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Getting template errors #1132

simogeo opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Hi all,

I'm using phpdoc 2.3.0.

When generating my documentation, I experience some troubles with themes :

  • The clean template works (almost) correctly. Still, I get a graphViz error as below : clean

But I can browse my doc.

  • Testing with others themes like responsive, new-black and so on, I get the following error :
Build "namespaces" index and add namespaces to "elements"          ..    0.111s
Transform analyzed project into artifacts                          .. PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getFullyQualifiedStructuralElementName() on a non-object in /home/simon/www/phpdoc2/src/phpDocumentor/Plugin/Core/Transformer/Writer/Xml/ConstantConverter.php on line 47
PHP Stack trace:

And I don't understand why. May some of you help me?
Many thanks,



Hi Simo,

The first error is only a problem with generating the class diagram and is fixed by a pull request that I just merged. I hope to do a hotfix release this evening that fixes that issue.

The second issue is a bug that is introduced in version 2.3 with XSL based templates and will be addressed as soon as possible


Hi Mike,
I will wait for the next update regarding the XSL bug. Many thanks for your prompt answer.


Hello @simogeo, I have just released v2.3.1 so you can test it out :)

@mvriel mvriel added this to the 2.4 milestone
@mvriel mvriel added the Bug label

I tested the responsive template with success (so I guess other templates work also correctly).

By the way, I still have the graphViz error when using the clean template.


The Graphviz error should have been resolved with version 2.3.1, do you get the same error as your screenshot after the upgrade?


Hi, I still have the same error with version 2.3.2


Hi @simogeo, because all issues were supposed to be fixed I need a little bit of help from you. Can you uncomment this line in you vendor/phpdocumentor/graphviz folder of phpdocumentor and run it again?

In your tmp folder there should be a tmp file containing the letter gvz; can you mail that to me? That is the source file for the generation of graphs and that will help me pinpoint the issue.

Thank you

@mvriel mvriel added the Waiting label

Hi Mike,

It seems my graph.php file was not up-to-date since I was not able to find the unlink instructions.

I made a fresh install running composer and now it works well. I guess my previous upgrade from zip archive had some trouble. Many thanks for the support. The problem seems to be fixed!

Many thanks

@simogeo simogeo closed this

Good news! Thanks for your reponse!

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