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Create MODX files from your computer without having to be online. | Subscribe to the commits list:
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images Renamed the creator to differ it from the phpBB version.
.gitattributes Added readme file and gitattributes.
constants.php Update for MODX 1.2.6
create_modx.php Update for MODX 1.2.6
creator.css CSS rules for warnings and errors.
file.php eregi() is deprecated.
functions.php MOD text files was sometimes not recognized.
jquery-1.4.2.min.js Updated jQuery to 1.4.2.
mod_parser.php Rewrote modx_parser.php because xml_parse() did not handle multibyte …
modx.prosilver.en.xsl Update for MODX 1.2.6
modx_creator.html Change DOCTYPE to XHTML 1.0 Strict and move misplaced closing tag.
modx_functions.js Show/hide the author contributions To field based on the author's sta…
modx_parser.php Update for MODX 1.2.6
parser_outdata.php Update for MODX 1.2.6
post_parser.php Update for MODX 1.2.6
readme.txt Added readme file and gitattributes.
template.php Offline MODX Creator updated for MODX 1.2.4


Create MODX files from your computer without having to be online.

Basically the same creator used at
but for offline usage. You need a local web server (WAMP, XAMPP) or similar running
php 5 or better. Just throw the files in a directory in your web server root, point
your browser to that directory and you are ready to make MODX install files.

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