New user password mismatch #2

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From SF #296 (
I have just installed phpCollab and tried to create the first "proper" user. Because I discovered that the system does not cope with special symbols (ticket #245), I have specified password generator parameters so as to disallow special symbols and make length 16 chars to keep reasonable password length.
I pasted the generated password to the new user "password" and "retype password" fields, only to discover that the system complains about the "mismatched passwords". HTML inpector in Chrome showed that the "password" field max length is 15, while the "retype" field max length is 16. So my 16-long password was trimmed during text paste in the first box, but not the second, hence mismatch.

mindblender added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 7, 2015

Fix for issue #2.
Reorganized the language array to make it more readable.

Refactored the language detection code to set the default language if one is not already set in the settings.php file.  Also added logic so that the app can detect the user's browser preferences and display the site accordingly.

Created a method that returns a language drop down list.  This is better than having multiple static lists in various places.

Made the includes for the various language files more solid.  It checks to see if the file exists before trying to include it.  This should intercept any errors with the include.
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