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Server names currently in use


1) There is a PHP script to extract and build PHP once a day.

2) Script to update SVN, copy the phpt files out to run directoris, run them against 52, 53 and 6.

Runs once an hour, 20 mins past. 

3) shell script to publish the results

Published once an hour at 40 minutes past.

4) Three files in /var/www/html
displayresults.php, viewcontents.php, filelist.php

5) The results are published in /var/www/server-doc-root/publishresults 

Steps in deploying the scripts on a new *ix server, assume xxx is your UID

0.   Create a tar file of everything under the testfest directory.
1.   Copy the tar of all the source into /home/xxx on teh server you want to deploy on
2.   Create /home/testfestreports/phpBuildDir (allow writes to it)
        sudo chown -R xxx testfestreports
3.   Run /home/zoe/testfestsource/src/testfestdaily.php to download and build PHP
        Check the config options in src/testsetup/unix/tmUnixGetPhp.php, you may need to install stuff
4.   Create /home/testfestreports/cvsCheckoutDir
5.   In cvsCheckoutDir,
        cvs -d :pserver:cvsread@cvs.php.net:/repository login
        password: phpfi
        cvs -d :pserver:cvsread@cvs.php.net:/repository checkout -r PHP_5_3 php5
6.   Create /home/testfestreports/testRunDir
        create sub directories php5.2, php5.3, php6.0
        create a source tree in each using make_test_directories.sh
7.   Run phptestfesthourly.php. This will create the final directory (/home/testfestreports/svnCheckoutDir) and fetch a copy of the test cases.
8.   Create new Vhost (see /etc/apache), the one on sp1 is called results.testfest.php.net
9.   Make its doc root somewhere under /var/www (ex /var/www/results.testfest.php.net/public_html)
10.  Modify publishresults.sh to point to the right dir under doc root
11.  cd /var/www/results.testfest.php.net/public_html/; sudo mkdir publishresults
12.  copy displayresults.php /var/www/results.testfest.php.net/public_html, and viewfilecontents and filelist.
13   copy the PhpTestFestRegistration.css and tick.gif across too
14.  Check/fix some paths in displayresults.php and viewfilecontents 
15.  Setup three cron jobs. As user xxx:
         run hourlyrun once every hour
	 run dailybuild once every day
     As root:
         run hourlypublish (20 minutes after hourly run)
16.  Copy get.php into public.html directory (this is so that the curl tests run. Modify the CURL responder in hourly php script too)