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MODX Generator will take an original phpBB folder and compare it to a copy with applied modifications. The resulting diff is then converted to the MODX format. Copy, edit and inline actions are automatically generated.

MODX Generator can also be used to upgrade modifications and handles both directories and files.

The resulted MODX file can be imported to the MODX Creator to generate a MODX install file.
This is an automated tool, you need to carefully check through the generated edits before submitting for validation.

AutoMOD RC2 has limited support for multiple in-line finds, if your modification has edits with multiple in-line finds you should mention that in the author notes.
AutoMOD r208 has full support for multiple in-line finds.

Do note that this tool is still in beta stage.

Authors:	Jari Kanerva (tumba25)

To install this tool simply extract the MODX Generator package somewhere on your computer. You will need all files.

The MODX Generator uses Pear Text_Diff for the initial file comparison.
The Text_Diff files in the modx_generator directory are slightly modified and can't be replaced.

You will need the CLI version of PHP 4.2.0 or higher.

To run the generator, open a new shell (command-line interface / command prompt).
Then call the PHP executable, followed by the path to modx_gen.php. And after that come the arguments.

php modx_gen.php [switches] path/to/unchanged/dir path/to/changed/dir [-r path | -m path]
php modx_gen.php [switches] path/to/unchanged/file path/to/changed/file [-r path | -m path]

The path to the original and unchanged files can be absolute or relative.
Both old and new need to be either files or dirs.
The key -o is only needed if you have specified old in generator_config.php and want to override that setting.

The parameters can be given in any order as long as old is before new if you don't specify the -o and -f keys.

The parameters to modx_gen.php needs to be after "php modx_gen.php".
-o, --old = Original files, path can be absolute or relative.
-n, --new = Modified files, path can be absolute or relative.

-r, --root = Creates a root directory containing the files missing in old.
    You need to specify a path to where to place the root directory.
-m, --modxfile = path and name of MODX file to generate. Defautls to stdout.

-c, --custom = This is an install file for a addition style or language (subsilver2 is a additional style).
    Without --custom only the prosilver style and English language will be compared.
    Additional languages and styles need separate install files.
-f, --force = Replaces the root directory if it exists.
-h, --help = print this text.
-v, --verbose = tell what happens.
-i, --ignore-version = ignore SVN version info at the top of files.

Note that most of the parameters have a default value that can be set in generator_config.php

generator_config.php contains two lists.
$ignore contains file and directories to totally ignore.
Files in this array are not added to the copy list if they are missing and not compared.

$ignore_ext contains file extensions to not compare.
Files with these extensions are added to copy and (if selected) copied to root. But they are not compared.

It also contains the $defaults array. Look in generator_config.php for more informaion on this array.