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This is a set of step-by-step instructions for installing Vagrant, VirtualBox, and the
PHPBridge virtual machine on Mac, or Windows. Originally developed for
the [PHPBridge Workshops](, it is a community-supported open-source
documentation project. If you want to contribute, click the [git] link at the top-right corner
of any page and submit your change on GitHub.
step "Prepare for the Installfest" do
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## You must bring:
* **Your laptop.** You need to have a working wifi connection and a browser.
* Recent versions of Microsoft® Windows (Vista, 7, or 8), Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux are all supported
* **Power cord for your laptop**
## Possibly also helpful to bring:
* Notepad & Pen or Pencil
* Extension cord
* Power strip
* Snacks
step "Don't Panic!" do
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The instructions may seem like they're in a foreign language, but:
**don't panic!** By the end of the workshop, you'll know what
everything is and how to use it.
step "Read This Overview" do
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You will be installing the following tools:
* Vagrant
* VirtualBox
* Sublime Text 3
The provided virtual machine contains the following:
* PHP 5.5
* MySQL 5.5
* composer
* psysh
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