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Investigate whether we can replace GraphViz with Dagre #765

mvriel opened this Issue · 8 comments

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That's probably not a good idea.

Regardless of how fast Dagre is, a graph that is pre-generated is certainly going to run faster in the browser, since it's not generated in the browser, but only rendered.

I mean, sure, we might be able to cut down on the generation time (PHP wise), but if the run time (viewing wise) is slower, that's probably not a good idea.


The generation will not safe us much; but GraphViz is an annoying dependency because you need to install a thirdparty application and this heightens the threshold.

If Dagre can offer the same experience without such a dependency than that would be a total win for me. What the performance loss is is something that should be researched.


If that's the only reason, then I guess it would be best for there to be an option for the user - No graph, GraphViz graph, Dagre graph.


I'd very much like an easier dependency than the old GraphViz. Would make things a lot easier.


as someone fighting with graphviz, i'd say make that optional and off by default...


any new thoughts on the topic?
I'm a developer at Zend Studio, and am asking since we would like to include this functionality in the phpDocumentor feature, but right now the size is just too much.
It would be Great if the dependency on the super heavy GraphViz could be droped


This issue is planned for at the earliest version 2.1, which is planned to start work on in August. First thing that needs to be checked is whether it is possible. It seems to be a node.js application and I do not know if it can run without Node.


I would suggest throwing a representable DOT file into this demo might give you a decent first impression in regards to Dagre's capabilities. It does not have all of the features graphviz has (like clusters) but you may not need what is missing... As an alternative viz.js also seems plausible. There is an demo online here.

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