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For more information, visit us at PHP Hampshire.

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PHP Dependencies

git clone
cd phph-site
composer install

Front end assets

Front end assets are built using Gulp. The two main useful commands are gulp (to watch for changes) and gulp build (a one-off build of front end assets).

Initial setup

First, install gulp-cli globally, if you haven't already:

$ npm install gulp-cli -g

Then just install the local packages:

$ npm install

Watching files for changes

Whilst working on front end assets it is useful to automatically rebuild the CSS/JS. This is the default mode of the Gulpfile.js included, so you can just run gulp directly:

$ gulp
[08:50:54] Using gulpfile ~/workspace/phph-site/gulpfile.js
[08:50:54] Starting 'styles'...
[08:50:54] Finished 'styles' after 17 ms
[08:50:54] Starting 'scripts'...
[08:50:54] Finished 'scripts' after 1.17 ms
[08:50:54] Starting 'build'...
[08:50:54] Finished 'build' after 773 μs
[08:50:54] Starting 'default'...
[08:50:54] Finished 'default' after 14 ms

Press Ctrl+C (Win/Lin) or Cmd+C (Mac) when you are finished to exit Gulp.

One-off build

If you need to build the front end assets just once, you can run gulp build which does the same as gulp but exits immediately after build (no watching files):

$ gulp build
[08:57:52] Using gulpfile ~/workspace/phph-site/gulpfile.js
[08:57:52] Starting 'styles'...
[08:57:52] Finished 'styles' after 17 ms
[08:57:52] Starting 'scripts'...
[08:57:52] Finished 'scripts' after 1.16 ms
[08:57:52] Starting 'build'...
[08:57:52] Finished 'build' after 793 μs

Virtual Host

Afterwards, set up a virtual host to point to to the public/ directory of the project. For example in Apache:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName phph.localhost
  DocumentRoot /path/to/phph-site/public