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Explicit ordering for pages

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1 parent 4a8010a commit ccb4323f9985c3f003b515024c0c848708ee6ea9 @nijel nijel committed Nov 14, 2012
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@@ -7,11 +7,8 @@ LANGUAGES=it pl ja fr cs gl sv nl ka tr fi ca hu nb es de lt ro mn pt_BR zh_CN z
# directory where phpMyAdmin sources are placed
-# Source documents
-SOURCES=$(wildcard $(PMA_DIR)/doc/*.rst)
-# Names of pages
-PAGES=$(subst .rst,,$(subst $(PMA_DIR)/doc/,,$(SOURCES)))
+# Names of pages, this is hardcoded to allow ordering
+PAGES=index intro require setup config transformations faq developers vendors copyright credits glossary
# Copied sources
OUR_SOURCES=$(addprefix source/, $(addsuffix .rst, $(PAGES)))

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