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Remove dead code

Signed-off-by: Marc Delisle <>
latest commit ef18a3a9b7
@lem9 lem9 authored
Failed to load latest commit information.
PMAStandard Remove Generic.Files.LineLength from PMAStandard because already in P…
doc Merge branch 'QA_4_5'
examples Underscores are preferred to separate words in configuration storage …
js Merge branch 'QA_4_5'
libraries Remove dead code
po Translated using Weblate (Turkish)
scripts Clarify todo list
setup Update PHPDoc.
sql Fix #1817 Creating configuration storage tables fail in MySQL 5.7
templates Fix #11442 MySQL 5.7 and SHOW VARIABLES
test Refactor queries fn and fix errors related to add/copy user
themes Merge commit '32e155a'
.coveralls.yml Simplify coveralls settings
.gitignore Ignore composer.lock file.
.jshintrc Higher limit on detected errors
.scrutinizer.yml Remove code coverage from scrutinizer
.travis.yml Minimum supported PHP version is now 5.5. Merge notes from bug tracker
ChangeLog Merge commit '32e155a'
DCO Remove trailing whitespace from the documentation
LICENSE Use verbatim GPL 2.0 licence text
README 4.6.0-dev
README.rst Cleanup URLs to our website
browse_foreigners.php Remove unneeded closing tags
build.xml recaptchalib.php has also been moved
changelog.php Merge branch 'QA_4_4'
chk_rel.php rfe #1635 Have ZeroConf create phpmyadmin DB if possible
composer.json Fix json markup Underscores are preferred to separate words in configuration storage …
db_central_columns.php Finish refactoring tbl_*.lib.php
db_create.php Fixed small error
db_datadict.php Refactor
db_designer.php Refactor
db_events.php Remove unneeded closing tags
db_export.php Refactor
db_import.php Refactor
db_operations.php Refactor
db_qbe.php Refactor
db_routines.php Trial Approach to solve Privileges bug for RFE#657
db_search.php Refactor
db_sql.php Page-related settings, rfe#1559
db_sql_autocomplete.php rfe1625 - Solves the repeated POST issues and javascript fatal error
db_sql_format.php Using the sql-parser library for formatting the queries.
db_structure.php Refactor
db_tracking.php Refactor
db_triggers.php Remove unneeded closing tags
error_report.php Remove unneeded closing tags
export.php Fix #11414 Unclear export options / organization / hierarchy
favicon.ico Better favicon with same image for all resolutions
file_echo.php Remove unneeded closing tags
gis_data_editor.php Fix x coordinates of these points are repeated as y coordinates
import.php Merge branch 'QA_4_4'
import_status.php bug #4903 & bug #4367 Import status infinite loop
index.php Use sentence case for these as well
license.php Make PHPCS happy.
lint.php Fixed minor coding style issues in lint.php.
navigation.php These checks are redundant. <feature>work variables should always be …
normalization.php Finish refactoring tbl_*.lib.php
phpinfo.php Remove unneeded closing tags
phpmyadmin.css.php Space after function keyword
phpunit.xml.dist The test folder was included in coverage.
phpunit.xml.hhvm Add HHVM-specific phpunit configuration
phpunit.xml.nocoverage Convert remaining Selenium tests to new model
prefs_forms.php Make PHPCS happy.
prefs_manage.php Fix coding style in page settings
print.css Use print.css in
robots.txt Fix permissions.
schema_export.php Revert "Remove unused parameter $db"
server_binlog.php Remove unneeded closing tags
server_collations.php Remove unneeded closing tags
server_databases.php Remove unneeded closing tags
server_engines.php Remove unneeded closing tags
server_export.php Page-related settings, rfe#1559
server_import.php Refactor to remove
server_modules.php Revert "Make modules table sortable". Table sorter cause issue with t…
server_plugins.php Use phpmyadmin's secondary tabs instead of jQuery tabs
server_privileges.php Refactor
server_replication.php Remove unneeded closing tags
server_sql.php Page-related settings, rfe#1559
server_status.php Fix #11445 MySQL 5.7 and Status page for an unprivileged user
server_status_advisor.php Fix #11445 MySQL 5.7 and Status page for an unprivileged user
server_status_monitor.php Remove unneeded closing tags
server_status_processes.php Separate process list from auto refreshing
server_status_queries.php Fix #11445 MySQL 5.7 and Status page for an unprivileged user
server_status_variables.php Fix #11445 MySQL 5.7 and Status page for an unprivileged user
server_user_groups.php Remove unneeded closing tags
server_variables.php Add MySQL doc to message
show_config_errors.php Remove unneeded closing tags
sql.php Removed the old parser.
tbl_addfield.php Fix typos.
tbl_change.php Move GIS editor out of insert form so it wont be affected by input va…
tbl_chart.php Add tests for TableSearchController, TableStructureController.
tbl_create.php Remove unneeded closing tags
tbl_export.php Make PHPCS happy.
tbl_find_replace.php Introduce the ResponseStub
tbl_get_field.php Make PHPCS happy.
tbl_gis_visualization.php Introduce the ResponseStub
tbl_import.php Refactor to remove
tbl_indexes.php Complete tests for TableIndexesController
tbl_operations.php Resolve conflicts from upstream
tbl_recent_favorite.php Remove unneeded closing tags
tbl_relation.php Add tests for TableStructureController and TableRelationController
tbl_replace.php Update PHPDoc.
tbl_row_action.php Merge branch 'QA_4_4' into QA_4_5
tbl_select.php Introduce the ResponseStub
tbl_sql.php Page-related settings, rfe#1559
tbl_structure.php Add tests for DatabaseStructureController
tbl_tracking.php Fixes issue #11399.
tbl_triggers.php Remove unneeded closing tags
tbl_zoom_select.php Introduce the ResponseStub
themes.php Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/QA_4_4'
transformation_overview.php Remove unneeded closing tags.
transformation_wrapper.php Remove unneeded closing tags
url.php Long links may be converted to forms
user_password.php Make PHPCS happy.
version_check.php Remove unneeded closing tags
view_create.php Coding style modification.
view_operations.php Remove unneeded closing tags.
webapp.php Remove unneeded closing tags



A set of PHP-scripts to manage MySQL over the web.

Code status

Build status Translation status


You can get the newest release at

If you prefer to follow the git repository, the following branch and tag names may be of interest:

  • STABLE is the current stable release.
  • master is the development branch.
  • Releases are tagged, for example version 4.0.1 was tagged as RELEASE_4_0_1.

More Information

Please see the documentation in the doc folder or at

For support or to learn how to contribute code or by translating to your language, visit

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