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Workshops 2018

Introduction to PHP Extensions

Instructor: Derick Rethans


Before beginning this tutorial, you'll need a development environment with the following packages:

  • Linux
  • Compiler: gcc and clang are both excellent choices.
  • Build tools: autoconf, automake, libtool
  • (Optional) parser generators: re2c and bison
  • PHP 7.x with development headers:
    • Either distro packages such as: php7 and php7-devel / php7-dev
    • PHP compiled from source and installed with sudo make install. If compiling from source, then the --enable-debug switch is recommended, as well as the optional re2c and bison packages.

You test whether the prerequisites are met by running pecl install -f geospatial-beta works on the command line, without errors.

Debugging tools that could also be handy: gdb and valgrind, which they can install with their linux package managers too.

Refactoring Legacy PHP: The Complete Guide

Instructor: Junade Ali

GitHub repo:

Drupal: Zero to Hero in 3 hours

Instructor: SJ

In this workshop, participants will set up Drupal site from scratch, configure and develop an application, and deploy it to a production-ready server. A topic from will be used to help define the requirement of the site.

Pre-workshop survey

Please complete the survey:

Pre-requisite knowledge

  • understand and speak English
  • comfortable using web based interface and command line
  • computational thinking

Pre-requisite machine setup

Option #1

Option #2 for hardcore coder

  • native web server with PHP 7.x and MySQL / MariaDB
  • native composer, drush, drupal console
  • vi
  • native git client

Pre-requisite cloud setup

  • we will use development tier, which is free for 30-days when you are using this code: "php-conf-asia-2018"
  • development tier provides git server, web server, db, 3 environment, CLI tools
  • install platform CLI (
  • you may also use your self-provisioned server and manually configure drush aliases

Build your own Secure Messenger in 3 hours

Instructor: Ben Dechrai


To take part in this workshop, you need to be comfortable using the command line terminal of your operating system, be able to clone a git repository, and have a basic understanding of PHP.

Before the Workshop

Before you arrive at the workshop, you'll need to get your laptop prepared. This process can take a few hours or more, depending on your internet connection speed.

Software Requirements

The workshop code is known to work in Chromium and Chrome, and the sandbox development environment uses VirtualBox and Vagrant. Please ensure you have one of these browsers installed, and at least VirtualBox 5.1.34 and Vagrant 1.9.1 running and working on your machine.

Cloning this Repository

If you haven't yet, clone using your favourite git client.

git clone --depth 1

Download the Vagrant box

Grab the Vagrant box image from and save it in the root of the new git repository.

curl -OL

Virtual Machine

This code repository contains a working Vagrant box, for ease of getting started. Once you've cloned the repository, head to your command line terminal, and run:

cd <path/to/workshop-secure-messenger>
vagrant box add --name workshop-secure-messenger
vagrant up

Goodbye jQuery! Enhance your PHP project with VueJS

Instructor: Yuri Pratama


  • Node & NPM
  • Composer
  • PHP 7.x
  • MySQL / MariaDB (Optional)
  • Your best text editor / IDE

Create a framework-less PHP Web Application from scratch

Instructor: Patrick Allaert


    "require-dev": {
        "slevomat/coding-standard": "^4.8",
        "phan/phan": "^1.0",
        "phpunit/phpunit": "^7.3"

In order to gain some time, clone

git clone workshop

Hands on PHPSpec

Instructor: Miro Svrtan

This is a modeling workshop so no need to bring your laptop, I will be your coding hands so you can focus on thinking about the problem we are solving.

How to contribute to PHP docs

Instructor: Pasindu De Silva

Getting Started with Symfony 4

Instructor: Prasetyo Wicaksono


  • PHP 7.2
  • Composer
  • Internet Connection (used for symfony 4 installation)


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