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The new website looks awesome! one hope for the 'creating templates' section that's still in development.. #1091

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I love the 'clean' template and plan to modify it for my CakePHP project, which doesn't use namespaces, only folders. So, I'd like to change the long unsorted list on the left and organize it to expand/collapse based on the MVC folders of the CakePHP project.

The thing I hope to learn when reading the documentation about templates is where the data for the Twig files comes from so that I can determine what I have to work with as I tweak things.


We intend to describe that in detail in the documentation, but for now you might be interested to know that phpDocumentor has domain models (Descriptors) that are used. /src/phpDocumentor/Descriptor/ProjectDescriptor is the most basic descriptor and there you will see how it related to the other descriptor.

You can freely use the getters from your twig templates

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