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Caffeine Controls for Alfred

An AppleScript so you can easily control Caffeine from Alfred App. You will need Alfred and the Powerpack to use this.

Version 2 is ready for Alfred 2


To install Caffeine Controls in Alfred double click on the extension file.

How to use

Once installed with Alfred you can run the following commands

caff        ::  Toggle caffeine on and off
caff on     ::  Turn caffeine on indefinitely
caff 5      ::  Turn caffeine on for 5 minutes (the # can be changed to any number)
caff off    ::  Turn caffeine off
caff quit   ::  Quit caffeine (can also use 'caff end' or 'caff exit')
caff start  ::  Start caffeine (can also use 'caff init')


If caffeine is not active and you turn it on with either 'caff on' or 'caff #' or 'caff', it will automatically start the Caffeine application for you. You do not have to call 'caff start' first.

Big thanks to pfburno for his contributions and ideas for this extension (initial growl integration, toggle and easy-to-use turn on for 'x' minutes approach).

Growl vs. No Growl

Two versions of the extension are available, one with Growl and one without. If you wish to use the one without Growl please install the 'Caffeine Controls No Growl.alfredextension' file.


Caffeine Controls

Version History

1.2.3 - August 2, 2012###

  • Added a non-growl version

1.2.2 - December 12, 2011###

  • Fixed growl notification name to match earlier build
  • Fixed double off syndrome

1.2.1 - December 11, 2011###

  • Add start/end hashes
  • Grouped on/off with toggle
  • Moved init to where it belongs :)

1.2.0 - December 11, 2011###

  • Huge code cleanup
  • Toggle added - just type 'caff' with no param to toggle on and off

1.1.0 - December 8, 2011###

  • Turn caffeine on for # minutes command modified: You no longer need the keyword on
  • Growl notification support

1.0.0 - August 10, 2011###

  • Initial Release