0.18.1 does not recognize class #382

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cweiske commented Mar 16, 2012

I've cloned https://github.com/AKSW/Erfurt and ran docblox on it.

The file Erfurt/Store.php contains a class Erfurt_Store, which does not appear in the class list in docblox 0.18.1. It did in 0.17.x. It also does not show the class name in the file list (the file is shown though).


CloCkWeRX commented Mar 24, 2012

Possibly also the underlying issue with http://test.pear.php.net/reference/Validate_HU-latest/ :(
The class is documented, but because there's no page level docblock, it freaks out and never reads the @Package tags


CloCkWeRX commented Mar 24, 2012

This works for me with phpdocumentor-2.0.0a1 / responsive skin.

clockwerx@clockwerx-desktop:/Erfurt$ phpdoc -f Erfurt/Store.php
(warnings galore)
/Erfurt$ firefox file:///home/clockwerx/Erfurt/output/packages/db_Default.html
You cna see the class in the default package
clockwerx@clockwerx-desktop:~/Erfurt$ firefox file:///home/clockwerx/Erfurt/output/classes/db_%5CErfurt_Store.html
You can see the class docs


mvriel commented Mar 24, 2012

I have also tried to reproduce and was unable to


mvriel commented Mar 28, 2012

@cweiske: are you still able to reproduce the issue using the latest phpDocumentor sources?

cweiske commented Mar 29, 2012

Can't confirm this with latest git master; too many fuckups until I get there.


mvriel commented Mar 29, 2012

I do not know whether fuck ups would be my choice of words but I have fixed what seems to be the major cause of the issue: the missing .htaccess in the responsive template. Can you reinstall the responsive template and test again; or inform me what is blocking your tests. Thanks

@cweiske cweiske closed this Mar 31, 2012

cweiske commented Mar 31, 2012

I can find the class now in the new_black theme.

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