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Searching using Spotify for Alfred is fairly simple. Just hit the hotkey (by default it's set to Command + Enter) and you will be presented with a search box with a Spotify logo. Simply state the search type and query and results will start to appear.

Spotify's API queries artists, albums and tracks seperately. This is why you must specify a search type. If we didn't create it this way we would have to ping all three API endpoints and results would take longer to appear. To keep it snappy we have chosen to require the search type as the first word.

Searching by Artist

De La Soul

Command (in case the pic isn't enough)

artist de la soul

Searching by Album

The Grind Date


album the grind date

Searching by Track

The Grind Date


track the grind date

Simply press your Enter key to open Spotify directly to the search result. It's that simple. Oh yeah, almost forgot, if you press Control + Enter on the desired result instead of just Enter we will start a radio station for instead ;).

Searching with Images Enabled

While this has a certain cool factor is it not recommended because it slows down search a lot. We try to cache images but it still has to poll at minimum one place to find the image then render. In our opinion there is really no need to have real images as your icons other than it looks nice. It's up to you.

By default search has images Off. You can enable them pretty easily. If you do enable them we will cut your search results from 15 to 5 to help speed up your results.

How to enable images

  • Open the workflow in Alfred (open Alfred preferences, clicks on the Workflows icon and click the Spotify worklow)
  • Double click the action labeled spot search
  • Change IMAGES="no" to IMAGES="yes"
  • Save
  • Shazzam! Done.
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