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FFCMS docker-dev environment

Docker-dev provide ffcms developer environment features via docker container. To use docker-dev box you should install docker.


Clone this repo

git clone
cd docker-dev

and run docker-compose:

docker-compose up -d

Thats done! Now you can access to your php-fpm/nginx/mysql stack at http://localhost:8000. You can manage your database with phpmyadmin at http://localhost:8080

Project struct

Main compose settings located in ./docker-compose.yml. There you can change port routing features, directory naming and software versions.

Application directory root is: /www. This directory is shared for nginx and php-fpm containers.

All mysql database files stored in /db/mysql folder.

Author & license

This project distribute under MIT open source license. You can use it, modify or redistribute anyway you like it.

Author: Pyatinskiy M.M, Russia, 2018.