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By `Lex Li`_

This article describes how to debug the code.

In this article:


#. Make sure you set up a local development environment as revealed in :doc:`/getting-started/source`. #. Install PHP Manager locally so all IIS Manager configuration is set.

Detailed Steps

  1. Launch Visual Studio as administrator.
  2. Open the solution and make your changes.
  3. Compile the solution. .. note:: Post build events would register the new assemblies in GAC.
  4. Close IIS Manager if you already opened it.
  5. Open IIS Manager and do nothing yet.
  6. Attach Visual Studio to IIS Manager process (inetmgr.exe).
  7. Set break points if you like.
  8. Back to IIS Manager and open PHP Manager pages to trigger the break points.


Don't attempt to launch IIS Manager from Visual Studio directly as it only works on 32 bit Windows.