Redis connector for php
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PHP5 Redis

php-redis contains php5 class for connecting with redis database with methods for all available commands in redis

Quick start

  • Install Redis from
  • Download latest php-redis class from here
  • Write some code:

    # Connecting
    $r = new Redis('localhost', 6379);
    # Save some value
    $r->some_key = 'hello world';
    # Outputting it
    echo $r->some_key;
    # Call any redis method (including methods added in redis 2.*)
    echo $r->zcard('zkey');


1.0 - Initial implementation with all functions implemented up to redis 1.0
1.1 - The unified request protocol is used (intruduced in redis 1.2). 
    - Redis implements the __call magic method. Any non-implemented redis method can be called via ->methodname(param1, ...)
1.2 - pipeline support. ->pipeline_begin() and then execute any number of commands - each will return null
    Then run ->pipeline_responses() to get all of the responses as array and end the pipeline mode