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phpMyAdmin - Changelog
2002-03-22 Marc Delisle <>
* finnish, norwegian updates
* ### 2.2.5 released ###
2002-03-22 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3, lines 383-390: removed the submit button for actions on
multiple tables if the "onsubmit" event is handled by the browser.
* removed the confirmation stage for "OPTIMIZE"
*, line 89: patch #531864 - display something in title when
no db thanks to Michal Cihar.
* lang/ removed "^M".
* Documentation.html, lines 1098-1105: added a FAQ entry about bug
#494564 - No Sql Query!
* libraries/defines.lib.php3, lines 112-117: flipped Opera and MSIE
detection to better detect the former.
*, lines 138-143; tbl_change.php3; libraries/tbl_change.js:
improved js controls for null/not null fields and fixed js bugs with the
MSIE autocomplete feature.
* user_details.php3; user_password.php3: fixed the js bugs with the MSIE
autocomplete feature.
2002-03-20 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/*, removed $strSequence
* czech*, estonian updates
2002-03-19 Marc Delisle <>
* polish, catalan, spanish, romanian, swedish, galician, ukrainian
updates, thanks to usual translators
2002-03-17 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* user_details.php3:
- no long displays the true password on screen;
- in the "GRANTS" part, do not define a default db name if a db is aleady
* user_password.php3:
- no long displays the true password on screen;
- fixed a warning.
* tbl_change.php3: patch from Thomas Bähr <baehr at> - tabindex
* updated thanks to Alexander M. Turek.
2002-03-16 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, line 76; main.php3, lines 13-24; lang/*;
libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 146-150 & 367-387: the
"$cfgPmaAbsoluteUri" is now required.
2002-03-14 Steve Alberty <>
* main.php3: fix warning with undefined $cfgPmaAbsoluteUri
2002-03-14 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, PMA_MYSQL_INT_VERSION is not yet defined
before the connection
* libraries/select_lang.lib.php3, lang/
new language, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft at
2002-03-13 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: bug 528961 safe_show_database
2002-03-11 Marc Delisle <>
* various lang updates
* 2.2.5-rc1 released
2002-03-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, lines 127-130; Documentation.html, lines 677-701;
main.php3; user_password.php3 (new script); lang/*;
libraries/user_details.js: patch #525250 - Added 'Change Password' to
phpMyAdmin, thanks to Taco Scargo <tscargo at>.
* lang/ updated thanks to Alexander M. Turek.
2002-03-08 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html: little changes (<tt> is for code, <i> for pathes,
* libraries/common.lib.php3: removed trailing whitespaces.
* lang/ updated thanks to
Luís V. <luis.v at>.
* lang/ updated thanks to
Moran Zaltsman <sagi_nahor at>.
*, lines 161-165; user_details.php3, lines 978-980;
libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 229-232: headers were sometimes missing
before an error is displayed.
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3, lines 377-381: some settings were
missing for the password cookie.
2002-03-07 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html,, libraries/common.lib.php3:
stduser/stdpass are now controluser/controlpass
2002-03-04 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, undefined variable.
2002-03-04 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, line 1306: fixed a bug reported by Marc
Delisle with the relation feature.
2002-03-04 Marc Delisle <>
* user_details.php3: default value for wildcard db name.
* lang/*.php3, $strDatabaseWildcard.
2002-03-03 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3:
- feature request #503015 - No "xxxtext" button on vertical mode;
- extended the "relation" feature to PHP3.
* Documentation.html, line 557: extended the "relation" feature to PHP3.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: tried to fix bug #520282 - mysql
safe_show_database=on support. Must be fully tested now.
* user_details.php3; libraries/user_details.js; lang/*: feature request
#522450 - Wildcard db privileges.
2002-03-01 Olivier Müller <>
* created the phpmyadmin-cvs mailing list, following the instructions
under :
subscribers (target: devel team) will get a mail on every cvs commit.
I hope you will find it useful :) Webpage for subscriptions:
2002-03-01 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: half fixed (php4 only) bug #474943: wrong
data by using a table twice (it seems there is no way to distinguish
whether a MySQL cell is NULL, empty or equal to zero with php3).
2002-02-28 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html: fixed xhtml1.0 errors.
* tbl_printview.php3, lines 328-329: fixed bug #523772 - Parse Error in
tbl_printview.php, thanks to Joshua Nye <josh at>.
2002-02-27 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: new faq about letting users create their dbs.
2002-02-27 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 146-164: back to previous version.
* db_stats, lines 227.243: "SHOW TABLE STATUS" requires MySQL 3.23.03+.
* db_details.php3, db_printview.php3: fixed bug #522626 - Incorrect table
info for MySQL 3.23.2-a.
* db_details.php3, lines 531-533; tbl_properties.php3, lines 691-693:
"fixed" bug #523408 - error with php3 compatibility.
2002-02-26 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3, lines 11-15; libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3;
libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: fixed bug #522887 - Using
SSL -> cookies are unsecure.
* libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 146-164: if $cfgPmaAbsoluteUri is empty
the script now tries to guess it.
* left.php3: fixed some php warnings.
2002-02-25 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/japanese-*: updated thanks to Yukihiro Kawada aka "luc"
<kawada at>.
* main.php3: tried a fix against bug #510223 (Create Database link) thanks
to Purodha B Blissenbach <purodha at>.
* libraries/auth/*: patch #522671 - Add charset when asking for auth,
thanks to "nijel".
2002-02-24 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ updated thanks to Alexander M. Turek.
* tbl_change.php3: restored default value to "NOW()" with timestamp fields
in an "UPDATE" statement.
* lang/japanese-*: updated thanks to "luc".
* sql.php3: use "[[:space:]]" class inside all regular expressions.
* db_details.php3, lines 585-589 & 729-734; Documentation.html;
ldi_check.php3, lines 32-35; ldi_table.php3, lines 60-69;
read_dump.php3, lines 279-287; sql.php3, lines 267-271; tbl_dump.php3;
tbl_properties.php3; lang/japanese-*;
libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 1026-1034;
libraries/kanji-encoding.lib.php3: japanese kanji encoding conversion
feature thanks to Yukihiro Kawada aka "luc"
<kawada at>.
2002-02-23 Marc Delisle <>
* swedish updates thanks to Björn T. Hallberg
* tbl_printview.php3, comments were not displayed, thanks to
Björn T. Hallberg
2002-02-23 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_addfield.php3, lines 34-44; tbl_create.php3, lines 40-50: fixed php
warnings (see bug #521751).
* tbl_change.php3, lines 166-168: fixed bug #521589 - float(4,2) and field
* db_details.php3: fixed bug #520384 - Undefined index: Rows.
* index.php3, lines 36-39; left.php3, line 192: fixed bug #520571 - Problem
selecting Databases with blanks.
* db_details.php3, line 775; lang/*: modified $strDropTable for easier
* tbl_replace.php3; libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: fixed bug
#520242 - records get inserted twice, and ensured the fix does not cause
the come back of the bug #508024 - (2.2.2) Wrong page back after edit.
* sql.php3, line 224: fixed bug #521595 - Check for LIMIT clause.
2002-02-22 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Xavier Navarro
(xnavarro at
2002-02-22 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html, lines 1597-1600: beautify generated page.
* libraries/select_lang.lib.php3, lines 61-62: charset is neither defined
* libraries/common.lib.php3, line 848: coding standard.
* lang/*: cleanup and font fixes thanks to Oliver Heinisch.
* db_details.php3; tbl_properties.php3: patch from Joshua Nye
<josh at> to get valid statistics whatever are the table
* read_dump.php3, lines 245-249: fixed bug #521003 - parse error.
* lang/ sorted strings by name.
2002-02-19 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: get_magic_quotes fix thanks to
"Luc" <luc at>
* libraries/select_lang.lib.php3,
lang/, lang/ thanks to
"Luc" <luc at>
* ### 2.2.4 released ###
2002-02-18 Marc Delisle <>
* new language: lang/, thanks to
Yuval "Etus" Sarna (sarna at
2002-02-17 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* read_dump.php3; libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: tried a fix for
bug #508746 - PMA_splitSqlFile() crashes server. Thanks to
Matthias Fichtner (mfichtner) for the suggestions he did.
* left.php3: patch #518789 left.php3 - a little fix, thanks to
Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
2002-02-16 Marc Delisle <>
* db_details.php3, no links if no data,
thanks to Alexander M. Turek (rabus)
2002-02-15 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html: line sizes.
* sql.php3: optimized a bit.
* libraries/select_lang.php3: sorted the languages array.
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3, line 100: restored the use of
"$strLogin" inside the title of the login page.
* libraries/ bug #516491 - $HTTP_USER_AGENT in
php 4.1+. Thanks to Marcus Börger for this patch.
* lang/ light update thanks to
António Raposo <>.
2002-02-14 Marc Delisle <>
* hungarian updates thanks to Peter Bakondy
* new slovak-1250, thanks to Peter Svec (petko at
2002-02-13 Marc Delisle <>
* restore old color changing behavior by default
($cfgBrowseMarkRow = 0)
* left.php3, patch 515855 (use $strGo),
thanks to Alexander M. Turek (rabus)
2002-02-12 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_printview.php3, missing urldecode, layout improvement,
thanks to Marcus Börger (helly)
* 2.2.4-rc1 released
2002-02-11 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3: $table was emptied when the query was not a Select
* lang/ updates thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
2002-02-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* most of the scripts: removed tabs and/or trailing spaces.
* libraries/common.lib.php3; libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: fixed css
errors and removed "$strLogin" from the title of the login page.
*, line 30: beautified the generated page.
* lang/ updated thanks to Alexander M. Turek.
* db_details.php3; tbl_properties.php3: tried to fix bug #494564 - No Sql
Query! (2 MB).
* tbl_properties.php3; lines 806-917: removed the link for the "import
dump" feature if file upload is disabled.
* db_details.php3, line 356: js disabled browser couldn't use the "multiple
queries" features!
* Documentation.txt: updated.
2002-02-09 Marc Delisle <>
* main.php3, libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3, Patch
495360 (cookie with domain), experimental, thanks to
Piotr Roszatycki (d3xter) and Christoph (certelt).
* clarifications.
* tbl_create.php3, tbl_addfield.php3,
radio buttons for indexes.
2002-02-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/functions.js: improved the "mark row" feature (it wasn't
working with Mozilla, for example).
* libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 76-78 & 117-119: ensured compatibility
with old configuration files.
*, line 109; libraries/auth/cookies.auth.lib.php3;
Documentation.html, lines 683-689: added an option to define whether
previous login should be recalled or not in cookie auth. mode. Thanks to
Siu Sun <siusun at> for the suggestion.
* tbl_properties.php3, line 573: fixed an xhtml error.
*, lines 53-57; left.php3, line 67: patch #515199 - Problem
with <base href=""> thanks to Alexander M. Turek.
* main.php3, lines 11-14; libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3, lines 27-32;
libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: improved patch #495360.
*, lines 142 & 238-265; Documentation.html, lines 746-752;
tbl_change.php3; libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 105-107:
patch #515268 - Feature Request #511816 (enable/disable functions fields)
thanks to Alexander M. Turek <rabus at>.
2002-02-08 Marc Delisle <>
* ukrainian updates thanks to Markijan Baran.
* tbl_change.php3, remove a weird unset($goto) and add word wrapping.
2002-02-08 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/bulgarian-*; lang/ updated thanks to
Georgi Georgiev.
* lang/ fixes by "Luc" <luc at>.
* left.php3: beautified the alignement of the generated xhtml code (it's
easier to find error this way ;)).
* sql.php3, line 76: replaced space characters by the "[[:space:]]" POSIX
* Documentation.html; xhtml fix.
* user_details.php3;; tbl_replace.php3;
tbl_properties.php3, libraries/functions.js, db_details.php3: removed
tabs and/or trailing spaces.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, lines 724-730: fixed a js bug.
* db_details.php3, line 517; tbl_properties.php3, line 709: restored word
wrapping mode for textarea (not xhtml1.0 compliant but required with IE).
* db_details.php3: beautified the "with selection" feature.
*, line 53; left.php3; tbl_change.php3, line 120: added the
"<base href=...>" xhtml header.
2002-02-05 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3, bug 463683 state tracking problem
* db_details.php3, drop-down for Check All actions
2002-02-04 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_replace.php3, better correction for bug 508024
* tbl_change.php3, bug 511324, form sent to the http server
even if hosted on the https server
* new language: hungarian, thanks to Bakondy Péter
(bakondyp at
2002-02-04 Olivier Müller <>
* left.php3: small cosmetic fixe in lightmode
2002-02-02 Marc Delisle <>
* db_stats.php3, db_details.php3,,
tbl_properties.php3: Button to optimize many tables
* user_details.php3, bug 512254, missing comma for REFERENCES
2002-02-01 Marc Delisle <>
*, add a link to doc for column types
2002-01-30 Olivier Müller <>
* left.php3: display database name as well in lightmode, with link to
db properties page
2002-01-29 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/functions.js, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, new $cfgBrowseMarkRow support, thanks
to Wolfram Schlich
2002-01-27 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3 fix, wrong focus when using
cookies for the first time, thanks to dphanton at
* tbl_replace.php3, bug 508024: wrong page back after edit
2002-01-26 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/, russian-*.inc.php3: updated thanks to
Siu Sun <siusun at> and
Gosha Sakovich <gt2 at>.
* db_details.php3, lines 719-720; lang/*: cleanup.
* tbl_properties.php3, line 769; lang/*: changed $strAfter to allow
valid translations whatever is the words order.
* display_tlb.lib.php3, lines 1235-1237: fixed a warning.
2002-01-25 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: FAQ about compressed dumps
2002-01-25 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/bulgarian-*.inc.php3, updated thanks to
Georgi Georgiev <chutz at>.
* lang/ updated thanks to
Niels Oesten <niels at>.
* Documentation.html; sql.php3; libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3:
- coding standards (tabs);
- fixed xhtml1.0 errors.
* Documentation.html, lines 1547-1548: added credits to Axel Sander for the
table relation feature.
*, lines 55-56: lowered the line size to avoid automatic
add of <cr><lf> while ediding this file.
* tbl_change.php3: fixed javascript bugs.
2002-01-24 Marc Delisle <>
* merge patch 507338, thanks to Adam Ashley (fruitcak)
* galician updates, thanks to Xosé Calvo.
* czech* updates, thanks to Michal Cihar (nijel)
* sql.php3: bug 506558 (QBE returns unlimited rows)
2002-01-23 Olivier Müller <>
* translated the last german words
* left.php3: added a "-" (looks less empty this way :)
2002-01-23 Marc Delisle <>
* portuguese major updates, thanks to António Raposo
(Antonio.Raposo at
* new language: ukrainian-win1251, thanks to Markijan Baran
(marco at
2002-01-22 Marc Delisle <>
* german updates thanks to Michael Hauptmann
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3,, Documentation.html:
merged Patch #504887: Table relation-links, thanks to
Axel Sander (n8falke)
* slovak updates thanks to Lubos Klokner
* swedish updates thanks to Björn T. Hallberg
* turkish updates thanks to Bora Alioglu
* romanian updates thanks to Valics Lehel
* finnish updates thanks to Visa Kopu
* italian updates thanks to Pietro Danesi
* polish updates thanks to Jakub Wilk
2002-01-20 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* left.php3:
- optimized the code a bit (build tooltips only if required in light
mode, ...);
- selecting a database in light mode launches the database properties
page at the main frame (both frames changes).
* left.js, lines 291-300: fixed CSS problems under NS4 and left frame
light mode.
2002-01-19 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/*; libraries/common.lib.php3; Documentation.html: removed
trailing whitespaces and ensured compatibility with old releases.
* tbl_change.php3:
- beautify javascript code;
- line 363: fixed a js bug.
* read_dump.php3: coding standards (ident. = 4 space characters).
* main.php3, line 33; db_details.php3, line 50: added a <cr>.
* left.php3; libraries/function.js, left.js, user_details.js: patch
#501282 - JavaScript strict warnings tahnks to
Alex Vincent <jscript at>.
* left.php3; lang/*: fixed a js error and ensured localized strings are
2002-01-18 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html, new download location for the RedHat PHP package,
and new FAQ entry about a limitation in IE
2002-01-18 Olivier Müller <>
* left.php3 db_details.php3, index.php3, main.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3:
removed the leftlight.php3 file, and put all the code in left.php3: it
should be cleaner and "nicer" this way.
2002-01-15 Marc Delisle <>
* read_dump.php3, Documentation.html: support for open_basedir,
thanks to Alessandro Ranellucci for the idea
* Documentation.html, FAQ about lost MySQL root password
2002-01-14 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to danone at
2002-01-12 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, bug 501773 (null checkbox), idea thanks to
rabus at
2002-01-12 Olivier Müller <>
* main.php3, leftlight.php3: added <noscript></noscript> to hide the
"Go" submit button when the browser supports JS (ist that XHTML compliant?:)
(thx. JF ;)
2002-01-11 Olivier Müller <>
* lang/*: added $strSelectAll / $strUnselectAll, used in db_details.php3
* leftlight.php3,, db_details.php3, index.php3, main.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3, Documentation.html:
started to work on the "LeftLight" concept. TODO:
- better fonts & html
- add strings for leftlight.php specific messages
- javascript: update both frames on DB selection
- give the user the possibility to choose between the
"standard" and the "light" view.
2002-01-10 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/slovak-iso updates, thanks to Lubos Klokner
* lang/finnish updates, thanks to Visa Kopu
* Documentation.html, some clarifications
2002-01-07 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3, lines 572, 611-620:
- wrong urls;
- added an anchor;
- coding standards.
* scripts/, lines 98-100: added a note about chmoding.
2002-01-07 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/select_lang.lib.php3, standard code for swedish,
thanks to Christian Rose.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: bug 500462
2002-01-07 Olivier Müller <>
* db_details.php3, libraries/functions.js: added possibility to
(un)select all tables at once in the database dump part of the page.
Thanks to Joachim Fornallaz <> for the patch.
2002-01-06 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: typo thanks to
yrtimd at
* ### 2.2.3 released ###
2002-01-06 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_change.php3, lines 290-300: improved and fixed js stuff used with the
new "null" checkbox.
2002-01-05 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3, line 234: maximum database name size is 64 characters.
* lang/ updated thanks to
Alexander M. Turek <rabus at>.
2002-01-04 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3: beautify the displayed page.
2002-01-03 Marc Delisle <>
* 2.2.3-rc1 released.
2002-01-03 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/build_dump.php3, lines 508-514: fixed a php error if there is
no "enclosed by" character.
* db_details.php3, line 708;, line 71: maximum
table and field size is 64 characters. Suggested by
Marc Weidner <gurmbot at>.
* db_details.php3:
- invalid xhtml statements;
- extend "check/uncheck all tables" feature to js disabled browsers.
* libraries/functions.js: codding standards.
2002-01-02 Marc Delisle <>
* db_details.php3, libraries/functions.js: feature 474742: add check
all/uncheck all in the table list.
2002-01-01 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_replace.php3, bug 497919: $funcs was being reset() but was not
defined (for example, only 1 field of type 'set').
2001-12-29 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, tbl_replace.php3, Documentation.html:
feature 442855: checkboxes for null values, modifications by Marc and
2001-12-29 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, lines 60-62; libraries/defines.lib.php3, lines 102-103;
libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 672-678: patch #497632 - Support for
OS/2 browsers thanks to Yuri Dario <ydario at>.
2001-12-28 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ updated thanks to
Gabriel Ginard <gginard at>.
* lang/*.sh: codding standards.
* tbl_change.php3, lines 201-207: fields with "NULL" value were affected
their default value (thanks to Marc Delisle).
2001-12-27 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/left.js, line 81: fixed bug #496491 - JS error with NS 4.73 on
2001-12-25 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates thanks to Jakub Wilk
2001-12-24 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: servers choice box was displayed
even if there is only one server.
* tbl_replace.php3, line 231: fixed bug #496469 - File name too long.
2001-12-23 Marc Delisle <>
* links to new short doc pages are now completed
* updates to lang/, thanks to Pietro Danesi
* user_details.php3: missing message "Remember reload..."
2001-12-23 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_select.php3, lines 202-206: fixed bug #472728 - Many fields / IE 5.5
or IE 6.
2001-12-22 Marc Delisle <>
* start new MySQL short documentation structure:
- $cfgManualBaseShort
- libraries/common.lib.php3 PMA_showDocuShort()
2001-12-21 Marc Delisle <>
* test and merge patch from Loïc for bug 495112:
- libraries/common.lib.php3
2001-12-19 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html; libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: updated credits.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3:
- removed some remaining tabs and a invalid piece of code;
- fixed bug #495105 - FULLTEXT feature with WHERE clause.
2001-12-18 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* sql.php3; tbl_change.php3; tbl_replace.php3;
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: the number of rows to return, display
direction and table headers "frequencies" weren't passed between scripts.
*; Documentation.html; libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3:
- codding standards;
- little bugs with vertical/horizontal display direction.
2001-12-16 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* back to previous version (it does not fix the bug
#493200 but creates a new one).
2001-12-16 Marc Delisle <>
* merge and adapt Vertical/horizontal browsing patch #492470
thanks to Garvin Hicking (hicking at
- libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3
- lang/*
- Documentation.html
2001-12-15 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3:
- lines 145: ensure 'enable_dl' is set before using it;
- lines 322-328: ensured compatibility with old configuration files for
the authentication mode.
*, lines 11-16: tried to fix bug #493200 - Problems with
PHP 4.1.0. Actually the fix is to skip db connection closing if the
script use persistent connections.
* tbl_dump.php3; libraries/build_dump.php3: data are no long bufferized by
the script if the user wants it to be displayed on screen or saved as a
text file. This may be helpfull for bug #448223 - Dump hangs.
2001-12-14 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* user_details.php3: check/uncheck all links weren't working with js
*, line 23: fixed bug #493385 - Cache headers not working
with IE 5.5SP2.
* scripts/ added some reminders at beginning.
2001-12-14 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/auth/cookies.auth.lib.php3, use $strGo
2001-12-13 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_qbe.php3; lang/*: changed $strQueryOnDb.
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
2001-12-12 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/auth/config.auth.lib.php3 replaces basic.auth.lib.php3
* main.php3, for 'config' auth mode
* Documentation.html: clarifications about auth modes
2001-12-11 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Opera for Mac needs lower font sizes, thanks
to Christian Schaffner.
* read_dump.php3, lines 102-108 & 361: fixed bug #491051 - SQL Upload error
last comment, thanks to Jason Pell <jasonpell at>.
2001-12-10 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, line 518: fixed bug #490951 - sorting
row. Thanks to an anonymous user.
* libraries/auth:
- basic.auth.lib.php3, line 107: fixed an horrible parse error;
- cookie.auth.lib.php3: beautified a bit the display.
* db_details.php3, line 461; tbl_properties.php3, line 694;
libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 821 & 823: patch from Cal Henderson
to be taken right to the edit box after clicking on a "Modify" link.
* main.php3: the link to the logout problem with http authentication mode
was also displayed with cookie authentication mode.
* libraries/common.lib.php3; libraries/defines.lib.php3: improved OmniWeb
support (default font sizes) thanks to
Christian Schaffner <schaffner at>.
2001-12-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* read_dump.php3; libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: sending the "fake" header
at each itération is about ten times faster than checking elapsed time
and send the header each 20 seconds.
* Documentation.html, line 282: the suggested statement to create a new
user and give him grants on a db was invalid.
* Documentation.txt: updated.
*; Documentation.html; main.php3; lang/*;
libraries/common.lib.php3; libraries/auth/*:
- moved all the authentication work in libraries so it will be easier to
add new authentication modes;
- started merging patch #463127 - Cookie based authentication, thanks to
Piotr Roszatycki <d3xter at> and Dan Wilson.
* db_details.php3; tbl_indexes.php3; tbl_properties.php3;
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: merged one part of the feature
#465550 - faster use of keyboard with javascript.
2001-12-08 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/left.js, lines 234-240: fixed a js bug with empty databases.
* libraries/functions.js: improved pointer code (for Opera 6.0).
* left.php3: nicer codding for Opera exception.
* read_dump.php3; libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: send fake headers to
bypass browser timeout.
* main.php3: fixed an other bug with db creation privilege thanks to
James Wigdahl <jwigdahl at>.
2001-12-07 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ fixed typos thanks to Tomasz Regdos & Jakub Wilk.
* tbl_indexes; tbl_printview.php3; tbl_properties.php3; improved the fix against bug #489440.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: better pointer coding.
* main.php3, line 191: a valid MySQL administration system may lead to have
the db creation form displayed with an existing table. Bug fixed thanks
to Rob Mangiafico <rmang at>.
* left.php; libraries/left.js: improved the pointer feature for the left
2001-12-06 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3,, tbl_printview.php3: beautify
the code and the results of the patch #484112.
* sql.php3, lines 92 & 278; tbl_replace.php3, line 130: fixed bug #489770 -
File name too long in tbl_replace.php.
* tbl_printview.php3; tbl_properties.php3; fixed
bug #489440 - enum fields in tbl_properties.php.
* user_details.php3, lines 616, 617 & 624: fixed a double declaration of
2001-12-05 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/; lang/bulgarian-*.inc.php3: completed thanks to
Georgi Georgiev <chutz at>.
* left.php3, line 79: fixed bug #489350 - Opera 6.0 is still half DOM
compliant :[
2001-12-05 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
* Documentation.html: faq entry about safe mode and uploads
* db_details.php3, tbl_printview.php3: patch #484112,
thanks to Christophe Gesché (moosh_fr at
2001-12-04 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*; Documentation.html; left.php3;
libraries/display_tbl.php3; libraries/common.lib.php3:
patch #458673 - Nicer navigation for MSIE, update... thanks to
Marcus Börger <helly at>.
* libraries/functions.js, function "setPointer()" :
- skip pointer is allowed by letting blank the color value;
- fixed a js bad command.
* libraries/, lines 45-46: updated to take into account
the new Bulgarian translation thanks to
Georgi Georgiev <chutz at>.
* lang/; bulgarian-*.inc.php3: updated thanks to
Georgi Georgiev <chutz at>.
2001-12-04 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: FAQ about Konqueror
* libraries/common.lib.php3, support new $strRunning string
2001-12-03 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_select.php3: fixed bugs with text and time type fields.
* libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 583-585: fixed bug #488317 - 'only_db'
problem with the 2.2.x.
*; main.php3; lang/*: modified the way server informations
are displayed so it can be translated whatever is the required words
order. Thanks to "Chutz" <chutz at> who reported the
problem in the phpWizard forum.
* lang/ updated thanks to Jakub Wilk.
* lang/ updated thanks to Valics Lehel.
2001-12-02 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ &, line 157: changed a bit the
'$strInsertTextfiles' to avoid confusion with '$strLocationTextfile'.
* ### released 2.2.2 version. ###
2001-12-01 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* user_details.php3, lines 83-88: fixed bug #487673 - revoke 'reference'.
2001-11-30 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: fixed bug #486509 - Text fields don't
display newlines.
2001-11-29 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, lines 76-83: displays verbose server description
rather than hostname as window title.
* left.php3, line 82: fixed a js error.
* libraries/left.js: extended the list of browsers that works with DOM
2001-11-26 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_indexes.php3: fulltext indexes is available since MySQL 3.23.23
* tbl_properties.php3:
- fixed bug #485529 - index on text/blob;
- displays only the accurate index links depending of variable types;
- the "OPTIMIZE" statement is available only since MySQL 3.23.06.
2001-11-25 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* index.php3; libraries/common.lib.php3; libraries/defines.lib.php3;
libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3; libraries/select_lang.lib.php3:
taken into account the new $_* globals arrays defined with php 4.1+.
* read_dump.php3, lines 131-152 & 217: fixed a possible security issue.
2001-11-24 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3, line 200: fixed bug #485116 - No logout option for users.
* Documentation.html, lines 969-979: added an other entry about the
$cfgOBGZip setting and beta versions of php4.
* Documentation.txt: updated.
* scripts/ added some stuffes in the "ToDo" list at
the end.
* rolled a new CVS package.
2001-11-23 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* light changes (function and constant names) in most of the scripts:
they're now about to fully fit the PEAR codding standards.
* db_details.php3; db_printview.php3; db_stats.php3; tbl_change.php3;
tbl_indexes.php3; tbl_printview.php3; tbl_properties.php3;; tbl_select.php3; user_details.php3;
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3; libraries/functions.js: beautified
display of tables under Mozilla & NS6+ thanks to a fix from
Detlev Stender <detlev.stender at>.
* tbl_select.php3: the true MySQL type of columns is now displayed.
* left.php3: this frame wasn't taking into account the output buffering
feature! This should fix the problem some users faced with XP (thanks
to an anonymous user who reported the at the SF bug tracker and did
some testings).
* Documentation.html, lines 843-851: added an entry about a PWS bug and
its workaround thanks to Filippo Simoncini.
2001-11-22 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, lines 142-148: merged patch #479083 - display name
of server after db/table thanks to
Martin Jespersen <embeejay at>.
* user_detail.php3:
- fixed bug #484591 - Users Page -- "no password";
- PEAR codding standards (functions names).
2001-11-21 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* removed some remaining tabs.
* libraries/ simplified the error handling settings
under php4.
* lang/russian-*: updated thanks to
Gosha Sakovich <gt2 at>.
2001-11-20 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_change.php3, lines 146-148: set the default function to "NOW()"
for timestamp fields only in insert mode (ie not in update mode).
* sql.php3; tbl_select.php3; libraries/display_tbl.php3: changed
"$sessionMaxRows" by "$session_max_rows" (PEAR codding standards).
* left.php3: fixed reverse display of the number of tables per
databases under right to left writting.
* libraries/common.lib.php3, line 704: fixed a little bug with
php 4.0.1+ (unset applied to a global variable inside a function only
kills the symbolic link to this variable and do not unset it).
* Documentation.html: merged feture request #482468 - adding CSS
page-break in documentation.html.
2001-11-19 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_change.php3, lines 208-212: always use the existing timestamp
value in the update statement else MySQL auto-update it to the
current timestamp.
* main.php3: removed the "MySQL" column if no MySQL feature is allowed.
* Documentation.html, lines 958-966: added a faq entry about the
invalid "$cfgPmaAbsoluteUri" related problems.
2001-11-18 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3, lines 178-492; tbl_properties.php3, lines 670-685: the
"upload dump file" feature is no long displayed if upload is disabled in
the php configuration file.
2001-11-17 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3:
- lines 85-86: fixed bug #482627 - show full processlist should have
- since php 4.0.5 the associative array returned by "mysql_fetch_array"
may returns fields with NULL value.
2001-11-16 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_indexes.php3: merged Michal fix.
* db_details.php3, line 47; main.php3, line 32;
libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 928-929: fixed bug #479208 - Drop a
Table -> wrong server at left frame thanks to Bjoern Koester
& Donald Saltarelli.
* db_details.php3; read_dump.php3; sql.php3; tbl_properties.php3: fixed a
bug with headers that may be sent after output.
* tbl_properties.php3: fixed bug #481417 - Unable to insert dumps from
* build_dump.php3: fixed bug #482466 - data dumping is broken in cvs
version thanks to Michal Cihar.
* scripts/, line 24: added bz2 packages.
* ### released 2.2.2-rc1 revision. ###
2001-11-15 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/tbl_dump.php3 : merged a workaround against the IE downloading
bug with SSL.
* Documentation.html: added two entries in the FAQ (IIS with advanced
authentication and Apache-SSL with IE).
* tbl_properties.php3, line 298; tbl_printview.php3, line 176: fixed some
display bugs with right to left text direction (Arabic language).
* lang/ updated thanks to Fisal Assubieye.
2001-11-14 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* sql.php3: fixed bug #480178 - select ... into outfile fails.
* libraries/common.lib.php3:
- fixed bug 481593 - interface fonts too big on macs;
- taked into account the case when "magic_quotes_sybase" is set in the
php configuration file and fixed the js errors.
* libraries/tbl_dump.php3 : "zero" value was exported as ''.
2001-11-13 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3; db_printview.php3; left.php3; tbl_properties.php3;
tbl_printview.php3: fixed some display bugs with right to left text
direction (Arabic language).
2001-11-12 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/select_lang.lib.php3; lang/ new translation
thanks to Fisal Assubieye.
2001-11-10 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
* most of the scripts have been updated in order to prepare the use of an
Arabic translation (right to left text direction).
2001-11-09 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: small additions, FAQ sub-sections.
2001-11-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*; Documentation.html; main.php3; phpinfo.php3;
- extended last fix from Robin to the "MySQL runtime information" and
"MySQL system variables" links;
- but allowed these directives to be bypassed for super-users.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, lines 715-724: return to the browse mode
once a "KILL" statement has been run. Thanks to
Florian Perrichot <perrich at> for this suggestion.
*; tbl_indexes.php3; tbl_printview.php3;
tbl_properties.php3; libraries/indexes.js; lang/*: commited patch
#458014 - Advanced index generation/editing thanks to
Michal Cihar <nijel at>.
*; Documentation.html; read_dump.php3; tbl_dump.php3;
libraries/common.lib.php3; libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: feature
#443134 - unlimited set_time_limit().
2001-11-08 Robin Johnson <>
*; main.php3; phpinfo.php3: fixed bug #479303
- $cfgShowPHPInfo added, false by default.
2001-11-07 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_select.php3, lang/some files: modify $strLimitNumRows.
* user_details.php3, lang/some files: modify $strRevokeGrantMessage
and $strRevokeMessage.
2001-11-06 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3, line 305; db_printview.php3, line 207: fixed bug #478592
- HTML mispelling (</td> instead of </th>), thanks to
Christophe Jaillet (tititou at
2001-11-02 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* sql.php3, lines 225-233: in case of erroneous query, it is now
re-displayed in the query textearea of the calling script.
* lang/ eol was missing at the end of the file.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: patch #477498 Cosmetic Change.
2001-11-02 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates thanks to Lubos Klokner, tests
with Loïc: this file must be sent gzipped, otherwise Windows will
corrupt some characters.
* main.php3, lang/*: new $strWelcome
2001-10-29 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3: removed an other display of the socket used and the port used
if the 'verbose' setting exists for a server.
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
* left.php3: fixed a bug with php < 4.0.6 (mysql_fetch_array did not return
fields with NULL value).
2001-10-28 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3:
- lines 107-111: removed the socket used from the settings displayed;
- line 342: cosmetic change.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: fixed bugs if dbs names in "only_db" contain
"_" or "%" characters.
* lang/, line 304: a ';' was missig at EOL.
2001-10-27 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* read_dump.php3, lines 286-288; lang/*: "there is no query" were displayed
when deleting a bookmark.
* Documentation.php3; main.php3; libraries/common.lib.php3: feature request
#450246 - Authentication: don't give stduser access to encrypted passw.
* Documentation.html: added faq entries about a Xitami 2.5b4 bug and a
widespread IIS misconfiguration problem.
* closed MySQL connection in this script (it seems this
may be required for RedHat 7.1 at least).
2001-10-27 Olivier Müller <>
* put the ENCRYPT function back to the config file.
2001-10-26 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_change.php3, lines 198-205: fixed a crash with binary "characters".
Bug was reported by Joshua Nye <josh at> to the
phpMyAdmin-devel mailing-list.
*, line 112; Documentation.html, lines 545-550;
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: merged patch #474210 (hiding full text of
navigation buttons) submitted by
Gosha Sakovich <gt2 at>.
* Documentation.html, lines 407-410: explicited the use of MySQL wildcards
in the "only_db" setting.
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
2001-10-25 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* user_details.php3, line 1172: fixed bug #474685 (table not found editing
user) thanks to Alister Bulman <alister at>.
*, line 159; Documentation.html, lines 646-652;
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, line 607: merged patch #472575 (indicator
in table rows) thanks to Darklord <darklord at>.
* tbl_change.php3; tbl_replace.php3; lang/*: merged patch #470575
(Inserting rows in loop) thanks to
Tomas Polak <loskutak at>.
* libraries/, line 20: starting 2.2.2-dev. version.
2001-10-24 Robin Johnson <>
* Documentation.html:
- updated advanced authentication documentation
- removed PCRE requirement note
* Documentation.txt: updated from Documentation.html
2001-10-24 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3:
- taken into account wildcards in the databases names get from the
"mysql.db" table;
- get all privilege at the begenning of the script;
* ### released 2.2.1 revision. ###
2001-10-24 Marc Delisle <>
* main.php3 (for Loïc): a non-empty only_db was removing the MySQL links on
the main page.
2001-10-23 Robin Johnson <>
* Documentation.html: Redid documentation of advanced authentication mode.
* Documentation.txt: Updated from latest Documentation.html
* removed note that basic user name is always required
2001-10-23 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, Documentation.html: extended the use of stduser/stdpass
to the basic authentication mode.
* libraries/common.lib.php3:
- fixed a possible "security" issue (in advanced authentication mode,
ensured the server selected is valid according to the user name);
- extended the use of stduser/stdpass to the basic authentication mode;
- fixed the messy use of 'stduser' and 'user' while connecting.
* main.php3: widely cleaned and fixed the messy use of 'stduser' and 'user'
in queries.
2001-10-22 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html, line 299: added some requirements for sockets.
* main.php3: ensured sockets aren't displayed and used if php < 3.0.10.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: ensured the same rules apply whatever is the
authentication mode and that the cfgServers[i]['only_db'] is really used.
Fixed also the bug #472201 - Denied to mysql user db. AdvAuth failed.
2001-10-22 Robin Johnson <>
* remove ENCODE, DECODE, ENCRYPT functions.
2001-10-21 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* user_details.php3, libraries/user_details.js: restored the "show grants"
table at the top of the "other grants" page.
* lang/russian-*.inc.php3: updated thanks to Gosha Sakovich.
2001-10-20 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/select_lang.lib.php3, lang/ new turkish
language, thanks to Bora Alioglu (bora at
2001-10-19 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/user_details.js, lines 126-130: url has to changed whatever is
the control that called the "change" function.
* lang/*: replace "With checked" by "With selected" ($strWithChecked).
* images/arrow.gif: updated thanks to an anonymous user (see patch
2001-10-18 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html;; index.php3; left.php3;
libraries/common.lib.php3: removed the xml declaration because even if
recommended by the w3c, lots of browsers (even IE6.0!) seems not to like
it so much.
* Documentation.txt: updated.
* common.lib.php3, lines 675 & 687-689: changed font size for IE6 (because
the xml declaration has been cleaned up).
* main.php3, lines 149 & 462: cosmetic changes.
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php, line 317: fixed bug #472858 - Dump error,
thanks to Thomas Baehr.
* lang/czech-*.inc.php3: fixed an other typo, thanks to Michal Cihar.
2001-10-18 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html, lines 2-4;, lines 39-41;
index.php3, lines 36-38; left.php3, lines 49-51;
libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 75-78: fixed bug #472353 - Doc can't be
opened in IE5/Mac (because of an invalid DTD).
* lang/czech-*.inc.php3: fixed some "typos", thanks to Michal Cihar.
* lang/ put font faces between double quotes.
* images/bkg.gif: re-set the transparent color.
2001-10-18 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Visa Kopu.
2001-10-17 Marc Delisle <>
* release 2.2.1rc2
2001-10-17 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html, lines 766-770: added a link to the official MySQL
documentation for the "socket error" problems.
* index.php3, line 53; lang/*: out-sourced the "no frame" sentence.
* libraries/common.lib.php3:
- improved compatibility with the old phpMyAdmin configuration file;
- lines 427-434: fixed bug #472209 (Login password bug if
magic_quotes_gpc is set.
* tbl_properties.php3, line 1243: added a param. to enforce reloading of
the left frame after a flush if $cfgShowTooltip is set to 1.
* tbl_change.php3: fixed some inconcistancies if an update is required but
the record can't be found and, in this case, ensured a message is
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
* lang/ updated thanks to Björn T. Hallberg.
* lang/czech-*.inc.php3: put font faces between double quotes.
2001-10-16 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/*: cleanup thanks to Björn T. Hallberg - Removed unused strings
$strColumnEmpty, $strDbEmpty, $strInsertIntoTable, $strPrinterFriendly,
$strProducedAnError, $strReadTheDocs (kept $strLogout because it will be
used as soon as we improved the authentication system).
* lang/ updated thanks to
Björn T. Hallberg <bth at>.
* lang/russian-*.inc.php3: updated thanks to
Gosha Sakovich <gt2 at>.
* user_details.php3: cosmetic changes.
* tbl_properties.php3; lang/*: added a "FLUSH" feature for tables.
2001-10-15 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_properties.php3:
- line 966: the current name of the table is now displayed in the text
box of the "rename table" feature. Thanks to Cal Henderson for this
- line 385: fixed an xhtml1.0 error.
* db_details.php3, line 327; db_stats.php3, line 291: fixed an xhtml1.0
* tbl_change.php3, lines 148-151: displays default values while creating
a new record. Thanks to "pdobrigkeit" for this suggestion.
2001-10-14 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php3, lines 202-203: improved the fix against
the bug #469416 (Dumps with binary data dont work mysql).
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, lines 768-780: binary fields weren't
well displayed.
2001-10-13 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html, lines 504-506: added some words about requirement for
table sizes.
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php3, lines 202-203: tried to fix bug #469416
(Dumps with binary data dont work mysql).
2001-10-12 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Peter Petrov.
2001-10-12 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Most of the scripts have been modified to fix bug #468749 (Left Frame not
expanding in iCab). This means the splitter between variables in urls is
now "&amp;" rather than "&" according to the xhtml1.0 specifications.
* main.php3: fixed some warnings and some bugs in the way servers are
displayed in the servers choice combo.
* libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 340-343: fixed erroneous variable name.
* libraries/bookmarks.lib.php3, line 29: removed unnecessary line of code.
* Documentation.html: added warnings about the use of the "only_db" setting
thanks to Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams <ignacio at>.
*, line 50: changed the comment line for the "only_db"
* tbl_qbe.php3: fixed lots of warnings reported by Steve.
* left.php3, line 66: removed a too restrictive test.
* display_tbl.lib.php3: added unique key case to build urls used in browse
mode for deleting/editing a record.
2001-10-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* user_details.php3, lines 1232-1245 & 1254: fixed some bugs with modifying
user privileges.
* main.php3, lines 163, 164, 179 & 180: fixed a bad key value reference
(once advanced authentication is completed, the login/password of the
current user is set in the "user/password" keys and not in the
"stduser/stdpass" ones.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: removed unnecessary md5 calls.
2001-10-08 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ updated thanks to
Niels Oesten <niels at>.
2001-10-08 Geert Lund <>
* left.php3: Fixed bug #468749: Left Frame not expanding in iCab.
* made URI references HTML 4.01 complient, this will fix the
error. See and for further information.
2001-10-07 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, lines 152-153; Documentation.html, lines 573-581;, line 119; left.php3, line 150: the background colors for
both the fames are now defined in the configuration file thanks to
Laurent Penou <laurent.penou at>.
* build_dump.lib.php3, line 212: fixed bug #468807 (dump error).
2001-10-04 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* left.php3:
- improved the js object detection system;
- fixed some bugs with the patch from Korakot.
* left.js: fixed CSS bugs.
* Documentation.html:
- lines 196-203 & 246-252: added warning for Mac users thanks to
"g-doggie" <penumbradesign at> &
"Ladonna G." <gladonna at>;
- lines 484-490: added the $cfgShowTooltip entry.
* db_details.php3, line 294: cosmetic change.
2001-10-04 Korakot Chaovavanich <>
* table comment(description) as tooltip (request #464084).
2001-10-03 Marc Delisle <>
* release 2.2.1-rc1
2001-10-03 Geert Lund <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: fixed localised_date() function:
- get correct month name (and not month+1).
2001-10-02 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Peter Petrov.
2001-10-01 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/czech* updates, thanks to Michal Cihar.
2001-10-01 Steve Alberty <>
* db_details.php3: Fixed problems with cfgSkipLockedTables.
2001-10-01 Geert Lund <>
* db_stats.php3, line 261: fixed error where server and language setting
wasen't in link, thanx to Joshua Nye <josh at>.
2001-09-30 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 489-493: fixed "backslashed backslash"
before wildcards problem in databases names.
2001-09-29 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3:
- fixed a possible problem with invalid keys values in the $uva_mydbs
- taken into account the case where available databases names returned by
MySQL is empty or '%' (ie all databases);
- fixed an invalid regexp at line 494.
2001-09-28 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3: coding standards.
2001-09-28 Marc Delisle <>
* ldi_table.php3, lang/*: remove unused messages.
2001-09-27 Marc Delisle <>
* main.php3, bug 465534: db stats only available if MySQL>=32303.
2001-09-26 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3; left.php3; tbl_move_copy.php3;
tbl_properties.php3; tbl_rename.php3: fixed some security issues.
* libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 76 & 79: some variable wasn't declared
as global ones.
* main.php3: the cookie shouldn't be set before authentication is
* libraries/, lines 25-26: fixed a bad regexp thanks to
Joshua Nye <josh at>.
2001-09-25 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
2001-09-25 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen.
* lang/czech* updates, thanks to Michal Cihar.
2001-09-24 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_properties.php3; tbl_copy.php3 (removed); tbl_move_copy.php3 (added);
lang/*: feature request #463164 (Add ability to move -rename- across
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
2001-09-24 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Jakub Wilk.
* lang/ updates, thanks to Valics Lehel.
* lang/ updates, thanks to Xosé Calvo.
2001-09-23 Benjamin Gandon <>
* read_dump.php3: widely improved (some remaining bugs has been fixed and
the script is now about too time faster than before).
2001-09-23 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*; Documentation.html; db_details.php3; tbl_dump.php3;
tbl_properties.php3; libraries/functions.php3; libraries/zip.lib.php3:
improved the zip dump feature.
* lang/ updated thanks to David Nordenberg.
* lang/*: added $strZip where it was missing and $strNoQuery in all the
* most of the scripts were updated to fix bug #444352 (Data
Missing/POST Error).
* db_details.php3; db_stats.php3;;
tbl_properties.php3: fixed a bug if a "DROP" query were submitted from a
sql file.
2001-09-23 Armel Fauveau <>
* add zip dump feature
2001-09-22 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Valics Lehel.
* lang/ updates, thanks to Jakub Wilk.
* lang/ updates, thanks to Visa Kopu.
* lang/ updates, thanks to Xosé Calvo.
2001-09-22 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html:
- added a faq entry about server crashes and output compression problems;
- changed the faq entry about "headers already sent by..." because users
should also ensure the beginning of the config file is the php starting
- fixed misc. typos.
* optimized a bit the SQL statements.
* lang/*: cleanup.
2001-09-21 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Lubos Klokner.
* lang/ updates, thanks to Pietro Danesi.
* lang/*, db_details.php3: $strDatabaseHasBeenDropped.
2001-09-21 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* users_detail.php3; libraries/user_details.js; lang/*: changing the whole
profile of an user is now possible.
* libraries/common.lib.php3; libraries/select_lang.lib.php3; index.php3;
left.php3; improved xhtml1.0 compliance.
* libraries/ob.lib.php3: applied coding standards.
* main.php3: use the mysql connection function defined in the config. file.
2001-09-20 Geert Lund <>
* security issue fix: added checking for valid user and password to the
phpinfo.php3 file, probitting non authorized users getting valuable
information about the server phpMyAdmin runs on.
2001-09-20 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3: fixed an error I've done while merging patch #462787.
*; Documentation.html: added the $cfgShowStats setting and
resorted the core phpMyAdmin settings in a more logical way.
* db_details.php3; db_printview.php3; tbl_properties.php3;
tbl_printview.php3: added the $cfgShowStats setting.
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
* tbl_change.php3: fixed bad field size/maxsize.
* libraries/build_dump.php3: Excel csv field separator should be a comma.
* main.php3: some 'echo' were missing. Fixed thanks to
Eric S. Nagel <esnagel at>.
2001-09-19 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_properties.php3, db_details.php3, lang/*: start to merge new messages
with parameters.
2001-09-19 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3: merged patch #462787 (Home page for unpriviliged user) thanks
to Piotr Roszatycki <d3xter at>.
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
* php3 does not allow to use TRUE or FALSE constants with
the 'define()' function.
* users_detail.php3; lang/*: added an option to change the server from an
user page.
2001-09-18 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_create.php3; tbl_addfield.php3: fixed a bug with "auto_increment"
fields (since indexes were defined in their own statement, auto-increment
fields can't be used because they must be set as primary key at
Note there is still a problem when altering a field: one can set it as an
"auto_increment" field but there is no way to tell the script it must be
then the primary key.
* main.php3, lines 47-56; lang/*: feature #458452 (display the logged in
* index.php3, lines 11-12: calling the "set_font_sizes()" function is
required to get the "$font_size" variable.
2001-09-17 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* users_detail.php3: fixed some bugs with the "other privileges" feature.
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
2001-09-16 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*; users_detail.php3; libraries/user_details.js; lang/*:
rewrtitten the users script so it validates xhtml1.0, and fix a security
issue removing most of the javascript work.
2001-09-15 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, bug #460475: user can be blank in mysql.db
(anonymous user), as stated in MySQL doc.
2001-09-15 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_change.php3, lines 351-352: fixed bug #461623 (wrong maxlength in
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: fixed bug #461684 (Comments changes for
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
2001-09-14 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ updated thanks to Pietro Danesi.
2001-09-13 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*; Documentation.html; sql.php3;
libraries/display_tbl.php3; lang/*: added a optionnal "show all" button
in display mode.
* lang/ patch #460242 (Rename "Send" to "Save as File").
2001-09-12 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ updated thanks to
Sven-Erik Andersen <seasoft at>.
* index.php3: patch #460567 (UI - small html change in frame options)
thanks to Vaskin Kissoyan <killerapp at>.
2001-09-11 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/read_dump.lib.php3; read_dump.lib.php3:
- moved the 'split_sql_file()' function from the library to the main
script, then removed the library;
- tried some fixes for bugs with comments characters in dump files (see
bug #444279) and taked into account "-- " styled comments;
- disactivated the "/*!...*/" syntax for MySQL < 3.22.07;
- optimized the 'split_sql_file()' function (there is still some work to
do: just try to import the dump file from phpNuke with a distant
* libraries/function.js: limit the number of characters displayed in the
confirmation box.
2001-09-10 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* sql.php3, line 177: simple "SELECT" statements like "SELECT 1+1" were
failing because they were added a "LIMIT" clause.
* libraries/common.lib.php3, function 'which_crlf()': taken into account
Mac case.
* libraries/select_lang.lib.php3; lang/ new translation
thanks to Visa Kopu <visa at>.
2001-09-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, function 'show_message()': no reson to display
the "modify" link in $goto = main.php3.
* libraries/mult_submits.lib.php3: optimized the "DROP FIELD" case (all
statements are now run at once).
* tbl_addfield.php3: optimized a bit and fixed an error in the FULLTEXT
* tbl_create.php3: optimized a bit.
* tbl_replace.php3: message associated to the query wasn't displayed if the
location header is used.
* libraries/read_dump.lib.php3, function 'split_sql_file()': fixed bug
#444279 (# problem in uploaded file)... but find an other one :(
2001-09-09 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates thanks to Pietro Danesi.
2001-09-08 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* IMPORTANT UPDATE: "" has been splitted into smaller libraries
in order to lower the server charge. All the libraries are now stored in
a new sub-directory which name is... "libraries".
* db_readdump.php3 has been renamed to read_dump.php3.
* lang/ updated thanks to
Pietro Danesi <danone at>.
* config.lib.php3, lines 100-104; libraries/common.lib.php3, lines 55-56;
Documentation.html, lines 446-451; tbl_change.php3: improved binay fields
* sql.php3, lines 257-284: message associated to the query wasn't displayed
if the location header is used.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3; tbl_change.php3: split between NULL value
and empty field.
2001-09-07 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3, line 208: fixed an invalid link id.
* db_details.php3:
- optimisation round;
- the 'location' header must be above any output!
* tbl_properties.php3:
- the 'location' header must be above any output!
- line 456: fixed an invalid link to the official MySQL documentation;
- added background color for indexes;
- removed the Browse/Select/Insert/Empty links at the middle of the page
and added the same link below the table properties than the one at the
top of the page if there are more than 20 fields.
- adjusted font sizes depending on IE versions;
- line 2337: fixed an illegal index warning with php3;
- line 1762: invalid number of parameters in the function call.
* db_printview.php3; tbl_printview.php3: extended so the generated pages
contains the same informations that the one in the calling page. Based on
patch #444128 (display & dump index length) thanks to
Marcus Börger <helly at>.
* db_details.php3; db_readdump.php3; sql.php3;; main.php3;
tbl_copy.php3;; tbl_properties.php3;
tbl_rename.php3; $reload has now true boolean
* tbl_rename.php3: the query used to complete this action is now displayed.
* sql.php3: removed unnecessary javascript stuff.
* lang/ new translation thanks to
Panayotis Katsaloulis <>.
* lang/ little improvement
("Textes entiers" -> "Textes complets").
* lang/ updated thanks to
Pietro Danesi <danone at>.
2001-09-07 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, bug 459449: $row had old data from
2001-09-06 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_dump.php3, bug 458074, "transmit not working in IE 5.5": needed
"Content-Disposition: inline".
2001-09-06 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ updated thanks to
Xosé Calvo <xosecalvo at>.
- fixed a bug with the browse table headers sorting feature;
- lines 616-617: fixed a javascript error with <cr> & <lf>.
* tbl_dump.php3: improved the patch Marc commited.
* distinguished Konqueror from the "other browsers"
group (to prepare a fix for bug #439081 -Konqueror 2.1.2 browser
* lang/ & updated thanks to
Michal Cihar.
* lang/ updated a translation ("Espace" -> "Taille").
* db_details.php3; db_printview.php3; db_stats.php3; main.php3;; sql.php3; tbl_properties.php3;;
tbl_qbe.php3; tbl_select.php3; : optimized a bit (mainly added some
* left.php3; left.js: cleaned a bit.
* db_details.php3; db_stats.php3; (in place of; tbl_alter.php3; tbl_properties.php3; merged patch #458014 (Multiple index generation,
multi column editing and fulltext) except the multiple index part that
will be done in a dedicated page. Thanks to
Michal Cihar <nijel at>.
2001-09-05 Loïc Chapeaux <>
- splitted the function "display_table" in 3 little functions with
specific targets (top of the page/headers of the table/body of the
- added the function "set_display_mode" that defines which elements
should be displayed while browsing a table (it fixes the bugs #458462
-Full texts botton disapear- and #444767 Other cases for
display=simple-). Marc Delisle drawed the buttons used to
expand/collapase text/blob fields;
- fixed the empty page bug with php 3.0.9 thanks to the help of
Graziano "Radio head" <dreamservice at>;
- fixed a bug in the csv export function.
*; main.php3; tbl_properties.php3, sql.php3: updated with
* main.php3, lines 8-11; the language cookie is set
only by the main page and its duration is now 30 days.
* main.php3: fixed an xhtml1.0 bug.
* tbl_properties.php3:
- fixed bug #458557 (Navigation bar);
- optimized a bit.
* ldi_check.php3: removed some unnecessary "str_replace".
*, lines 848-865; db_stats.php3, line 114; tbl_dump, line 162;
lang/*: Merged patch #457984 (Localised dates in dump and db stats)
thanks to Michal Cihar <nijelat>.
2001-09-04 Loïc Chapeaux <>
- improved the fix for bug #458160 - Advanced auth fails on WebSite Pro,
thanks to Matthias Fichtner again;
- lines 101-106: if zlib output compression is set in the php
configuration file, no output buffering should be run.
* tbl_properties.php3, line 1051: added a link to the MySql documentation.
*;; left.js; left.php3;
improved font size definition.
* tbl_replace.php3:
- lines 107-108: maybe fixed bugs #458324 - Editing fields and
#457260 - update (LIMIT 1);
- fixed a js. bug.
* lang/ updated thanks to
Pietro Danesi <danone at>.
* tbl_alter.php3, lines 9-11; tbl_create.php3, lines 9-11: fixed a js
error (bug #458464).
* merged an improved version of the patch #446292 - show
current db/table info in the title (except for NN4). Thanks to
Alexander Kulikov (kaa348 at
* lang/ fixed a typo.
* db_details.php3, tbl_properties.php3: started merging patch #444128
(display & dump index length) submitted by
Marcus Börger (helly at
* tbl_change.php3, lines 324-329: field size should always be at least 4 to
allow the use of the 'null' value.
2001-09-03 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ & updated thanks to
Michal Cihar <nijel at>.
* lang/ updated thanks to
Renato Lins <TheBest at>.
- fixed bug #458009 - Database list with advanced auth., thanks to
an anonymous contributor;
- fixed bug #458160 - Advanced auth fails on WebSite Pro, thanks to
Matthias Fichtner <mfichtner at>.
* db_readdump.php3, lines 101-104: removed non alphabetic characters from
the beginning of the sql query submitted.
2001-09-03 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg
2001-09-02 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Valics Lehel
2001-09-02 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ other updates thanks to Paul Koster.
* tbl_addfield.php3, lines 9-11; tbl_copy, line 31; tbl_rename, line 9:
fixed a js error.
*; sql.php3: optimized a bit (buffering the fields meta in an
array, then seekink into this array is baout 5 times faster in php4 than
calling the mysql_fetch_field function each time) and added some
*, line 526: fixed a js error ("#" character msut be escaped).
* sql.php3, lines 304-322: fixed bug #444767 - Other cases for
* main.php3: target for links should never be "_top" but "_parent".
* db_details.php3; db_stats.php3;; tbl_properties.php3;
images/arrow.gif; lang/*: added a button to run multiple
"DROP/DELETE/ALTER" statements.
2001-09-01 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_stat.php3: cleaned and improved the code.
* header.php3: cosmetic change.
* db_create.php3, line 9; db_readdump.php3, line 135: fixed a js error.
* lang/ updated thanks to Paul Koster.
*; sql.php3, lines 296-311:
- display the full/partial text button only if a field is concerned;
- many little fixes when $cfgModifyDeleteAtLeft is true;
- maybe fixed second aliases bug (second part of bug #456119)?
- text/blob fields weren't cut with $cfgShowBlob enabled;
- added a js confirmation message on delete links.
* Documentation.html, line 559-561: the $cfgLimitChars applies to blob
and text fields.
2001-08-31 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ other updates, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen.
* Documentation.html updates.
2001-08-31 Loïc Chapeaux <>
- lines 1202-1210: fixed bug #455411 -Table Aliases- and first part of
bug #456119 -Aliases bugs-;
- line 175: now validates xhtml1.0.
* lang/, eof: removed a ^M character that causes a bug.
* db_details.php3; functions.js; tbl_properties.php3: added some js stuff
to checks for "DROP/DELETE/ALTER" statements. This allows to widely cut
down server charge because the confirmation page no long need to be load
and the later don't need to reload the calling script in case the query
isn't confirmed by the user.
* db_details.php3;;; sql.php3;
tbl_properties.php3: all js libraries are now loaded in the header part
of the xhtml generated pages.
* db_readdump.php3, line 24: fixed a bug if $sql_file = ''.
* lang/ updated thanks to Piotr Roszatycki.
* tbl_properties.php3:
- lines 573-576: added the same file upload box than the one at
- fixed some warnings if MySQL < 3.23.03;
- added drop table link at the top.
* tbl_change.php, line 305: Feature Requests #455543 - Editable Blobs.
* badwords.txt; db_create.php3;; db_create.php3;
tbl_addfield.php3; tbl_alter.php3; tbl_copy.php3; tbl_rename.php3;
lang/*: added patch #455752 - Check forbidden words thanks to
Dell'Aiera Pol & Olivier Blin.
*; Documentation.html: let's start 2.2.1-dev :)
* left.php3: light cosmetic changes thanks to
Jan Paul Schmidt <>.
2001-08-31 Olivier Müller <>
* releasing phpMyAdmin 2.2.0-final
2001-08-30 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen.
2001-08-30 Olivier Müller <>
* now calls show_table_navigation() even if $SelectNumRows
is = 1.
* lang/*: added $strFullStrings and $strCuttedStrings.
* renamed to $strFullText and $strPartialText.
2001-08-30 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* fits to coding standards.
* lang/ fixed some typos and re-sorted a bit.
* ldi_table.php3: removed some unnecessary lines of code.
* sql.php3, lines 51-66: fixed bug #456254 - Crash select on a table.
* tbl_replace.php3: removed the $is_encoded variable that is unnecessary
and which use caused some bugs.
2001-08-29 Olivier Müller <>
* left.php3: on login with std_auth, only the databases on which
the user has rights will be shown (tested with @mysql_select_db($dbname)).
* added a toggle to display the whole text fields on browse
table, or just the $cfgLimitChars first chars (default).
2001-08-29 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Valics Lehel
* Documentation.html, added a FAQ about "too many fields"
2001-08-29 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3, line 558: an urlencode call was missing.
* db_details.php3; db_stats.php3; index.php3; left.php3;;
main.php3; sql.php3; tbl_properties.php3; tbl_select.php3;
tbl_replace.php3: the $server variable do not need to be urlencoded (it's
an integer).
* user_details.php3: optimized the 'check_rights()' function.
* sql.php3; tbl_replace.php3: fix an error about whether to display table
name or not at the top of the page.
* tbl_replace.php3: improved messages displayed as results of queries.
* tbl_select.php3:
- the script to returns to was hard coded, now it's the one that calls
- ensure the "null"/"not null" strings can be used in the "value" box.
* tbl_copy.php3; tbl_properties.php3: re-enabled the ability to copy a
table to another database (bug #456434). Need to be tested with
MySQL < 3.23 releases.
* lang/ re-sorted and fixed some typos.
* left.php3: fixed a js error with NS.
*; tbl_properties.php3; tbl.dump.php3: added the "escaped by"
option for exporting CSV files so default values for importing/exporting
dumps are the same.
* reduced a bit the size of the generated xhtml
page in case of table creation or adding fields to a table.
* tbl_addfield.php3; tbl_create.php3: fixed a bug with null set as default.
* lang/*: removed ":" at the end of $strCopyTable.
2001-08-28 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/, new Galician lang thanks to
Xose Calvo <>.
* added the possible use of a cookie to retain the
language choosen by the user.
* main.php3:
- lines 425-426: form is submitted with post method;
- lines 431-447: languages are sorted by their true names.
* tbl_dump.php3, lines 101-123: improved mime types and http headers used
when exporting dumps to files thanks to Dan Allen &
Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams.
* tbl_printview.php3, lines 92-98 & 106: completed the fix for the "NULL"
value problem.
*; sql.php3; db_readdump.php3: fix some errors about
whether to display table name or not at the top of the page.
* tbl_copy.php3, line 86: returns to tbl_properties.php3 rather than
* fixed a bug when browsing a table with values equal to 0.
* tbl_change.php3; tbl_replace.php3: fixed bugs in function field name with
special characters and no-parameter functions.
* added the "UNIX_TIMESTAMP" function.
* sql.php3; main.php3; db_readdump.php3; db_details.php3: optimized the
test for super user privileges.
2001-08-28 Olivier Müller <>
* db_stats.php3: fixed the sql query so that the script won't die, even if
the result of one query (for example on invalid db name) fails.
2001-08-27 Robin Johnson <>
*, db_readdump.php3:
- removed expand_sql_query() as no longer needed.
2001-08-27 Olivier Müller <>
* tbl_replace.php3: fixed the fact that the function were ignored if the
data remained unchanged.
2001-08-27 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* fixed some coding style inconcistencies.
*, lines -;, lines 106-110;
Documentation.html, lines 475-482: merged patch #455484 ("Smart" order)
thanks to Jakub Wilk.
* lang/ & updated thanks to
Patrik Grip-Jansson <kap42 at> &
Martin Marconcini <megadeth at>.
* lang/ put all the string to translate at the end and
added a missing one.
* lang/ sorted the strings.
* tbl_addfield.php3, lines 32-41; tbl_alter.php3, lines 48-54;
tbl_properties.php3, lines 222-228;,
lines 152-158: tried to fix the "NULL" value problem.
2001-08-27 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ updates, thanks to Arjen Roodselaar.
* tbl_copy.php3, eregi_replace instead of ereg_replace because
MySQL 3.23.20 returns sql keywords in lowercase, thanks to
Jan Paul Schmidt.
* lang/, new romanian lang thanks to
Valics Lehel (
2001-08-25 Marc Delisle <>
*, bug 455088, avoid to reveal username/password from config
file when they are wrong or MySQL server does not answer.
* Documentation.html, FAQ about how to send bug reports.
2001-08-23 Marc Delisle <>
*, bug 454477, added LIMIT 1 to delete only one instance when
records are the same.
2001-08-23 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, display_table(): displays a space character if a field is
empty to ensure the cell format is used with NS.
2001-08-23 Olivier Müller <>
* don't add a "/" to $cfgPmaAbsoluteUri if it's empty!
2001-08-22 Robin Johnson <>
* $cfgServers[1]['connect_type'] preferred connection type
* - line 285: $cfgServer['connect_type'] implemented
* Documentation.html
- documented $cfgServers[n]['connect_type']
- two minor fixes for typo's that i noticed
2001-08-22 Olivier Müller <>
* main.php3: relooked the start page with the help of Loïc.
* main.php3: allow everybody to look at the server vars and status
(removed check about 'References_priv').
* lang/*: added $strServerChoice and $strPmaDocumentation.
* images/item.gif: used on main.php3.
* main.php3: language selection now via a pulldown menu.
2001-08-22 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: added a FAQ about index creation.
2001-08-22 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_properties.php3, line 983; lang/*: added $strDropTable.
- lines 1674-1680: enclose all fields in cvs generated files if this
option has been checked.
- split_sql_file(): fix a bug when a backquoted table/field name ends
with a backslash.
- lines 96-100: added a magic feature to append a slash at the end of
$cfgPmaAbsoluteUri if required.
- defines $server_port & $server_socket only once.
* main.php3: XHTML1.0 fixes.
*, lines 9-10;, line 162: the "</body>" html
tag was lacking.
* db_stats.php3, lines 14-12: optimized a bit.
* main.php3, lines 298-299; Documentation.html, lines 694-705: added a FAQ
entry about the logout bug.
* left.php3: optimized the way tables list is build.
* lang/ updated thanks to Piotr Roszatycki.
* db_create.php3; db_stat.php3;; left.php3; main.php3;
tbl_alter.php3; tbl_change.php3; tbl_copy.php3; tbl_printview.php3;
tbl_properties.php3; tbl_rename.php3; tbl_select.php3: improved the error
handling system (it will be easier to debug the script since all the
queries will be displayed in case of errors).
* main.php3: fixed an xhtml1.0 error and removed the js "onchange" handler.
2001-08-21 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* sql.php3: fixed a syntax error (is_defined is not a function).
* beautify a but the design of the table in browse mode.
* lang/ fixed a typo.
* tbl_dump.php3; if a field value contains the
"end of record" sequence, enclosed it.
2001-08-21 Olivier Müller <>
* db_stats.php3: added list of 20 biggest db's.
* fixed the socket patch, should work now.
* re-fixed :)
*, config.php3, Docs, sql.php3: added configuration
variable $cfgAllowUserDropDatabase (set by default to FALSE), which will
display or not the link "Drop database" and reject the command if the
user is not allowed to run it (requested by <>).
2001-08-21 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_stats.php3: ensured the script is XHTML1.0 compliant and fits the
coding standards.
* sql.php3; lang/*: improved the way the mysql_affected_rows is used and
optimized a bit the script.
- fixed again the socket patch, should work now.
- modified the way is loaded.
- while browsing a table, ensure <cr> and <lf> in text/blob fields are
displayed (remplaced by the <br /> tag).
- beautified the page generated by the mysql_die function.
* defines.lib.php3; db_details; tbl_properties.php3: ensures each constant
isn't already defined before to define it and renamed PMA_INT_VERSION to
*; db_readdump.php3, line 82: restored the use of the
remove_remarks function that is required (else sql dump files starting
with comments won't be successfully splitted into single queries).
*; db_details.php3; ldi_check.php3;;
tbl_copy.php3; tbl_create.php3; tbl_dump.php3; tbl_printview.php3;; tbl_properties.php3; user_details.php3:
* db_details.php3; sql.php3; db_readdump.php3; lang/*: improved a bit
Olivier's patch about the "Drop database" restrictions.
2001-08-20 Olivier Müller <>
* db_stats.php3: new file and feature (sorry :) : simply display an
overview of all databases with their respective size + server total.
* lang/*: new string $strDatabasesStats.
2001-08-20 Marc Delisle <>
* $cfgProtectBlob is now TRUE by default, to help against
the blob data corruption of some browsers.
2001-08-20 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3; tbl_properties.php3; tbl_dump.php3;;
- fixed some bugs with CSV exportations and added a Ms Excel CSV specific
choice (because we know Excel does not support <cr> in data). Thanks to
François <>.
- added an extended inserts option for dumps of data.
*; sql.php3: optimized a bit and started to work on feature
#444767 (Other cases for display=simple).
* user_details.php3: fixed some javascript bugs.
* tbl_change.php3, lines 26 & 31: added some mysql_die() calls.
*, lines 135 & 147: in case of error in a query, go back to the
previous calling script that is not a confirmation form.
Fixed also a js bug line 147.
*, lines 27-33; Documentation.html, lines 238-246;
db_details.php3, line 37; sql.php3, lines 20, 53 & 184;
tbl_properties.php3, lines 45 & 51; tbl_replace, line 143 & 252;
tbl_select.php3, line 181: according to rfc 2816, the location http
header requires an absolute URI.
*, lines 266-277; config.lib.php3, lines 43, 57 & 70;
Documentation.html, lines 273-278 & 655-658: merged the socket patch from
Dan Allen <>.
* sql.php3: improved the way the mysql_affected_rows is used.
2001-08-19 Olivier Müller <>
* db_readdump.php3: if file contains mutiple queries, only show this line:
"Your SQL-query has been executed successfully: The content of your file
has been inserted. (131 Instructions)" instead of showing twice (result +
textarea) the whole file, which could be problematic with large dumps.
* db_details: removed $sql_query_cpy stuff (was used by db_readdump.php3).
* lang/*: $strInstructions (used in db_readdump.php3).
* Documentation.html, CREDITS: various updates, removed CREDITS contents
2001-08-19 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_change.php3: do not modify blob/binaries if $cfgProtectBlob is true,
merged a little optimization (lines 69-71) and do not display functions
with enum or set fields types.
* main.php3; db_details.php3; tbl_properties.php3; db_readdump.php3; once a query has been executed phpMyAdmin now moves back
to the calling script (rather than db_details.php3 everytime) as soon as
the current database/table exists, else it moves back to a "parent"
script (the welcome page/'db_details.php3' if the current
database/table has has been dropped.
*, lines 63-64; sql.php3; db_details.php3;
tbl_properties.php3: choosing not to execute a drop statement leads now
to the calling script (and not the target one used only if this statement
is executed).
* db_readdump.php3: improved Olivier's improvement for mutiple queries (see
*, line 524: beautify a bit the way the query is displayed.
* lang/; lang/ put $strInstructions at its
right place.
*, lines 196-200;, line 40;
Documentation.html, lines 352-357: merged patch #452877
($cfgServer['only_db'] - array) from Jakub Wilk.
* functions.js; left.js : fixed bug #450255 (new javascript error with
netscape3) and an other one with netscape 3 thanks to
François <>.
* left.php3; lang/*: checks if databases from $cfgServers[1]['only_db']
exists before displaying them at the left frame and take into account
the case where there is no usable databases.
* Documentation.html: various updates.
2001-08-18 Robin Johnson <>
* (788, 790) : tweak size for lower resolution screens.
* above change undone.
* fixed up some spacing in the code for neatness.
* (694) : preg_replace changed to eregi_replace as per support
2001-08-18 Olivier Müller <>
* db_details.php3: added a few <b>.
* left.php3: one more space between table name and num_dbs.
* tbl_properties.php3: activate select/browser/empty links only if there is
at least one row in the table (other way would be to remove the
inactivated links).
2001-08-18 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3; lang/*: modified the way the tables' number is
* user_details.php3: merged temporary javascript fixes.
* fixed a bug with a global variable line 1135, ensures the
number of rows is displayed with select statements submitted from the
query box (lines 883-885) and fixed some coding inconcistencies.
* tbl_replace.php3, line 98: fixed a coding bug.
*, lines 306-314; lang/*: added some words about
enums and set fields.
2001-08-17 Robin Johnson <>
- Added comments about what many of the configuration variables do
- Replaced multiple spaces with tabs for alignment
2001-08-17 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/ updated thanks to
Jakub Wilk <>.
* tbl_addfield.php3: removed an unecessary stripslashes call (line 68) and
replaced some remaining tabs characters.
* tbl_alter.php3; tbl_addfield.php3; tbl_change.php3; tbl_replace.php3;
tbl_properties.php3;; tbl_printview.php3: fixed
some encoding/decoding bugs.
* left.php3; left.js: added a style for the number of tables per database.
* db_readdump.php3, lines 97-99: added a fix to enforce reloading of the
left frame if a database/table has been created/deleted.
2001-08-16 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, bug 451085 Can't assign NULL value to char(1).
2001-08-16 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_change.php3; tbl_replace.php3: fixed some of the bugs I've introduced
with my last patches.
2001-08-15 Olivier Müller <>
* db_details.php3: feature request #451138: display # of tables, added
$strTables variable to all lang files.
* left.php3: added display of # of tables, for a better overview.
* config.php3,, docs: feature request #451137: limiting size
of data printed in browse view (new cfg: $cfgLimitChars).
* tbl_properties.php3: added select/insert/empty to the top of the page.
2001-08-15 Robin Johnson <>
* Bug #450374 - (RC4) + becomes space - patched in tbl_replace.php3
2001-08-15 Steve Alberty <>
* prevent to use dl() if dl not exists (PHP5).
2001-08-15 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* sql.php3, lines 70-71: Fixed a slashes bug if the query is displayed on
screen to be confirmed.
* ldi_check.php3, lines 34-44: Fixed a slashes bug thanks to
Dan Allen <>.
*, lines 14 & 18: Use the 'extract()' function if
* tbl_change.php3; tbl_replace.php3; lang/*: Fixed bugs #444354 (Various
backslash problems), #450906 (Disappearing + in data | 2.2.0rc4), #450374
(RC4: + becomes space) and the one with binary data reported by Steve in
the mailing-list.
*; left.php3; db_details.php3; Fixed some
coding style inconcistencies.
2001-08-14 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*; db_readdump.php3, lines 85-88: Fixed some coding style
inconcistencies and make the patch from Robin PHP3 compatible.
* tbl_alter.php3, lines 30-42: Make the patch from Robin PHP3 compatible
and fixed some spaces bug in the generated query.
* tbl_addfield.php3, lines 22: Applied patch for the bug #449858 to this
* db_details.php3, lines 182: Fixed first part of bug #449817.
2001-08-14 Robin Johnson <>
* tbl_alter.php3: Patch for bug #449858 from Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams. First
patch used, not second one.
2001-08-10 Robin Johnson <>
*; db_readdump.php3, lines 85-88: Fixed bug #448206 (support
of table aliases) - added expand_sql_query in and a loop in
db_readdump.php3 to apply it.
2001-08-10 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* phpinfo.php3, lang/*: fixed some coding style inconcistencies.
* tbl_change.php3, line 2: fixed $id issue.
* define.php3: optimized a bit the MySQL version query.
2001-08-10 Marc Delisle <>
* russian updates (2 files) thanks to Max Zhivluck.
* slovak updates thanks to Lubos Klokner.
*, bug 449800, missing @.
2001-08-10 Steve Alberty <>
* improve mysql version query, thanks to Dan Allen.
* tbl_properties.php3: remove bug with no default server.
2001-08-10 Robin Johnson <>
* Feature 445699, New link "Show PHP information" - Added on main.php3.
2001-08-10 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_replace.php3, lines 76, 78, 86, 88, 137, 139, 147, 149: fixed some
others slashes bugs.
*, lines 41 & 43: merged patch #449548 (fix for mysql
error on no default server) thanks to
Kendrick Vargas <>.
2001-08-09 Olivier Müller <>
* releasing 2.2.0rc4
2001-08-09 Armel Fauveau <>
* Update Documentation.html (bookmark and stduser priv).
2001-08-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* sql.php3:
- removed lines 10-13: Marc fix generates bugs
- lines 220-228: added a js test to ensure bookmark label is not empty.
* tbl_select.php3, lines 144-164: fixed bug #449430 (Quote/Select bug on
2.2.0rc4) and optimized a bit this part of the script.
*, line 908: beautify the generated html code.
* db_readdump.php3; db_details.php3: fixed an other slashes bug.
* lang/, documentation.html, credits: updated translation
thanks to Jakub Wilk <>.
2001-08-08 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, enum values were not displayed
* sql.php3, bug of strange display after a Select
2001-08-08 Olivier Müller <>
* new script
* moved scripts to a new subdirectory "scripts/"
* main.php3: fix: display link to user_details.php3 also
in non adv_auth mode
2001-08-08 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_replace.php3: fixed some coding style inconcistencies and optimized a
bit both the '$set$' switch cases.
* ldi_check.php3: fixed bug #448522 (Insert Data Error on Win32-Server).
* tbl_change.php3, lines 165 & 287: removed erroneous <lf>.
- line 947: fix a bug when primary key values contain slashes.
- merged patch #443393.
* tbl_select.php3, lang/*: applied patch #443230 (Display order in
* db_readdump.php3, lines 51-53: try a fix for bug #446982 (Dump files
ignored with Windows server).
2001-08-08 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_replace.php3: remove warning in a new row if a 'set' field is not
2001-08-07 Robin Johnson <>
* user_details.php3, line 664: fixed '<?echo' to '<?php echo' for XML
2001-08-07 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* & sql.php3: fix for the order bugs (need to be tested).
* tbl_change.php3, line 244-246: fixed a possible warning.
* db_details.php3, db_readdump.php3: fixed a slashes bug.
* db_details.php3, tbl_properties.php3, lang/*: improved js validation
tests (and reduced server charge).
2001-08-07 Marc Delisle <>
* bug 448737 user_details.php typos
2001-08-06 Marc Delisle <>
*, new code from Loic to avoid showing BLOB when displaying
a TEXT field
* sql.php3, bug 448226 (Missing MySQL messages), correction from Loic.
* tbl_change.php3, bug 442778, Edit record with two similar SET fields
* tbl_replace.php3, could not save a row with a set which has no value
* sql.php3, bug 444749 SQL DATE & TIME FUNCTION ERROR
2001-08-06 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_change.php3, line 250: fixed a bug with set fields.
2001-08-06 Steve Alberty <>
* index.php3: remove warning under Apache 2.0.23-dev
2001-08-05 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* create the variable $is_show_processlist so the same
regular expression dont have to be tested three times.
*, lines 34-42: 'get_cfg_var' is only a second best
solution (it won't yake into account httpd.conf directives when php is
loaded as an apache module, for example).
2001-08-04 Marc Delisle <>
*, oops: must be PHP3 compatible.
* sql.php3: bug 447771 bad counting of entries, patch developed from an
from an idea of Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams (ivazquezabrams).
* tbl_properties.php3: check if new variables $cfgGZipDump and
$cfgBZipDump are set (else PHP3 complains).
* db_details.php3: was not using those 2 new variables.
2001-08-04 Steve Alberty <>
* fixed #444017 (thanks anonymous).
* db_details.php3, tbl_replace.php3, sql.php3, user_details.php3
fixed #444542 - replace preg_xxx with ereg (thanks Marc).
2001-08-04 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, db_details.php3, Documentation.html,
tbl_properties.php3: added two directives to disable the use of
compression for dump files.
* Documentation.html: fixed some typos thanks to Larry Meaney.
* lang/ updated thanks to
Taiyen Hung ¬x®õ¤¸<>.
* db_details.php3, lines 292-296: queries retained and displayed into the
textearea when stripslashed one time more than required.
* tbl_properties.php3: fixed some coding inconcistencies (tabs, ...) and
added a link to empty the current table.
*, line 34: ini_get is a php4 only function and may be
disabled -> put an @ before it is called to avoid errors.
2001-08-03 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* lang/*: updated so they are xhtml1.0 valid and fits PEAR codding
* todo; functions.js; license; left.js: executed
* removed the error_reporting statement (usefull for
debugging but not so nice for a release) and fixed some coding
* credits: Benjamin Gandon is an official developper now.
* db_details.php3;, lines 11-12; index.php3, line 36;
main.php3;; tbl_change.php3; tbl_properties.php3;
tbl_qbe.php3, tbl_select.php3: fixed some coding inconcistencies.
* Documentation.html: reordered so it fits the configuration file order.
*, lines 15-16: added tests to ensure $cfgOBGzip and
$ob_mode not only exists but are also true.
* db_readdump.php3; & sql.php3: fixed some bugs with the
bookmark feature and some coding inconcistencies.
* tbl_copy.php3, line 57: fixed a possible mysql error.
* tbl_create.php3: simplified the code.
* tbl_replace.php3: fixed a typo.
2001-08-03 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3: current value of enums was lost.
* bug 445348, if ob_gzhandler already set in php.ini, patch by
Garth Gillespie, modified by me
2001-08-03 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_properties.php3, db_details.php3: fixed problem with table size
display and Non-ISAM tables.
* tbl_qbe.php3: remove some warnings in higher errorlevel
2001-08-03 Olivier Müller <>
* Generated Documentation.txt based on Documentation.html (not everybody is
having a webbrowser on their servers... :)
But please do continue to work *ONLY* on Documentation.html. And then
just run a "lynx Documentation.html --dump > Documentation.txt" to update
the .txt file.
If you don't have lynx, don't worry, I'll update this file myself anyway
on every release.
* removed contents of INSTALL (now points to the Documentation) and updated
2001-08-02 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_qbe.php3: workaround a PHP3 problem.
* tbl_change.php3: bug 446830 (enums), adapted patch from
Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams (ivazquezabrams).
* tbl_change.php3: bug 445722 when one of the enums is a datatype
* removed DEVELOPERS (merged in Documentation.html).
2001-08-02 Benjamin Gandon <>
* Documentation.html: added a FAQ entry about the buggy php package still
available for RedHat 7.0 update.
* corrected the original bug of split_sql() (present much
before 2.1.0). Removed the quick hack to handle queries containing
"('\\')". The alorithm is ok now.
2001-08-02 Steve Alberty <>
* sql.php3: fix confirm bug with the new backquotes.
* db_readdump.php3: mysql_die2 to mysql_die.
2001-08-01 Marc Delisle <>
* executed on *.php3
2001-08-01 Armel Fauveau <>
* : \r\n to \n and patch request #444789
2001-07-31 Armel Fauveau <>
* bookmark support now advanced auth
2001-07-31 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3: extra characters were being inserted into blobs
* db_details.php3: bad link, thanks Steve!
* lang/*: missing strAffectedRows, thanks to Steve
2001-07-31 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_create.php3: add warning if table name empty
2001-07-30 Marc Delisle <>
* merge Loic's version to cvs
* updates, thanks to
Gabriel Ginard <>
* tbl_change.php3: bug 443760: binary attribute does not mean that the
contents is binary, so they should be editable
* new $cfgProtectBlob, protecting editing of blobs is optional
2001-07-28 Marc Delisle <>
* establish constraints for the code, to get PHP3
* tbl_qbe.php3: add checks for unset variables
2001-07-27 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_select.php3 and dynamic field size
2001-07-25 Marc Delisle <>
* Backport fixes from cvs made after the fork, to Loïc's version
2001-07-24 Marc Delisle <>
* updates to french
*, lang/: new slovak translation thanks to
Lubos Klokner <>
* main.php3: bug 443710 Create New Database option: was working only if
stduser has Global privileges on all databases.
* if new $cfgOBGzip is not defined
2001-07-24 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_copy.php3: fix parameter count, thanks Marc
* Documentation.html: order $cfg sequence and add description of
of $cfgSkipLockedTables and $cfgLeftWidth
2001-07-24 Geert Lund <>
* danish language file code cleanup (only changed order of strings)
* added $strQBEDel and $strQBEIns strings to all language files
* tbl_qbe.php3: added language support (stripped all static text) (Feat.
req.: #443959)
* updated to include english strings to be translated
for the tbl_qbe.php3
2001-07-23 Marc Delisle <>
* updates to italian thanks to Alessandro Astarita <>
* updates to catala thanks to Jordi Bruguera <>
* updates to spanish thanks to Gabriel Ginard <>
* updates to czech-iso and czech-win1250,thanks to Michal Cihar (nijel)
*, Documentation.html,,
bug 443318 Undefined variable: ob_mode. Fixed thanks to
Jeremy Brand <>
2001-07-23 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_properties.php3: correct small display bugs
* sql.php3: complement list of 'show' options to suppress 'insert new row'
2001-07-22 Olivier Müller <>
* releasing 2.2.0rc3
2001-07-21 Steve Alberty <>
*,index.php3: add $cfgLeftWidth to configure individual
left frame width
* db_details.php3,tbl_properties.php3: fix incorrect size calculation with
merge tables BUG: #442948
2001-07-21 Loïc Chapeaux <>
Started a new dev. version (or the next RC?):
* added the ability to use special characters in databases, tables and
fields' names with the help of backquotes.
* added a checkbox to let the user choose whether he wants backotes or
not in the dumps he requires.
* navigation bar only shows what can be done.
* fixed bug #439565 (Bug with &amp;amp;# characters type), at least I
hope so.
* except 'users_details.php3' I've got to work on, all the scripts
validates CSS2 now and, as far as possible, XHTML1.0.
They have been rewriiten according to the PEAR standards.
2001-07-21 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, lines 50-54 & 73-76: fixed a bug with php3.
2001-07-20 Marc Delisle <>
* HTTP compression patch thanks to Jeremy Brand <>,,
2001-07-20 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_replace.php3: remove warnings if you update 'set' and nothing
is selected
2001-07-19 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3, & sql.php3: fixed some bugs with the patch
from Laurent Haas merged the day before.
2001-07-19 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3 & patch from Laurent Haas <>
that allows to remember and modify a sql query submitted.
Fixed some bugs with this feature latter in the morning
2001-07-19 Marc Delisle <>
*, tbl_change.php3, db_details.php3,,
tbl_properties.php3, tbl_properties_inc.php3, tbl_select.php3,
Feature #429771: dynamic lenght for input fields, and new config
for textareas
2001-07-18 Steve Alberty <>
* left.php3: add 'or mysql_die()' for mysql_list_dbs to suppress
'unable to save result' warnings
* fix bug #442493 and add second version
identification. if fails mysql_major_version=3.21
2001-07-18 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, bug 442337: a bad line split was adding a blank
in front of the $sql_query, so a check for ^SELECT would not work
and LIMIT was not added to the query
2001-07-18 Olivier Müller <>
* set current version number to 2.2.0rc3 (which should become 2.2.0-final)
* tbl_change.php3: feature #442402: while editing a record, the function
of the first timestamp field will be set by default to "NOW()" :
same behaviour as the command line mysql client.
2001-07-17 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* added credits for Benjamin Gandon <> in this file,
credits and documentation.
2001-07-17 Marc Delisle <>
* user_details.php3, bugs 441987, 441990:
corrections thanks to vinay and girish
* tbl_properties.php3, new link to drop table, thanks to
Stuart Logan <> for the idea
2001-07-17 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_addfield.php3: add trouble detection if insert field failed
* tbl_rename.php3,tbl_copy.php3: block table rename if newname empty
2001-07-16 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, bug 441689, "Insert as new row" was not copying blobs.
2001-07-16 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_dump.php3, line 26: fixed bug #441571 (Gzipped dumps have wrong
* Updated polish translation thanks to Piotr Roszatycki.
2001-07-16 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_changes.php3: make it possible to edit empty binary fields
* tbl_properties.php3: disable nowrap on enum and set <td>'s
* print '0' instead of '' if result count < SelectNumRows
2001-07-15 Marc Delisle <>
* small patch from vinay and girish
db_details.php3: new checkbox for optional re-display of query
2001-07-15 Olivier Müller <>
* releasing 2.2.0rc2
2001-07-15 Marc Delisle <>
* new script
* all php3 files which had control M
2001-07-15 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3, tbl_properties.php3, functions.js, tbl_dump.php3,
documentation.html, translations: added bzip support for dump files.
* ldi_check.php3, lines 64-66: $sql_query wasn't defined if
'magic_quotes_gpc' was off.
2001-07-14 Armel Fauveau <>
* Added a warning concerning bookmark feature and advanced auth
2001-07-14 Marc Delisle <>
Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Documentation.html: added a requirement section, rewritten the entry
about the use of advanced authentification.
2001-07-14 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, tbl_dump.php3: limitation feature for data dumps wasn't
working with CSV exports.
2001-07-13 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, tbl_dump.php3, tbl_properties.php3, translations: added a
limitation feature for data dumps thanks to
Girish Nair <> and Vinay <>.
*, lines 785-847: rewritten the 'show_message' function in
order it generates a valid xhtml1.0 code and the programatically added
'LIMIT' clause is displayed only if it has been trully used.
* tbl_properties.php3: cosmetic changes (added some more 'nowrap').
* sql.php3:
- lines 40-43: fixed a bug with '<', '>' and '"' characters and put a new
fix for bug #439565;
- line 73: $reload value must be a string (not a boolean);
- lines 83-89: fixed a bug if the sql query contains a 'limit' clause
typed by the user.
* db_readdump.php3.php3, line 64: removed a faulty fix for bug #439565.
* left.php3: no DHTML if there is only one table to display
(feature #440420)
2001-07-12 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: added a FAQ entry about upload errors
2001-07-12 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_dump.php3, lines 64-93;, lines 722-774;
tbl_properties.php3, line 612: fixed some inconsistencies in the
csv export feature.
* tbl_properties.php3: fixed an IE5.0 display bug and an other one with
Mozilla, also some cometic changes (added some 'nowrap').
* db_details.php3: cometic changes (added some 'nowrap').
*, line 969: fixed a wrong comparaison.
* left.js, line 182: fixed bug #440609 (Javascript error on left frame
* left.php3, line 63: fixed a bug in the css.
* Documentation.html: fixed a typo ("developpers" with two "p").
* updated translation.
2001-07-12 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_properties.php3: remove display "Avg_row_length" if zero
2001-07-11 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* tbl_properties.php3, db_details.php3: fixed some bugs with php3
(0 != empty).
*, lines 14-15: fixed bug #440430 with php3.
*, tbl_printview.php3: removed the '^M' at the end of
some lines.
* select_lang.php3: function_exists() is available since php 3.0.7 only.
* Documentation.html: rewritten to validates xhtml1.0 & css2, added some
words about a common socket error, removed link to
(no long exists) and updated credits.
* install.txt, lines 46-47: removed link to (no long
* french translation updated thanks to Laurent Haas.
2001-07-11 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_properties.php3: fix division by zero error
* tbl_change.php3: enlarge binary protection to (var)char binary
* db_details.php3: fix disfigurement if table size 0 Bytes
2001-07-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* cosmetic changes.
* tbl_properties.php3, db_details.php3, functions.js: export the js work
from the formers to the later.
* tbl_properties.php3, line 657, 662 & 673: fixed invalid colspan values.
* db_details.php3, line 210: count_records already displays the number of
records in the valid format. Fixed thanks to Laurent HAAS <>.
* Updated the Spanish translation thanks to
Martin Marconcini <>.
2001-07-10 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_properties.php3: add avg row size
2001-07-10 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_properties.php3, feature 439394 (browse link at top of page)
2001-07-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, lines 865-867; main.php3, line 78; left.php3, line 55;
left.js, line 116: fixed some bugs (including #439553) when
$cfgServerDefault is set to 0 in the config file.
* db_details.php3, tbl_properties.php3: fixed display problems with NS4+
(including bug #439962).
* db_details.php3, line 185: fixed a bug if there is no indexes.
2001-07-09 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3, lines 273-275: vertically center bookmarks options.
* tbl_properties.php3: rewritten the script so it fits XHTML1.0 and PEAR
standards, limit the number of "options" displayed if the is no table
in the db and beautity a bit the display.
* languages files: replaced 'Gzip' by '"gzipped"'.
* Updated both the Czech translation thanks to
Michal Cihar <>.
2001-07-09 Marc Delisle <>
* bug 439572, left.php3: added a @ before mysql_list_tables,
to try to get rid of a warning (cause: too many tables?)
* bug 439709, tbl_properties.php3: show table maintenance options
based on table type
* bug 439565,, db_readdump.php3, could not do:
DELETE FROM inscrit WHERE pseudo='test&#039;ap';
2001-07-08 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, line 742: Documentation is now loaded in its own window.
* db_details.php3: rewritten the script so it fits XHTML1.0 and PEAR
standards, limit the number of "options" displayed if the is no table
in the db and beautity a bit the display.
2001-07-07 Armel Fauveau <>
* add gzip dump feature (Feature #420812)
2001-07-07 Marc Delisle <>
* bug 439340: do not backquote in grant/revoke, will have to find
the proper way to protect special db names
* bug 439313 not recursive
2001-07-07 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* left.php3: improved the css.
* left.js: try to "fix" the Opera and Konqueror bug (bad DOM implemenation
-> list is no long expandable/collapsible with this browsers).
* sql.php3, lines 85-93: fix suggested by
Michael Tacelosky <> into the phpwizard forum.
* functions.js, lines 21 & 29;, lines 76-84; language files:
outsourced error messages.
* left.js, left.php3, header.php3, language files: the font family is now
language dependant.
* removed an unnecessary php closing tag and
commited some cosmetic changes.
*, lines 706 & 946-950; db_details.php3, lines 96 & 118;
language files: thousands and decimal separators are now language
dependant, size units also.
* tbl_dump.php3, lines 78: Added a '#' before 'No tables found' so the
generated dump file may be imported later even if there is no table.
* tbl_dump.php3, lines 9-11: Fixed a bug if an user requires a gziped dump
but forget to check the transmit checkbox.
* db_printview.php3, line 29: Cosmetic change in column case name.
2001-07-06 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* users_details.php3: fixed many little scripting bugs.
* function.js: rewritten to fit javascript standards (eval function was
deprecated a long time ago).
* sql.php3, lines 39-41: fixed bug #438895 (No mixed " and ' possible).
* tbl_properties.php3, line 233: removed an unnecessary ';'!
* left.php3: fixed bug #438987 (Blank lines with IE5+)
* ldi_table.php3, line 56: fixed an invalid anchor in the documentation
link (tahnks to Laurent Haas).
2001-07-06 Marc Delisle <>
* bug #438749 Database lockout: main.php3, we now show "Create
database" if user has Create priv on an inexistant db
2001-07-06 Olivier Müller <> [uid23515]
* releasing 2.2.0rc1 and cleaned up old cvs tree
2001-07-05 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* Patch #438708 (Changes to display_table) thanks to
Thomas Kläger.
*, line 53: fixed bug #438743 (Odd behaviour after drop
2001-07-04 Marc Delisle <>
* bug #438319 (IE 5.5 and "Add a new user"): user_details.php3,
thanks to Loïc Chapeaux <>
2001-07-04 Olivier Müller <> [uid23515]
* set version to 2.2.0rc1
* removed anything about "unofficial" from the pages
* updated links, and labels in all lang files
* General cleanups and updates in the docs and README files
* Started Documentation.html redesign
2001-07-03 Marc Delisle <>
* patch from Chee Wai for illegal index
* lang/ update from
Flavio Borges Botelho <>
2001-07-03 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_properties.php3: fix minor bug under PHP3 with space usage display
2001-07-02 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* left.js & left.php3: font face now depends on charset (temporary fix).
2001-07-02 Marc Delisle <>
* bug 436108, quotes into manual requests: db_readdump.php3
2001-07-01 Marc Delisle <>
* user_details.php3, lang/*: privileges in MySQL-speak
* new script lang/
2001-07-01 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* left.php3: rewritten so it becomes as far as possible xhtml1.0 compliant.
* header.php3: rewritten styles so the font face is valid with non-latin1
* spacer.gif was broken (strange display with NS).
2001-06-30 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, lang/*: merge patch: "do not edit blobs" from
Bernard M. Piller <>
2001-06-30 Olivier Müller <>
2001-06-30 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_details.php3, line 27: fixed a bug with PHP3 thanks to
Laurent Haas <>.
* tbl_printview.php3, line 20: moved mysql_select_db else the script can't
run with a mysql version < 3.23, thanks to Laurent Haas <>.
* tbl_select.php3, lines 86, 96, 103-109: applied patch #437514 (Bug +
Improvement in tbl_select) suggested by Laurent Haas and fixed some
double quotes bugs.
*, lines 364-372: applied patch #437127 (Toggle Column Sorting
ASC/DESC) suggested by Thomas Michael Winningham.
*, lines 341-343, 385-387: applied patch #437129 (Table Edit
Inheritence) suggested by Thomas Michael Winningham.
* added headers to vaoid the use of cached files (required
for Opera)
2001-06-29 Marc Delisle <>
* user_details.php3, js code to protect db and table names
2001-06-28 Steve Alberty <>
* fixed bug with dl and PHP 3
2001-06-27 Marc Delisle <>
* add function tbl_name() to protect table names like 00001_Files
* bug 434608: support db names with special characters (MySQL >= 3.23.6)
(, db_create.php3, db_details.php3, tbl_addfield.php3,
tbl_alter.php3, user_details.php3 (incomplete))
2001-06-27 Steve Alberty <>
* add support for ALTER TABLE ORDER BY
* speedup get_table_content for tbl_dump (PHP >= 4.0.5)
* tbl_dump: fixed a big bug
* db_readdump: fixed warning and a double include
* add
2001-06-26 Steve Alberty <>
* add 3 new Constants:
* add support for dynamic mysql extension
2001-06-23 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_dump.php3: merge with db_dump.php3, db_dump is now obsolete
* db_details.php3: change from db_dump.php3 to tbl_dump.php3
2001-06-23 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* main.php3: Rewrote this script so it fits PEAR codding standards and
produces an xhtml compliant output.
* main.php3, user_details.php3, db_details.php3,
fixed bad anchors case in links to the documentation thanks to
Laurent HAAS <>.
2001-06-22 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3: bug 434405: percent bug in delete queries
2001-06-22 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_dump.php3: add timecode,mysql version in dump header,
add linefeed at end of file and change
phpMyAdmin URI to sourceforge
* Speed up table copy; use insert select instead of get_table_content
* tbl_copy.php3: fixes serious problem with copy table and new
structure definition
2001-06-18 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* sql.php3, lines 67-68: The left frame is now reloaded when a table is
*, line 668: When the left frame is reloaded after a create or
a delete statement, the current database is 'opened'
2001-06-20 Alain Brissaud <>
* sql.php3, lines 98-107: Fixed a warning when a table is dropped
(bug #434416).
2001-06-18 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* The 'bkg.gif' was somewhat corrupted (it caused some annoying problems
with NS4+). Fixed thanks to Laurent Hass.
* Added Japanese and Korean translation from Sakamoto <>
* index.php3, line 3: get the vars sent to this script whatever is the
status of the register globals directive.
* index.php3, left.php3 & left.js: a perticular database could be displayed
as the first page, instead of the main.php3 thanks to Kristof Hamann
(feature #432402).
2001-06-17 Robin Johnson <>
* Fixed the '<?' tags in user_details.php3 to proper '<?php' to work on a
wider set of systems.
2001-06-17 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* From Michal Cihar <cihar at>:
-, left.php3, all translations: added sending of charset
in header
- updated czech translation
- added czech translation in iso-8859-2 and then modified
* main.php3: put the localization links at the top of the page
* left.js: optimized again the code for NS4+
2001-06-15 Marc Delisle <>
* bug 433388, patch from Alain Brissaud (hal0802)
* feature 429767, ignore empty fields on table create (tbl_create.php3)
2001-06-14 Steve Alberty <>
* add support for locked tables (default=off)
* add summary on db_details.php3
2001-06-12 Marc Delisle <>
* bug 432091: missing column in show processes
* add $strKill
2001-06-11 Marc Delisle <>
* italian translation update by Alessandro Astarita
* german translation update by Kristof Hamann (korelstar)
* user_details.php3: missing $strPrivileges
2001-06-11 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_properties.php3: suppress Table Maintenance, Comment and Type
for MySQL Version < 3.23
regards capability of mysql installation to view different table
2001-06-10 Steve Alberty <>
* tbl_select.php3,tbl_change.php3, fixed warnings
* db_details.php3: add output of table size
* left.php3, left.js: shows minus instead of plus in empty databases
* change 'default' table type to localized
* tbl_properties.php3: insert spaceusage & row statistics, small
fixes in output
2001-06-10 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* index.php3: ensure the server hostname is find whatever is the php
2001-06-09 Armel Fauveau <>
* add multiple dump feature (Feature #424176)
2001-06-08 Marc Delisle <>
* add hostname in title bar
2001-06-07 Marc Delisle <>
* modify/implement Steve Alberty's patch for complete table dump
* implement Alessandro Astarita's patch for data only dump
2001-06-06 Armel Fauveau <>
* patch bookmark section in sql.php3 (bug #430628)
2001-06-05 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_properties, tbl_printview: quote Comment field
* bug 430288: bad parsing of from | FROM
* tbl_properties.php3 reorganization
* bug when the RunQuery box is empty, fix from Sakamoto
2001-06-04 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change, tbl_replace: SaveAsNewRow
2001-06-03 Marc Delisle <>
* select_db commented out
2001-06-02 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* users_details.lib.php3: fixed some typos, warnings and little bugs
*, lines 144 & 147: wrong var names
* main.php3, line 135: replaced a 'mysql_db_query'
2001-06-01 Marc Delisle <>
* merge User administration module thanks to Daniel Villanueva (dvilla)
* small modifications to this module
* new
2001-05-31 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_replace.php3, tbl_change.php3: bug 424771
2001-05-30 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* left.js, left.php3 : beautify the way database list is displayed with NS4
2001-05-30 Pete Kelly <>
* db_readdump.php3, line 57: fixed the bug #427796
2001-05-28 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, line 5: fixed a warning
*, main.php3, sql.php3, tbl_properties: options displayed with
the results of a query depends now on its type (bug #425888)
2001-05-27 Marc Delisle <>
* bug #426357: mysql_db_query deprecated
2001-05-24 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, line 131+: fixed the authentification failure with advanced
mode and 'register_globals' disabled (bug #425369)
2001-05-22 Marc Delisle <>
* Bug #424237: cannot set an enum field to Null
2001-05-21 Marc Delisle <>
* add a message $strTextAreaLength to tell users when a textarea
contents is too large to be editable ( > 32K)
2001-05-20 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* replaced all require("somefile.php3") and include("somefile.php3")
instructions by require("./somefile.php3") and include("./somefile.php3")
to avoid conflicts with the 'include_path' directive.
Also ensured that require and include are conveniently used (no require
inside conditionnal structure...)
* db_readdump.php3, line 45+: optimized the work here
*, line 452-454: fixed a warning
2001-05-19 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* left.js, lines 241-242: fixed the scrollbar bug with NS4
2001-05-18 Pete Kelly <>
* db_readdump.php3 & finally fixed all the special characters
problems (Bug #421889)
2001-05-18 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* sql.php3, lines 65: fixed a warning
* tbl_select.php3: fixed a bug if number of registrations to display is not
specified (bug #424278 and patch from Alain Brissaud)
* updated the documentation files for the "unofficial" phpMyAdmin homepage
2001-05-15 Marc Delisle <>
* support key length in table copy/dump
* doc. changes for Loïc
2001-05-15 Armel Fauveau <>
* Added "Bookmarked SQL-query" combo box when you click on a table (Feature #423065)
2001-05-11 Loïc Chapeaux <>
*, lines 76, 81 and 612: fixed a bug if a field contains html
tags (suggested by Olivier Bussier at the phpMyAdmin official forum:
set_time_limit() function (Feature #423374)
*, lines 496 & 563: put an "@" in front of the calls to the
set_time_limit() function (Feature #423374)
* main.php3: add some empty lines to beautify the start screen and a test that
allow to display language selection only if language is not forced in the
configuration file
2001-05-11 Marc Delisle <>
* support FULLTEXT in table copy or dump
2001-05-11 Armel Fauveau <>
* Added a "delete" option in the phpMyBookmark patch (Olivier Mueller)
* Added a "execute" option in the phpMyBookmark patch
2001-05-10 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_readdump.php3: fixed all the special characters problems (Bug #421889)
and improve the trick to enforce reloading of the left frame if a table
has to be created
* sql.php3, line 65: a warning message was sometimes displayed because the
'$sql_order' variable was not set
2001-05-10 Armel Fauveau <>
* Added a "view only" option in the phpMyBookmark patch (Feature #422425)
2001-05-09 Marc Delisle <>
* new messages in /lang
* browse table bug (#421879)
2001-05-08 Korakot Chaovavanich <>
* In edit page, replace dropdown with radio if short enough
2001-05-08 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* db_readdump.php3, line 14 and sql.php3, line 112: two warnings were
displayed with the phpMyBookmark patch if the error reporting level
is set to E_ALL
* import the "Insert new row to edit page" feature put by Korakot in
the stable CVS tree
*, line 590: strip slash the message to be displayed
2001-05-07 Marc Delisle <>
* In csv data, can add a character at end-of-line
* Added a shell script that adds a message to all message files
2001-05-07 Armel Fauveau <>
* Added the phpMyBookmark patch
2001-05-05 Robin Johnson <>
* Some functions discussed on patch #419826 added.
* Table Maintence Features added in tbl_properties.php3
* Fixed create table "default" bug.
* Language tags for Table Types & Table Maintance
* Trailing slash on help path bug
2001-05-04 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* handles now the $HTTP_POST_FILES array
* db_readdump.php3, line 24: added a trick to enforce reloading of the left
frame if a table has to be created (not tested enough to be add to the
stable version yet)
2001-05-04 Marc Delisle <>
* outsource some strings in main.php3
* kill the bug in main.php3 about Create privilege
2001-05-03 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* build a js library that contains all the functions used to collapse/expand
databases list stuff and improve them
* add the brazilian portuguese translation and update the
'' script to take the former into account
* reply to some questions at the official phpMyAdmin forum, suggesting the
users to grab the current pre-release version from SouceForge.
2001-05-03 Olivier Müller <>
* started devel-branch : "phpMyAdmin-devel". To be used for experimental
stuff and new features.
2001-05-02 Robin Johnson <>
* additional constant MYSQL_MINOR_VERSION in ''
contains all of version string after the '3.23.' part.
* Table type on create table in 'tbl_create.php3'
* Alter table type on 'tbl_properties.php3'
* Ability to add comments even if no comment is there
2001-05-01 Loïc Chapeaux <>
* improve a bit the language detection: rewrote the 'select_lang.lib.php3'
script and changed line 162-166 in 'main.php3'
* sql.php3, line 69: now using split() instead of split() (the former is
not implemented in PHP3 (SF bugfix)
2001-04-29 Olivier Müller <>
* added lang file for Thai. Thanks to Korakot Chaovavanich (korakot)
* tbl_select.php3, line 19: replaced GET by POST (SF bugfix)
* tbl_properties.php3: added textfield for mysql input (patch from korakot)
* tbl_properties.php3: <? -> <?php (patch from robbat2)
* added lang file for Swedish. Tack till David Nordenberg.
* Norwegian lang file update by Sven-Erik Andersen.
2001-04-28 Olivier Müller <>
* applied security patch from
(thx to Geert Lund for the info)
* now using explode() instead of split_string() in tbl_change.php3
(was broken: is split_string really working correctely? please check!
split_string is now still used in db_readdump)
* released 2.2.0pre2
2001-04-07 Olivier Müller <>
* docs and code cleanup
* announced the link
on the phpmyadmin forum.
2001-04-01 Olivier Müller <>
* moved the language files to lang/
* now using standard ChangeLog file format
2001-03-31 Olivier Müller <>
* upgraded version to 2.2.0pre1
* released pre version on sourceforge
* synchronized latest phpmyadmin official cvs with the user-contributed
patches: multiple language support, bugfixes, etc.
v - 26-mar-2001 + Removed necessity of register_globals and added the
"" library to this end
Now, phpMyAdmin detects what to do according to
the configuration you chosed!
+ Bugfix: a warning may be displayed because a string
was appent to an unset variable in 'tbl_copy.php3'
+ Bugfix: a warning may be displayed because some
unset arrays were counted in 'tbl_addfield.php3'
+ Bugfix: slashes were added to requests if
'magic_quotes_gpc' is 'on' in 'db_readdump.php3'!
+ Bugfix: the usual #-bug
+ Bugfix: on Windows-System the 0x1a-char makes
problems (ctrl-z) when piped to mysql. It has to be
changed to '\Z'.
+ Bugfix: on Windows-System the path is not build
correct in ldi_check.php
+ The dump-output was not easily editable when
containing '\n' or '\t'-characters (e.g. in binary
fields or blobs)
v - 28-aug-2000 - Merge with the version from
Benjamin Gandon <>
+ Added French translation strings in
+ Bugfix: split_string() in
+ Bugfix: split_sql() in db_readdump.php3
+ Removed necessity of magic_quotes_gpc
Now, phpMyAdmin detects what to do according to
the configuration you chosed!
+ clicking on a database name in left frame
don't unexpand it anymore. You have to click oh the
minus image to hide the tables
+ Fixed accents problem with german strings
+ Fixed matching database name problem in uva fix
+ Added the possibility to display Change and Modify
buttons on the left or on the right of rows (or both)
+ Some corrections in and some other
languages files.
+ Bugfix: mesage display after reading a dump or
executing a single query
v 2.1.x - 03/02/2001 + Added dynamic multiple language support, with
browser default language detection [om]
v 2.1.0 - 08/06/2000 + Bugfix: Query By Example now works with high error-
reporting levels.
+ Bugfix: 'End' on the navigation bar in Browse and
Select mode now functions correctly.
+ Added random access option to the navigation bar
in table Select and Browse mode
+ Added form for changing the number of rows displayed
per page.
+ Bugfix: Reading SQL dumps had magic quotes problems.
+ Added support for wildcards in MySQL user
authentication system.
+ Added support to edit/delete rows in table without
primary key.
+ Added support for mysqldump-like Complete Inserts
(ie. optionally adding the field list to the dumps).
+ Changed the table browsing mode to display Prev/Next
links also on top of the rows.
+ Added authentication on a per-table basis.
+ Added print views for tables and databases.
+ Added link to browse table from left frame (copied
from phpPgAdmin).
+ Security: Fixed possible security issue with reading
SQL dumps.
+ Fixed some more PHP 4.0 issues (warnings, problems
with 0/empty().
v 2.0.5 - 12/05/1999 + Added output to show how many rows were affected
by a custom query.
+ Bugfix: executing a custom sql query prevented the
edit feature from working correctly.
+ Bugfix: Sending CSV Dumps didn't work because of a
+ Bugfix: if the field length was empty, it was set
to the field's type.
+ Added the possibility to upload SQL dumps with
File Upload.
v 2.0.4 - 10/10/1999 + Some more PHP 4.0 fixes.
+ Bugfix: Reading SQL dumps choked on embedded semi-
colons - fixed.
+ Bugfix: Dure to regex problems, PHP 3.0.12 crashed in
some instances when adding tables - fixed.
+ Added option to use verbose hostnames.
+ Bugfix: ENUM/SET had problems with embedded special
characters - fixed.
+ New language file: Portuguese
v 2.0.3 - 08/15/1999 + Bugfix: Changing a row after a "Select" didn't work.
+ Added proper support for MySQL authentication. With
$adv_auth, only those dbs are displayed that the user
has actually the permissions to view [sponsored by
+ Bugfix: Sometimes the wrong frameset was displayed.
+ Bugfix: Moved mysql_die() to top of to avoid
"undefined function" errors.
+ Bugfix: Killed some more warnings for those paranoids
who have error_reporting to a high value.
+ Added support for MySQL 3.23's table comments.
+ Bugfix: Ordering is now disallowed with MySQL-Status
+ Added some more documentation links.
+ Changes the way the reload of MySQL is done - use
FLUSH PRIVILEGES instead of mysqladmin reload.
v 2.0.2 - 07/02/1999 + Added support for the BINARY attribute.
+ Bugfix: In languages other than English, the
warning before dangerous actions didn't work.
+ Added proper support for ENUM/SET.
+ Changed the table browse mode to use LIMIT.
+ Bugfix: ReadDump choked on nestd single quotes,
even if escaped properly.
v 2.0.1 - 05/24/1999 + Re-Enabled the "browse"-link on db_properties.php3.
+ Added a way to add more than one new fields a time.
+ Changed some details to be compatible with webservers
other than Apache (tested with Roxen).
+ Added support for creation of a multi-column primary
key on an existing table.
v 2.0.0 - 04/11/1999 + Improved navigation, layout changes.
+ Added the possiblity to log out with $adv_auth.
+ Added the possibility to view MySQL's processes.
+ Added an option to output SQL-queries generated by
+ Enhanced the shell script to change file-extensions to
allow any arbitrary extension. It's now called
+ Changed SET/ENUM types to appear in a drop-down menu.
+ Bugfix: Attributes weren't used when creating a table
or adding a field.
+ Bugfix: Field names with high-ASCII-characters weren't
handled properly.
+ Bugfix: LOAD DATA INFILE didn't allow a tab as field-
v 1.4.2 - 02/28/1999 + Renamed variables to begin with 'cfg'.
+ Support for multiple MySQL servers added.
+ Added EscapeShellCmd() to system() calls to avoid
problems with special characters in passwords.
+ Bugfix: Reload failure was not being detected.
+ Bugfix: Table-/database dumps were not showing key names
+ Added support for DROP TABLE to the dumps.
+ Added support for UNSIGNED & UNSIGNED ZEROFILL attributes.
+ Added a shell-script to make it possible to change the
file-extension and all references from ".php3" to
".phtml" and vice versa.
v 1.4.1 - 02/07/1999 + Bugfix: Corrected a small error in the table header of
+ Added preliminary support for context sensitive help.
+ Enhanced the table-dump to allow dumping only the structure
or structure+data or CVS export. Made it possible to
download the dump directly as a file.
+ Bugfix (*Security*): Until now you were able to connect to
a database different from $only_db. Fixed.
+ Changed the display of the databases to highlight the
current db.
+ Added a way to execute multiple sql-queries at once
(eg. for reading in a create-schema).
+ Added the possiblity to view the dump of a whole
+ Added an output of the record-count for all tables to
+ Bugfix: get_table_content() didn't work correctly when
a field contained an unescaped single quote.
+ Bugfix: Corrected various errors in display_table()
when ORDER BY was set.
+ Enhanced table-browsing to use the choosen sortorder
over the whole result set; start and end buttons added
for navigation
+ Added the possibility to specify whether BLOB fields
should be shown when browsing a table or not.
+ New languages: Danish, Norvegian, Spanish, Catalan.
+ Eliminated many warning messages when error reporting
is set high.
+ Bugfix: Data containing HTML is now properly displayed
when dumping table or database data.
+ Improved handling of NULL fields.
+ Made tbl_replace.php3 use INSERT and UPDATE rather than
REPLACE INTO. It is much less likely to lose data now.
v 1.4.0 - 01/16/1999 + Bugfix: in $adv_auth was written as
+ Changed tbl_change.php3 to display a <textarea> for
*text fields.
+ Changed $max_inputsize to a CSS value.
+ Changed the input field for the sql-query to
+ Changed some variables references to prevent warnings.
+ Moved "LOAD DATA INFILE" from db_details.php3 to
+ Added htmlspecialchars() to the output of
+ Due to the changed behavior of SHOW STATUS in MySQL
3.22, I've removed this information from the homepage
and made seperate links to MySQL internal information.
+ Bugfix: when browsing a table, "insert new row" was
not visbible.
+ Added ORDER BY fieldname to display_table().
+ Added the possiblity to rename a table.
+ Added the possiblity to copy a table (structure only
or structure and data).
+ Changed the table-dump to a more memory-efficient way.
+ Added $border and $th_bgcolor, to offer the user more
control over the look and feel.
+ Added support for MySQL-functions.
+ Added some information for DEVELOPERS.
+ Added stripslashes() to all output of field-types.
+ Added a small FAQ to Documentation.html.
+ New language: Russian
v 1.3.1 - 12/27/1998 + Added complete mulit-language support by outsourcing
all strings to a separate file.
+ Bugfix: in tbl_addfield.php3 a stripslashes() was
+ Changed *.inc to *.inc.php3 to avoid security-
problems when .inc-files were not parsed by PHP3.
+ New languages: German, French
v 1.3.0 - 12/16/1998 + Changed display_table() to show the number of found
+ Changed display_table() to align=right for numeric
+ Changed all PHP3 opening tags to the XML-compliant
+ Added a "query by example" to tbl_select.php3.
+ Added the possibility to specify the length of input-
fields when inserting to a table.
+ Changed the input-fields to have a maxlength
equivalent to the field's size.
+ Bugfix: Corrected a typo in tbl_create.php3
+ Added a checkbox to the load-data-infile function to
allow existing data to be overwritten.
+ Added authentification: now you can log with any
valid MySQL- user (through HTTP-auth).
+ Added the possibility to show only one database
(useful when you want to let users adminstrate one own
+ Added an "Empty" command to tbl_properties.php3.
+ Added support for UNIQUE keys when creating a table
or adding a field.
+ Bugfix: the dump of a table didn't show the correct
+ Bugfix: Inserting a CVS-file with single-quote
enclosed fields didn't work.
v 1.2.0 - 11/29/1998 + Bugfix: Delete didn't work correctly when a table's
primary key spanned multiple colums.
+ Changed the texfile-import funtion to import text-files
directly from the local file-system via file-upload.
+ Added a confirmation when a custom SQL-query was
completed succesfully.
+ Changed the background image so that the page is
readable even with crappy browsers (like IE 4.x or
Navigator 4.5/Mac) that don't interpret style sheets
+ Changed tbl_addfield.php3 to allow specifying a
primary key or an index when adding a field.
+ Added the possibility to create a dump from a table.
(port from mysqldump.c)
+ Added the missing TODO file.
v 1.1.2 - 11/18/1998: + Bugfix: Edit or delete didn't work with a alpha-
numerical primary key (' was missing).
+ Bugfix: Creating a table with both a primary key
and an index didn't work.
+ Added the possiblity to browse only selected
fields from a table.
v 1.1.1 - 11/05/1998: + Bugfix: After a custom SQL-statement the edit-
function didn't work.
+ Added the possibility to import data from ascii-
+ Added the possibility to limit the displayed
rows to $max_rows.
+ Expanded the drop-confirmation to DELETE FROM.
v 1.1.0 - 11/03/1998: + Expanded the drop-confirmation to DROP FIELD.
+ You can now turn off the confirmations.
+ It's now possible to specify the primary key
and an index when creating a table.
+ Made the background-image larger.
+ Bugfix: in, if one primary
key was found, it was displayed twice.
+ Bugfix: On DROP DATABASE, a wrong confirmation
was displayed.
+ Added a "nofollow" directive for robots in
+ Added more documentation (due to several
+ Made seperate INSTALL, ChangeLog and TODO
v 1.0.1 - 10/26/1998: + Added a check when dropping a table or database.
+ Bugfix: when a field contained a " it wouldn't
be displayed correctly in tbl_change.
v 0.9.0 - 09/09/1998: + First internally used version
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