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Added a doc page for the template::generate command.

Includes a commit for my NetBeans ignores. May want to skip that first commit in the branch, but should not do any harm if it is included.

This is my first attempt at docs, let me know if it is not right or if this is not the preferred method for handling integration.

@charlestonsoftware charlestonsoftware gitignore changes for my netbeans project.
Can probably ignore this, but should not cause any problems if included in the master/dev branch.
@charlestonsoftware charlestonsoftware Start the template::generate page under for-users/commands. 28a027f
@mvriel mvriel commented on the diff Mar 12, 2013
mvriel Mar 12, 2013 Owner

Can you change this into nbproject so that all netbeans files are excluded?

boenrobot Mar 12, 2013 Contributor

Mike, I am reminded of something that, ironically enough, I saw through your Twitter:

I use NetBeans too, but despite that, IMHO, it would be better not to include IDE specific ignores, and do them as described there instead.

mvriel Mar 12, 2013 Owner

I think it is good if people would use that but I am not going to force anyone. As such I wouldn't mind to have IDE specific ignores as it lowers the barrier to submit (aside from my untimely responses 😞

boenrobot Mar 12, 2013 Contributor

Fair enough...

@charlestonsoftware The ball's in your field. It seems we agree that it's best to remove the NetBeans ignore altogether, but if you think otherwise, we'd still merge this.

mvriel commented Mar 12, 2013

This is looking great, I am very grateful for help with the documentation!
If you could fix my request then I'd be more than happy to include this

mvriel commented Jun 5, 2013

I had to filter the commit with your .gitignore changes but merged the rest. Thank you for contributing to phpDocumentor

@mvriel mvriel closed this Jun 5, 2013
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