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Changes since MODX 1.2.5
[Fix] Ticket #EXTTOOLS-637 Some MODX files still said version 1.2.5 or older.
Changes since MODX 1.2.5
[Feature] Ticket #62896 Added github tag to "About this MOD". To link to the MOD repo at github.
[Fix] Ticket #62844 "Find and Delete" and "In-line Find and Delete was not translated.
[Fix] nodeValue is deprecated, replaced with value.
[Fix] Bug #62705 Page title and heading would not change when language was switched with the language select.
Changes since MODX 1.2.4
[Fix] Removed php-installer as link attribute and added it as a tag in the actions group.
[Feature] Added delete tag group.
[Feature] Added link to the ISP page at
[Feature] Added <remove> and <inline-remove> to the action group.
Changes since MODX 1.2.3
[Fix] Altered the urging to backup files before installing a MOD to also include the database Bug #52545
[Fix] Now MODX should support all chars in links, even with Opera. Bug #52575
[Fix] All links are translated. Bug #52135
[Change] Color coded add-after, add-before, replace-with and operation.
[Change] Changed text Increment to Operation.
[Change] Removed "For help on what each operator means, click here." from the language since there was no link to click.
[Feature] Added attribute text to the link tag. For text files.
[Feature] Added attribute php-installer to the link tag. For php install files.
[Feature] Added attribute uninstall to the link tag. For uninstall instructions.