Release Notes: 2.0.0

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What's New in Release 2.0

  • Add middleware support
  • Enhance routing system to follow RESTful API resources naming convention
  • Add route group support using prefix
  • Implement kernel exception handler and customize error exception page with stack trace
  • Add PATCH HTTP method
  • Add utility functions _put() and _patch() to access PUT/PATCH request data
  • Add utility function _header() to send HTTP header
  • Add utility function _requestHeaders() to fetch HTTP request headers
  • Add utility function _addFormData()
  • Add support to get the current environment mode setting from _p('env')
  • Ability to set env parameter configuration that can be ignored from source control
  • Replace deprecated mcrypt_encrypt and mcrypt_decrypt with openssl_encrypt and openssl_decrypt for php 7.1
  • Allow configuration setting for staging environment
  • _get() and _post() now accept no parameter to sanitize all data from $_GET and $_POST
  • Change schema lock file type from .inc to .lock and file content format
  • Remove admin boilerplate code and move it to a new repository

Updates and fixes in Release 2.0

  • Use the config defaultDbSource for default db source for schema and seeding commands
  • Rename site.js to app.js
  • Rename .env to .lcenv
  • Remove deprecated business folder
  • Remove app/commands directory from autoload to encourage to use app/cmd
  • Accept HTTP status code as argument for _json() function
  • Update password field length in sample db schema
  • Set admin path default in config
  • Add more bot strings
  • Fix image path accessor function to know images in app directory
  • Update example code for api responses
  • Update translation strings for Myanmar language
  • Add .env, .lcenv and .sqlc into protected file list
  • Include google Padauk font and fix Myanmar font style
  • Upgrade ConsoleTable 1.2.3
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