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PHPMD 2.7.0

@kylekatarnls kylekatarnls released this
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The new maintainer team of PHPMD is pleased to announce its first minor release PHP Mess Detector version 2.7.0.

This contains all the new features, improvements and fixes from over 250 commits from two and a half years since 2.6.0.
Please, also take note of a backwards incompatible property renaming in the CouplingBetweenObjects rule.



  • #482: Renamed minimum property to maximum in CouplingBetweenObjects rule (backwards incompatible)
  • #626: Fixed special characters escaping in violation description for XML output
  • #378: Fixed warning/error when trying to export to a non-existing path
  • #575: Fixed UnusedFormalParameter false positive in string compound variable
  • #480: Fixed "Start tag expected, '<' not found" error
  • #494: Fixed UnusedPrivateField false positive
  • #583: Changed LongNaming rule to apply on private fields too
  • #572: Added support for both @SuppressWarnings and @suppressWarnings annotation cases

Consult the changelog for the full history of noteworthy changes or browse through the list of commits since the last release.

Contributors to this release

We would like to thank all the contributors that helped make this release possible:

Also, we are very grateful to contributors that opened issues, created pull requests or participated as our community.