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1. Notice > There is a small bug in phpBB 3.2.2 with PHP 7.2+.

Date Topic Event Calendar

Date Topic Starter

An extension for phpBB Forum Software package. The all-in-one extension for an events board!

@copyright "2018, phpBB Studio, -"
@license "GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0-only)"

If you are running a board that is using events, in any way what so ever, this the extension for you. This extension provides all you will need for a successful events forum. Let your users become hosts and organise their very own events. All sorts of details can be filled in, such as location(s), date, host, age range and much more.

Once there are a few events created on your board, users can use filters to find an event they are interested in. If they have found one, they can send in an application to the host of the event. Apply, cancel, withdraw. The possibilites are unlimited.

Filters, notifications, private messages, automated post replies. This extension has got it all and provides endless possibilities. This extensions helps you create an exceptional event everytime.

Event Flowchart

  1. Administrator enables event creation on a per-forum basis.
  2. Administrator assigns permissions to groups & users who can create events.
  3. Host creates an event, filling out all sorts of information and settings.
  4. User finds an event using the provided filters.
  5. User applies for an event, providing a reason why (s)he should be accepted.
  6. Private message is sent to host (possibly in their board language).
  7. Host accepts or denies the user (through a quick AJAX dialog).
  8. Reply containing the reason is posted to the event if the user gets accepted.
  9. Board notification is sent to the user informing him/her of the acceptance/denial.

Wiki overview


:warning: NOTICE :warning:
There is a small bug in phpBB 3.2.2 with PHP 7.2+.
When sending a pm to a user that has e-mail notification enabled for receiving a pm.
It will throw a [phpBB Debug] PHP Warning.

[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file includes/functions_messenger.php on line 506: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable.

This will be fixed in phpBB 3.2.3 (3.2.3-rc1)

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