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Package Meta SPEC


The package meta filename should be named as package.ini.

Package meta info section

[package] section contains meta data for this package, including name, version, stability etc..

name = Foo
version = 1.0.0
desc = Description
summary = Summary

validate fields are:

  • name

    Your package name.

  • desc

    Long description for this package.

  • summary

    (optional) default to the first line of description.

    summary about this package, if this field is skipped, the summary will be extracted from description.

  • homepage

    Website page url about this package.

  • license

    License type of this package. valids are: PHP, MIT, BSD, GPL, LGPL.

  • version

    Package version.

  • version.api

    (optional) inherited from version.

    The API version.

  • channel

    (optional) defaults to

    Package channel. The channel which package belongs to.

  • extends

    Superseding a package

  • vender

    (optional). vendor name

  • author

    Package main author, the format as below:

      ; Author Name <email> 
    author = Yo-An Lin <>

    To define multiple authors:

    authors[] = Another Author <>
    authors[] = Another Author II <>

    For multiple authors, username is optional.

  • contributors[]

    (optional) To define contributors:

    contributors[] = Author Name <>
    contributors[] = Author 2 <>
  • stability

    (optional) default to 'alpha', when stability is set, stability-release and stability-api can be ignored.

  • stability.release

    (optional) Release stability.

  • stability.api

    (optional) API stability.

Dependency section

The require dependency is defined in [require] section.

[require] is optional.

The optional dependency is defined in [optional] section.

[optional] is optional.

For example,

channel/pkg = 0.0.1

Dependency Version Expression

To specify minimal required version:

pkg = 0.001

To specify max required version:

pkg = "< 0.1.0"

Specify minimal and max required version:

pkg = "0.001 <=> 0.1.0"

Format of PHP dependency

php = "{version expression}"

For example:

php = "5.3"


Default: 5.3

Format of pearinstaller dependency

pearinstaller = "{version expression}"

For example:

pearinstaller = "1.4.1"

Optional: Default: 1.4

Format of PEAR package dependency

Specify channel host and your package name

{channel host}/{packagename} = {version expression}

Format of PEAR package dependency from URI

{packagename} = {URI}

For example:

Foo =

Format of extension dependency

ext/{extension name} = "{version expression}"


extension/{extension name} = "{version expression}"

For example:

ext/reflection = 0.0.1
ext/ctype = 
ext/pcre = 

Special Dependency Section

For PEAR type packages, we don't need to specify autoload path.

For library type packages, we need to specify autoload path for autoloading packages.

Format of SVN resource dependency

pkgname = resource   ; define the package requirement information later in [resource] section.

[resource pkgname]
type = pear
svn =
revision = HEAD

Format of Git resource dependency

For PEAR type package resource:

pkgname = resource   ; define the package requirement information later in [resource] section.

[resource pkgname]
type = pear
git  = git://
branch = master

For Library type package resource:

[resource pkgname]
type = library
git = git://
autoload = lib

Format of GitHub resource dependency

[resource pkgname]
type = library
github = foo/bar
protocol = http
branch = master
autoload = src

Format of URL resource dependency

[resource pkgname]
type = library
url  = http://.........
autoload = src

Optional PEAR package dependency section

The spec is inherited from [require] section.

Optional Group of PEAR Package Dependency

You can define optional dependencies by groups.

In PEAR2's package.xml we wrote optional groups as below:

<group name="remoteshell" hint="Add support for Remote Shell Operations">

You can define your optional dependency group as below:

[optionalgroup "SSH"]
hint = Add support for Remote Shell Operations = 
extensions[] = ssh2
special = resource   ; define the package requirement information later in [resource] section.

Optional Special package dependency section

[resource special]
type = library

Role section


{path,glob} = {role name}

Available roles

  • php
  • doc
  • test
  • script
  • data

Default directory mapping to roles:

  • php => src dir
  • doc => doc dir
  • test => tests dir
  • script => bin dir
  • data => data, examples dir


how to install packages into local bundle ?


  • pear
  • github resources
  • github reousrces with package.ini or package.xml (PEAR)

  • What's the behavior of PEAR

  • What's the behavior of Composer
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