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Contributing guide

Contributions are most welcome. Below is described procedure for contributing to this repository.

  • Fork this repository over GitHub

  • Create a separate branch, for instance patch-1 so you will not need to rebase your fork if your master branch is merged

    git clone
    cd docker-php
    git checkout -b patch-1
  • Make changes, commit them and push to your fork

    git add .
    git commit -m "Fix bug"
    git push origin patch-1
  • Open a pull request

Style guide

GitHub issues labels

Labels are used to organize issues and pull requests into manageable categories. The following labels are used:

  • bug - Attached when bug is reported.
  • duplicate - Attached when the same issue or pull request already exists.
  • enhancement - Attached when creating a new feature.
  • invalid - Attached when the issue or pull request does not correspond with scope of the repository or because of some inconsistency.
  • question - Attached for questions or discussions.
  • wontfix - Attached when decided that issue will not be fixed.

Release process

(For repository maintainers)

This repository follows semantic versioning. When source code changes, new features are implemented, or PHP version gets upgraded, a new version (e.g. 1.x.y) is released by the following release process:

  • 1. Tests

    Tests are run with Goss:

    make test [t="<test-folder-1> <test-folder-2> ..."]
  • 2. Update changelog

    Create an entry in describing all the changes from previous release.

  • 3. Docker images

    Build and push Docker images to Docker Hub.

    make build-and-push