Kohana FTP is a FTP Class and permits files to be transfered to a remote server. Remote files can also be moved, renamed, and deleted.
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Kohana FTP

Kohana FTP is inspired in CodeIgniter FTP Class and permits files to be transfered to a remote server. Remote files can also be moved, renamed, and deleted. The FTP class also includes a "mirroring" function that permits an entire local directory to be recreated remotely via FTP.


Upload Uploads a file to your server. You must supply the local path and the remote path, and you can optionally set the mode and permissions. Example: FTP::instance()->upload('/local/path/to/myfile.html', '/public_html/myfile.html', 'ascii', 0775);

Download Downloads a file from your server. You must supply the remote path and the local path, and you can optionally set the mode. Example: FTP::instance()->download('/public_html/myfile.html', '/local/path/to/myfile.html', 'ascii');

Rename Permits you to rename a file. Supply the source file name/path and the new file name/path. FTP::instance()->rename('/public_html/foo/green.html', '/public_html/foo/blue.html');

Move Lets you move a file. Supply the source and destination paths: FTP::instance()->move('/public_html/joe/blog.html', '/public_html/fred/blog.html');

Delete File Lets you delete a file. Supply the source path with the file name. FTP::instance()->delete_file('/public_html/joe/blog.html');

Delete Dir Lets you delete a directory and everything it contains. Supply the source path to the directory with a trailing slash. FTP::instance()->delete_dir('/public_html/path/to/folder/');

List Files Permits you to retrieve a list of files on your server returned as an array. You must supply the path to the desired directory. $list = FTP::instance()->list_files('/public_html/'); print_r($list);

Mirror Recursively reads a local folder and everything it contains (including sub-folders) and creates a mirror via FTP based on it. Whatever the directory structure of the original file path will be recreated on the server. You must supply a source path and a destination path: FTP::instance()->mirror('/path/to/myfolder/', '/public_html/myfolder/');

mkdir Lets you create a directory on your server. Supply the path ending in the folder name you wish to create, with a trailing slash. Permissions can be set by passed an octal value in the second parameter (if you are running PHP 5). FTP::instance()->mkdir('/public_html/foo/bar/', DIR_WRITE_MODE);

chmod Permits you to set file permissions. Supply the path to the file or folder you wish to alter permissions on: FTP::instance()->chmod('/public_html/foo/bar/', DIR_WRITE_MODE);

file_exists Return true if the file exist FTP::instance()->file_exists('/public_html/joe/blog.html');

file_size Return the file size in bytes FTP::instance()->file_size('/public_html/joe/blog.html');

systype Return the system type of server FTP::instance()->systype();

timeout Set a timeout to request (default is 90 seconds) FTP::instance()->timeout(60);

Supported ftp methods

factory( string $config = "default" )

instance( string $config = "default" )

changedir( [ string $path = string(0) "" , bool $supress_debug = bool FALSE ] )

chmod( string $path , string $perm )


delete_dir( string $filepath ) 

delete_file( string $filepath ) 

download( string $rempath , string $locpath [, string $mode = string(4) "auto" ] ) 

file_exists($filepath = '.')

file_size($filepath = '.')

list_files( $path = '.', $details = FALSE )

mirror( string $locpath , string $rempath )

mkdir( [ string $path = string(0) "" , $permissions = NULL ] )

move( string $old_file , string $new_file )

rename( string $old_file , string $new_file [, bool $move = bool FALSE ] )

upload( string $locpath , string $rempath [, string $mode = string(4) "auto" , $permissions = NULL ] )

Config file config/ftp.php

return array
	'default' => array
		 * The following options are available for FTP:
		 * string	host		server hostname
		 * string	username	server username
		 * string	password	server password
		 * int		port     	server port
		 * boolean	passive		use passive connections?
		'host'		=> 'ftp.example.com',
		'user'		=> 'your-username',
		'password'	=> 'your-password',
		'port'		=> 21,
		'passive'	=> TRUE,
		'ssh'		=> FALSE,
		'timeout'	=> 90,