.3 is bye bye
mirror-stats.conf There is no need for a generated mirrorkit.tgz archive here
mirror.php move mirror logo from homepage to mirror.php
mirroring-stats.php Kill off XHTML
mirroring-troubles.php Work through the remaining FIXME pages; put them in their correct cat…
mirroring.php Add as ServerAlias and remove the www prefixes
mirrors.php Prettify the download page
mod.php use is_primary_site() for checking if we are running on the primary m…
my.php Minor language cleanup
privacy.php Most of these don't work, others are just to old.
quickref.php Simplify & add a link to the google search
results.php Remove dead code and add back language search
robots.txt Added /manual/vote-note.php to robots.txt to prevent search engines h…
search.php Remove more dead code
security-note.php Work through the remaining FIXME pages; put them in their correct cat…
sitemap.php Most of these don't work, others are just to old.
sitemap.xml Most of these don't work, others are just to old.
sites.php Remove links to
software.php Kill off XHTML
submit-event.php Remove conference option and direct people to mail in the event
support.php semantics, shmemantics.
supported-versions.php Make the supported versions table a little more mobile friendly.
thanks.php mention what SS provides
ug.php Fix undefined index warning and remove a commendedout code
unsub.php Replace <tt> with <code>
urlhowto.php Remove links to
usage.php Kill off XHTML

Local development

This is the git repo for the official website.

To setup a local mirror of the website:

$ git clone
$ cd web-php
$ php -S localhost:8080 .router.php

This repo includes most (generated) files that are required for normal operation of this website, such as

  • News & events data
  • Several manual pages (and a translation), see manual/{en,ja}/
  • User contributed notes for manual pages
  • A "router" for the builtin PHP webserver

Setting up an official mirror

To install a full official mirror please see the mirroring guidelines.

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