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namespace phpish\webmention;
use phpish\http;
use phpish\link_header;
function discover($target_url)
$webmention_endpoint = NULL;
$response_body = http\request("GET $target_url", array(), array(), $response_headers);
if (isset($response_headers['link'])) {
$links = link_header\parse($response_headers['link']);
if (isset($links[''])) $webmention_endpoint = $links[''][0]['uri'];
elseif (isset($links['webmention'])) $webmention_endpoint = $links['webmention'][0]['uri'];
if (!is_null($webmention_endpoint)) return $webmention_endpoint;
elseif (preg_match('#<link href="([^"]+)" rel="" ?/?>#i', $response_body, $matches) or preg_match('#<link rel="" href="([^"]+)" ?/?>#i', $response_body, $matches))
return $matches[1];
function send($source_url, $target_url)
if ($target_webmention_endpoint = discover($target_url))
$response_body = http\request("POST $target_webmention_endpoint", array(), array('source'=>$source_url, 'target'=>$target_url), $response_headers);
return array('headers'=>$response_headers, 'body'=>$response_body);
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