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phpMyAdmin - localized documentation

This repository contains localized documentation for phpMyAdmin. It is based on master document placed in phpmyadmin repository.

To translate edit your language file in po directory, changes will be propagated to generated documents. You can also translate online at <> and your changes will be merged to Git.

Translation status Build status Documentation Status


For manipulating with translations, you need gettext and sphinx installed.


To start new translation just add it to the Makefile.

To regenerate mofiles run:


To obtain statistics about current translations run:


To update documentation run:

# Force Weblate to commit changes, requires wlc to be installed
wlc commit
# Pull changes from Weblate
git pull
# Update phpMyAdmin submodule
git submodule update --remote
# Update po files to match current docs

This automatically updates po files, generates mo files and synchronizes sources of the documentation. Review changes and commit them using:

git commit -a -m 'Update documentation to match master'

To build documentation in given language (for example Czech):

make html-cs

You can also invoke sphinx-build manually:

sphinx-build docs/cs/ output/cs/

You can also build all documentation at once:

make html

You can also browse translated documentation online at <>.