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I've figured out how to get phpDocumentor to work with Windows 7 and XAMPP using the Composer install method.


  • XAMPP installs with version 1 of phpDocumentor so there is a phpdoc.bat file in the xampp\php directory (which you do not want to invoke via cli phpdoc command).
  • Version 2 of phpDocumentor script file is named phpdoc.php.bat instead of phpdoc.bat (not sure why).
  • Where ever you install phpDocumentor2 you will need to add the path to the location of phpdoc.php.bat script.


  • Rename xampp/php/phpdoc.bat to xampp/php/phpdoc_sav.bat instead so it won't be invoked by accident.
  • Rename phpDocumentor2/vendor/bin/phpdoc.php.bat to phpDocumentor2/vendor/bin/phpdoc.bat instead.
  • Windows -> Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables -> Edit Path for User -> Add new path to phpdoc.bat location (phpDocumentor2/vendor/bin) -> Ok -> Ok -> Ok
  • You should be able to invoke phpDocumentor2 now at any location with the phpdoc command.

I'm sure this can be documented better but I'm short on time.

Hope this helps someone else.

-- Christopher Mullins

mvriel commented Dec 13, 2013

Hello Christoper,

Thank you for sharing this. This can be added to the installation document as a XAMPP footnote or in the FAQ. If nobody beats me to it (which is of course appreciated) I can add it to the documentation.

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