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### Docs have been moved to ZenDesk Help Center. Links provided [here](
This is the repo for the PHP Fog Documentation site at
### [Jekyll](
The site is generated in [Jekyll](, so [install that]( first.
Then clone this repo and rename the file "_config.yml.example" to "_config.yml".
Jekyll is a static site generator. It converts the markdown files into a static site under the "_site" directory.
The markdown file structure is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. You can make your changes, then test them by running the following command from the repo's root directory:
$ jekyll --server
$ jekyll --server --auto
which will regenerate the site automatically whenever you make a change.
Go to in your browser to see a live version.
When you're done, add and commit your changes and make a pull request.
### PF Docs Style Guide
* Capitalization in Titles Like This
* command line formatting: "$ pf clone"
* SSH key
* PHP Fog user console: "app console"
* local terminal: "terminal"
* WordPress
* "log in" and "set up" are verbs
* "login" and "setup" are nouns
* "Add-ons" or "add-ons", not "Add-Ons" or "Addons"
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