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phpMyAdmin - Changelog
2004-01-09 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php: Support for _charset syntax.
2004-01-09 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/ bug 873236 SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS
2004-01-07 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, /display_tbl_links.lib.php:
bug 857743, SHOW errors
2004-01-06 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/charset_conversion.lib.php: Skip charset conversion code if
input charset and output charset are the same.
2004-01-05 Garvin Hicking <>
* browse_foreigners.php, tbl_change.php: Sort key/value pairs
as discussed in RFE #868369. Made foreigner window resizable.
* libraries/functions.js: Reverted row marker patch. See RFE #867284
for details.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, libraries/display_tbl_links.lib.php,
libraries/functions.js: Upon clicking on a result row, de/activate
the checkbox next to it. Only makes sense for horizontal mode. Can be
deactivated by setting BrowseMarkerColor to an empty string in
2004-01-05 Alexander M. Turek <>
* tbl_properties_operations.php: Changing a table's charset changed the
charset of all fields (MySQL >= 4.1.1).
2004-01-04 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/config_import.lib.php: Added missing compatibility code for
2004-01-02 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php, libraries/sqlparser.lib.php:
MySQL collations are now parsed and highlighted.
* libraries/export/sql.php: Include charset / collation information in db
2004-01-02 Marc Delisle <>
* db_details_structure.php: bug 868996, debug code still in place,
thanks to Matthias Fichtner (mfichtner)
* browse_foreigners.php: paging does not work; obey RepeatCells=0
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: bug 857743, SHOW FIELDS
2003-12-30 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* lang/*: Fixed typo s/Chech-Slovak/Czech-Slovak/.
2003-12-30 Alexander M. Turek <>
*, db_details_common.php, db_details_structure.php,
tbl_properties_operations.php, css/phpmyadmin.css.php,
libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/config_import.lib.php,
libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php, libraries/sqlparser.lib.php:
- SQL parser detected the character set "binary" as column attribute;
- MySQL charsets are now parsed and highlighted - Note: the SQL parser
library now has to be included AFTER having connected to the MySQL
- The default charset of a database may now be changed;
- Ensured that the user's connection is used for setting and retreiving
charset information.
* libraries/defines.lib.php: typo.
2003-12-30 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_select.php: bug 867320, dropdowns in search page
2003-12-29 Alexander M. Turek <>
* db_details_structure.php, libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php:
- display database collation (MySQL >= 4.1.1);
- list collations of all tables.
* tbl_properties_strcuture, tbl_properties_table_info.php:
- Changed "Charset" label to "Collation" because it fits better;
- The column collations weren't displayed with MySQL 5.0.
* libraries/ New reserved words:
- COLLATE (since MySQL 4.1.0);
- RETURN (since MySQL 5.0.0).
2003-12-28 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.5.5 released
2003-12-27 Alexander M. Turek <>
* Documentation.html, README: I tested phpMyAdmin with MySQL 5.0.0-alpha.
2003-12-25 Marc Delisle <>
* db_details_qbe.php: error when generating joins
* Documentation.html: FAQ 6.22: default bookmark execution
2003-12-23 Marc Delisle <>
* css/phpmyadmin.css.php: Patch 864334, preserve white-space between quotes
* db_datadict.php, db_printview.php: bug 863713: printing on non-IE browser
2003-12-21 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/norwegian: Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
2003-12-18 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_relation.php: bug 860258: do not destroy foreign key references
to another db (still cannot enter via phpMyAdmin this kind of
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
2003-12-17 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/ Fix generation of translation, when source is in
* lang/ Was broken due to above bug, thanks Marc for
noticing this.
2003-12-16 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/lithuanian: Updated, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas (viliusz).
2003-12-15 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_replace.php: Check all required array indizes for multi-row edit
2003-12-15 Marc Delisle <>
* read_dump.php: bug 859062: Go & Bookmark problem when the
query has a character like "+" in it
2003-12-13 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_query_box.php, ldi_table.php: maximum upload size
* tbl_change.php: max BLOB upload size
2003-12-12 Marc Delisle <>
* db_details.php, libraries/common.lib.php, lang/*:
new feature to display the maximum upload size
TODO: detect if upload succeeded
2003-12-12 Garvin Hicking <>
* export.php: Fixed Regex
* transformation_wrapper.php, lang/*, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php,
Added a new transformation to download blob/binary field contents
with customized filenames. Needed two minor tweeks to the general
2003-12-11 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/export/sql.php: Fix moving foreign key definition on Windows
(bug #851950).
2003-12-11 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_replace.php: missing number of rows for Affected rows
and Inserted rows; wrong message for insert ids
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: bug 857743, SHOW DATABASES
2003-12-11 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_collations.php, lang/*.inc.php, libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php:
Updated character sets overview for MySQL 4.1.1.
* db_create.php, main.php: Ability to specify a default character set for a
new database.
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php: Bug #857749.
2003-12-11 Garvin Hicking <>
* RFE #856503, show number of rows in printview
* tbl_change.php, tbl_replace.php, tbl_replace_fields.php: Fixed #857445,
#857684 where non-existant fields caused PHP notices.
* db_details.php: Removed unneccessary whitespace
* sql.php: Bug #857742: When dropping the only remaining database, an
error occured. Fixed by checking if databases remein (as suggested
by lem9)
2003-12-10 Garvin Hicking <>
* db_datadict.php: Bug 857186: Real fix for the problem. The '@'
delimiter slipped to the replacement's end instead of the expression's
* db_details_structure.php: Bug 857315 - short open tag fixed
2003-12-09 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/ bug 854702: FORCE INDEX
* main.php: bug 851564: backquotes on the wildcard dbname
when no controluser is defined
* db_datadict.php: bug 857186: ENUMs and data dictionary,
thanks to Andrew Weiner (landreww) for the report and fix
2003-12-09 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_change.php: Fixed Bug #856436 (not displaying default values)
* lang/german*: Translations
* left.php: Escape single quotes in single-table cases as well
(Bug #855771)
2003-12-08 Marc Delisle <>
* new language: basque, thanks to Axier Lopez (
2003-12-07 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.5.5-rc1 released
2003-12-06 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/danish: updates, thanks to Finn Sorensen (alleyman01)
2003-12-05 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: bug 854696: fixed a typo,
and added some isset for a new check
2003-12-05 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/transformations/
Use <dfn>-Tag to display original data to not waste display
clarity by using hyperlinks. Original implementation also
failed when using customized options.
2003-12-04 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/estonian: Updated, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft).
* libraries/transformations/
patch 845690: show real data before transformation
* left.php: bug 833790: put a workaround in place
2003-12-04 Garvin Hicking <>
* browse_foreigner.php,, tbl_change.php,
tbl_replace.php, tbl_replace_fields.php, tbl_row_delete,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, libraries/display_tbl_links.lib.php:
Multi row edit via checkboxes in browse mode is now available.
This means, you can edit multiple records at once now.
* tbl_row_delete.php, tbl_change.php, tbl_change.js: Fixed
(un)nullify() function
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, libraries/display_tbl_links.lib.php:
Made checkbox/edit/delete fields smaller
2003-12-02 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: the constant used to check
if the transformation function is included no longer exists
* libraries/transformations/: replaced "include" by "require_once"
* lang/serbian: Updated, thanks to Mihailo Stefanovic (mikis).
* lang/norwegian: Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* lang/bulgarian: Updated, thanks to Stanislav Yordanov (stanprog).
* lang/danish: updates, thanks to Finn Sorensen (alleyman01)
* lang/estonian: Updated, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft).
2003-11-28 Garvin Hicking <>
* main.php: Fixed one remaining preg_match
2003-11-27 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: bug 816666: sort order and aliases
2003-11-26 Alexander M. Turek <>
* Almost every file:
- Replaced all include / require commands by require_once where possible;
- Further php 4.1+ optimizations;
- now automatically stops the script execution;
- Coding standards.
* Don't include select_lang.lib.php here.
* libraries/common.lib.php: Backwards compatibility.
* libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/defines.lib.php,
libraries/defines_php.lib.php, libraries/defines_mysql.lib.php,
defines.lib.php was included twice. For optimization reasons I moved all
the code that is independent from the MySQL connection out of defines.lib
into defines_php.lib.
To point out the (new) meanings of the files I renamed defines.lib.php to
defines_mysql.lib.php while defines_php.lib.php is now known as
2003-11-26 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/ Cleanup.
* lang/ Cleanup.
* lang/czech: Better translated some strings.
2003-11-26 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/arabic: update, thanks to Ossama Khayat (okhayat)
* lang/hindi: update, thanks to Girish Nair (girish_nair)
* lang/slovak: Updated, thanks to Lubos Klokner (erkac).
* lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (hinostroza).
2003-11-25 Alexander M. Turek <>
* translators.html: Changed email of Hindi translator, again.
* badwords.txt: File is obsolete.
2003-11-25 Garvin Hicking <>
* db_details_qbe.php, left.php, main.php, pdf_pages.php, server_collations.php,
tbl_change.php, tbl_indexes.php, tbl_move_copy.php, tbl_relation.php,
tbl_replace.php, libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/db_config.lib.php,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, libraries/grab_globals.lib.php,
libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php, libraries/select_lang.lib.php:
Reverted some obfuscated regular expressions to their working eregi-versions
to not break stuff. Removed unneccessary reset() calls, replaced some more
while(list()) constructs.
* libraries/transformations/overview.php, libraries/transformations/,
libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php,
libraries/transformations.lib.php3, user_password.php, tbl_change.php, sql.php,
ldi_check.php,, db_details_importdocsql.php:
- When stored transformations have '.php3' ending, automagically assume '.php' now.
- Use 's' RegEx Pattern modifier for certain situations where '.' should also include
2003-11-24 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/german-*.inc.php: Updates.
* lang/english-*.inc.php: Sortation.
2003-11-24 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_rename.php: give an error if the new table name has a dot
in its name, to avoid doing our automatic relation-table renames
2003-11-24 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/common.lib.php: Use preg again, it just needs a bit more
escaping of \ (once for PHP and once for PCRE).
* css/phpmyadmin.css.php: Make server selection in left frame same size as
on other places.
* main.php: One more regex escaping fix.
* lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun (siusun).
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/latvian: Updated, thanks to Sandis Jerics (saaa2002).
* translators.html: Updated email for Hindi translator.
2003-11-23 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: while (list() = each()) is not always as bad as
one might think ;-p
2003-11-22 Garvin Hicking <>
* ./*: More PHP3-compatibility removal, see 2003-11-20.
2003-11-22 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_properties_operations.php: display "Add constraints" only
if there are foreign keys in current table
* libraries/common.lib.php: revert back to previous logic at line 1108
because of regex problem (when only_db is used)
2003-11-21 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_move_copy.php: typo about constraints
2003-11-21 Michal Cihar <>
* scripts/ Udated information what is needed to change on
home page to currect status.
2003-11-20 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_databases.php, server_processlist.php, server_status.php,
server_variables.php: Removed some php 3 / MySQL 3.21 compatibility code.
* README: Updated requirements.
* scripts/ Create Documentation.txt when building the
distribution kits.
* Documentation.txt, scripts/ Romoved.
2003-11-20 Michal Cihar <>
* read_dump.php: Show message about failing upload in all cases, removed
some PHP compatibility code.
* libraries/export/sql.php: More older PHP cleanup.
* tbl_move_copy.php, tbl_properties_operations.php, lang/*: Cleanup in
table moving/copying and allow to keep constraints over these
* server_databases.php: Add correct parameters to left frame to keep
server choice, language, etc. (bug #845397).
* libraries/config_import.lib.php,, db_details.php,
tbl_query_box.php, Documentation: Allow changing of default queries (RFE
* Documentation.html: Valid XHTML again.
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
2003-11-20 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/auth/*, libraries/dbg/*, libraries/export/*, libraries/fpdf/*,
libraries/transformations/overview.php, libraries/*.php
(work in progress)
Lots of PHP < 4.1.0 / MySQL < 3.23.32 compatibility/performance changes:
- Replaced "while (list() = each())" calls by foreach loops.
- Removed PHP3-compatibility code
- Removed calls to $HTTP_*_VARS (using $_* now).
- Replaced some TAB-characters with whitespace
- Removed PHP4 < 4.1.0 compatibility code
- Removed MySQL < 3.23.32 compatibility code
- Replaced "for ($i=0; $i <= count(); $i++)" loops to
"$cnt = count(); for ($i=0; $i <= $cnt; $i++)" structures for better
- Replace calls to eregi*/split functions to their preg* counterparts for
faster and binary-safe operation
- Replace regex-Calls to simple string functions where possible (speedup)
- Replace calls to substr($string, X, 1) to $string{X}
2003-11-19 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: first group of headers was offset by
one column to the left
2003-11-19 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/catalan: Updated, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
* lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun (siusun).
* lang/portuguese: Updated, thanks to António Raposo (cfmsoft).
* lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (hinostroza).
2003-11-19 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/grab_globals.lib.php: Do not use $HTTP_*_VARS arrays anymore.
* Documentation.html: Modified requirements.
* server_collations.php: Replaced obsolete "while (list() = each())" calls
by foreach loops.
* server_privileges.php: Dropped some MySQL 3.21 / php 3 compatibility code.
2003-11-18 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/common.lib.php: Recognizing new 2.x revisions.
2003-11-18 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/*: strUpgradeMySQL -> strUpgrade with one more parameter
for the product name
* main.php: new warnings for old PHP or MySQL versions
2003-11-18 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: Can kill more proceses (bug #844353).
2003-11-18 Michal Cihar <>
* almost EVERYTHING: The big rename from php3 to php.
2003-11-18 Michal Cihar <>
* read_dump.php3: Show result of last SHOW query when multiple queries.
* scripts/ Generate also sizes of files, for on homepage.
2003-11-17 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/french: update
* lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/norwegian: Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
2003-11-14 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_properties_structure.php3: bug 842053: not only TEXT but also
any ...TEXT field types can have a FULLTEXT index
2003-11-13 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: undefined variable dblist_full when
renaming a table
2003-11-13 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/export/sql.php3: Fix export of foreign keys (patch #834474).
* libraries/export/sql.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3, lang/*, Allow delayed inserts (RFE #841298).
* libraries/export/sql.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3,
lang/*, Support for creating UPDATE and REPLACE
statements in export (RFE #838828).
* lang/ Checks for parameter count.
2003-11-12 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/export/latex.php3: Fixed LaTeX output (patch #840082).
* libraries/export/latex.php3: Unique fields are bold (patch #840089).
2003-11-11 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Added more secure checks
for each'ing on arrays built by the query analyzer. (Bug #839630)
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Fixed Bug #839834 - Colspan for
repeated headers were wrong since introduction of multi-row delete.
2003-11-10 Marc Delisle <>
* scripts/ bug 839081: was not converted
2003-11-07 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, tbl_replace_fields.php3, Documentation.html:
bug 835783: now (if using PHP4) users can enter NULL in a field
and get the string NULL and not a NULL value. For a real NULL
value they must use the Null checkbox.
2003-11-06 Marc Delisle <>
* New italian doc (partial) in pma_localized_docs
* lang/estonian: Updated, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft).
2003-11-06 Garvin Hicking <>
* sql.php3, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3:
RFE #835491: Display linked values in printview. Display relation-
related features (comments, MIME-transformations) in printview.
Fix empty table rows in vertical display (kept Mozilla from displaying
borders in this printmode). Adjusted layout a tiny-weeny bit to let
the comments of a field fit the whole space.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, libraries/transformations/TEMPLATE,
Documentation.html: Propagate current MIME-type to plugin functions.
Thanks for noticing (again), Thiemo Maettig. :)
* libraries/common.lib.php3, Documentation.html,
Now use $cfg['Servers'][$i]['only_db'] to allow sorting databases in
the left frame. The '*' character can be used to
fill in all remaining characters. See Documentation for details.
RFE #830355, thanks to Xuefer for suggestions.
2003-11-06 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/export/xml.php3: Add xml header with encoding information
(bug #836630).
2003-11-05 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, Bug #831181: Do not
store queries with errors in history, also when coming from the
database SQL tab.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Bug #835854. The MySQL-error messages
are now put inside a <code> HTML-container, not <pre>. This allows
wordwrapping to hide vertical scrollbars. Linebreak/Whitespace
formatting has been altered to preserve those.
* libraries/transformations/
Remove obsolete code, thanks to Thiemo Maettig!
* Documentation.html, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3,
The $meta field information is now passed to the transformation plugins
to allow future (and easier) usage of field information
2003-11-04 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: bug 833900, added known limitation in FAQ 3.10
about selecting homonyms on a table without primary key
2003-11-04 Garvin Hicking <>
* Documentation.html: Added known limitation about ANSI-mode
(Bug #816858)
* libraries/transformations/
Bug #835252: Now allow more timestamps. Minor modification of a patch
submitted by anonymous poster. Thanks!
2003-11-03 Garvin Hicking <>
* Documentation.html, tbl_row_delete.php3,
Bug #828290: Fixed "Execute stored bookmark". Also made some minor
tweaks to make PHP-Transformations with forms working again. Added
a limitation notice on that to FAQ 3.8. Added an image to this action.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Made multi-row delete working for
vertical browse mode. When executing a multi-row delete, keep the
last used display mode and other options.
* Documentation.html: Adjusted link to the link-section of our homepage.
Fixed typo.
2003-11-03 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: URI detection works with www-Sharp.Runtime
(RFE #834053).
2003-11-03 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Grammar.
*, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3,
libraries/export/csv.php3, lang/*.inc.php3:
Bug #812474 (Excel v.X does not import 'CSV for Excel' exports).
2003-11-02 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/arabic: big update, thanks to Ossama Khayat (okhayat)
* lang/norwegian: Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
2003-11-01 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/relation.lib.php3: bug 826880, quotes added
2003-10-31 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/romanian: Updated, thanks to Valics Lehel.
* tbl_relation.php3: add backquotes around table and field names
in queries for InnoDB foreign keys; however, in current MySQL 4.0.16
version, a blank character in a field name is not accepted by InnoDB
2003-10-27 Marc Delisle <>
* querywindow.php3: bug 825668: js errors in SQL-history,
thanks to Jenik Kaspar (jenix)
2003-10-26 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: bug 830437, undefined $sql_order
* querywindow.php3: bug 829737, cosmetic change: added &nbsp; for
better display in Iconic 'both' mode
2003-10-24 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/lithuanian: Updated, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas (viliusz).
* lang/serbian: utf-8 translations contained no strings, regenerated.
* lang/other: Added missing strings.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Try to show sorting by indexes only if
it makes sense (bug #829594).
2003-10-20 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/export/sql.php3: Fix undefined variable for MySQL < 3.23.20
(bug #828370).
* libraries/export/sql.php3. libraries/export/latex.php3,
libraries/display_export.lib.php3, export.php3, lang/*,
libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Allow to
supress dates in SQL dump separately.
* lang/ Fail if no message specified.
* lang/ Fail if no file specified.
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Added ugly hack to allow switching
export options in Opera (bug #828712).
* db_details_structure.php3, lang/*: Show also overhead, allow to check
all tables with overhead at once (JS only) (RFE #828090).
* Try to update history in table only if configured so
(bug #828356).
2003-10-21 Marc Delisle <>
* pdf_pages.php3: Patch 825672: show fields in Edit PDF scratchboard,
thanks to Chris Walsh (chriswalshaz)
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: bug 826847, undefined $url_query
* tbl_relation.php3: Bug 827340: Relation view should display also
non-unique keys as possible choices for foreign keys
2003-10-20 Michal Cihar <>
* Documentation,, tbl_change.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Make
default functions configurable (RFE #821271).
2003-10-18 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: bug 821512, Safari 1.0 v85.5 and fonts
* libraries/functions.js: bug 825665, scratchboard and paper size
* lang/swedish: Updated, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
### 2.5.4 released
2003-10-17 Marc Delisle <>
* browse_foreigners.php3: bug 825473: PMA_jsFormat() needed on alert()
* tbl_query_box.php3, libraries/bookmark.lib.php3:
bug 824958: bookmarks not configured
2003-10-16 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/zip.lib.php3: Calculate offset progressively (patch #824122).
* scripts/ Perl in most cases lives in /usr/bin/perl.
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/serbian: Updated, thanks to Mihailo Stefanovic (mikis).
* lang/ Regenerated, was somehow broken.
* lang/ Ignores non file parameter.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Add some more fixes for wrongly typed
* Documentation: Changed my email and credits.
* libraries/defines_php.lib.php3: Output buffering is not available in
php 3 (bug #824956).
2003-10-15 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/russian-windows-1251: wrong charset (bug 823939)
2003-10-14 Marc Delisle <>
* server_privileges.php3: bug 707516, sometimes db privileges
are not shown
2003-10-12 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: bug 821144: FAQ 6.21 needed clarification
2003-10-11 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3: bug 807047, better fix
* tbl_select.php3: bug 821350: escape single quotes in table
Search page
2003-10-10 Marc Delisle <>
* bug 819036, undefined function PMA_setHistory()
2003-10-10 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/export/sql.php3: Fix PMA_getTableContentOld (bug #820932).
* left.php3: Konqueror 3 and Opera 7 works with tree view (bug #820717).
* scripts/ Generate MD5 sums (RFE #748415).
* Documentation,, scripts/create_tables.sql: Change
default phpMyAdmin table names from PMA_* to pma_*.
2003-10-07 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/russian*: updated, thanks to Artyom Rabzonov
2003-10-07 Michal Cihar <>
* Documentation: Another hint for creating primary/unique keys.
2003-10-06 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/slovak: Updated, thanks to Lubos Klokner (erkac).
2003-10-06 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_replace.php3: Do not include query in redirect url if too long.
2003-10-02 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3: bug 807047, protect POST variables
against cookies of the same name
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: bug 816658, the multi-row delete
icon should not be displayed in all cases
2003-10-01 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/slovenian update, thanks to Kositer Uros
* lang/norwegian: Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* libraries/export/sql.php3: bug 815822 Undefined index/offset
* lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
2003-10-01 Alexander M. Turek <>
* translators.html: Better link.
2003-09-30 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.5.4-rc1 released
2003-09-29 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
*, db_details_importdocsql.php3,
db_details_structure.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: You now
need to explicitely enable docSQL support ($cfg['docSQLDir']), RFE
* Documentation: Documented above and support for compressed dumps.
* db_details.php3, export.php3, ldi_check.php3, ldi_table.php3,
read_dump.php3, tbl_change.php3, tbl_query_box.php3,
tbl_replace_fields.php3: $cfg['*Dir'] don't have to end with slash.
2003-09-28 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/albanian: Updated, thanks to Laurent Dhima (laurenti).
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun (siusun).
* new lang: bosnian, thanks to Samir Kobiljak
2003-09-27 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_row_delete.php3,,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, /display_tbl_links.lib.php3:
RFE 810270: multi-row delete in browse mode
* lang/catalan: Updated, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
* lang/polish: Updated, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
* lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (dhinostroza).
2003-09-26 Alexander M. Turek <>
* tbl_indexes.php3: RFE #812993 (Icons for index table).
* lang/persian-*.inc.php3, lang/,
libraries/select_lang.lib.php3, translators.html:
New Persian language files, thanks to Parham Ghaffarian.
* libraries/select_lang.lib.php3: Removed a dublicate entry.
* translators.html: I'm back. :-)
* lang/ Resorted strings.
2003-09-26 Garvin Hicking <>
* left.php3: bug #812481: Fixed display of '__protected__' subgroup in
non-light left frame mode, when $cfg['LeftFrameTableSeperator'] is empty.
2003-09-24 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/function.js: Fixed bug #811499 (Opera 7.20 messes up row
markers), thanks to Michael Johnson (redbeardc).
* server_privileges.php3: Fixed bug #811792 (Password not kept when
modifying user).
2003-09-23 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Fixed some typos, thanks to Sebastian Mendel.
2003-09-23 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/export/sql.php3: bug 811222: we need to analyze the query
to get the true column name in case of aliases
* libraries/common.lib.php3: bug 810617, final 1.0 version of Safari
does not need reduced font size
2003-09-20 Marc Delisle <>
* pdf_schema.php3: bug 805227: the "Show color" only removed
color on arrows, now removes all the color because of printing problems
on black&white printers, thanks to Kelley Lingerfelt (rebelkell)
2003-09-19 Marc Delisle <>
* server_privileges.php3: bug 784961, could not delete a user
2003-09-19 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Fixed deleting AND from end of condition
with older php (bug #802060).
2003-09-18 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: Improved functionality when more
than one cookie auth is being used.
2003-09-18 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_query_box.php3, read_dump.php3, sql.php3, lang/*: RFE #477472 -
Add bookmark option to query window/tab to bookmark any statement.
2003-09-17 Garvin Hicking <>
* querywindow.php3: RFE #807282 - Display 'edit' button to alter entries from SQL query
history, not execute them immediately.
* Bug #805568 - Save SQL history even if 'LockFromUpdate' is selected.
* server_databases.php3: Bug #805545 - Refresh left frame when selecting a DB of
2003-09-17 Michal Cihar <>
* read_dump.php3, libraries/read_dump.lib.php3: Error message when file
can not be read.
* tbl_query_box.php3: Do not require any variables in query window.
* lang/*, libraries/export/sql.php3: Export separately constraints, so
they don't cause troubles on import (bug #807615).
* Documentation,, left.php3, main.php3, lang/*,
libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
libraries/auth/arbitrary.auth.lib.php3(deleted): Merged arbitrary auth
into cookie auth, new config variable for enabling this
* db_details.php3, tbl_change.php3, tbl_query_box.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3: Execute uploaded gzip/bzip'd SQL-files (RFE
* Documentation,, export.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Allow compressing large SQL dumps -
they are compressed by smaller chunks and send to browser (RFE #795849).
* tbl_properties_operations.php3: Remove '; InnoDB free:' part from
comment including references.
2003-09-16 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3: bug 790849 (js disabled and user removes the row limit
from the Show [30] rows)
2003-09-16 Garvin Hicking <>
* db_details_qbe.php, libraries/mysql_wrappers.lib.php3: Finetune the new
PMA_mysql_fetch_fields() function and renamed it to PMA_mysql_fetch_fields_alternate:
It now uses 'SHOW FIELDS FROM...'. Modified all calls to the old function to fit the new
one. Keep old function for any future use.
2003-09-15 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_properties_links.php3, db_details_structure.php3: in Table view,
"Select" becomes "Search" to denote more clearly was this sub-page
is about
2003-09-15 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/export/sql.php3: Avoid freeing failed result.
2003-09-14 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: clarify FAQ 6.20 about which privileges are
assigned to users after an upgrade to MySQL 4, and their effect
on seeing all the databases.
2003-09-12 Garvin Hicking <>
* lang/*, sql.php3, libraries/bookmark.lib.php3: RFE #804896
(Bookmarks for all users)
* lang/german*: Update
* Documentation.html: Added note to FAQ 6.18 about bookmark-variable expansion
not working on PHP < 4.0.3
2003-09-12 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: bug 804592 (undefined $prev_index)
and add "Sort" tooltip to each column header
2003-09-11 Michal Cihar <>
* read_dump.php3: Add also limit to size, not only to pieces, because of
extended inserts (bug #803372).
2003-09-10 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: clarify about InnoDB support
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: bug 790903: BINARY as an operator;
bug 792511: SELECT * FROM mytable LIMIT 0,-1
* libraries/mysql_wrappers.lib.php3: bug 795443: wrong results coming
from mysql_list_fields, so modify PMA_mysql_list_fields to use
SELECT * FROM db.table LIMIT 1
(Thanks to Peter Beckman (ooglek))
2003-09-09 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/mysql_wrappers.lib.php3: bug 795443: wrong results coming
from mysql_list_tables, so modify PMA_mysql_list_tables to use
2003-09-09 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_relation.php3: Avoid message about not array variable when no InnoDB
relations used.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, lang/*: Allow user to select sorting by
indexes (RFE #528503).
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/dutch: Updated, thanks to nobody :-).
2003-09-08 Michal Cihar <>
* left.php3, main.php3, lang/*, libraries/common.lib.php3, Documentation,, libraries/auth/arbitrary.auth.lib.php3,
libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: Support for login to arbitrary
server (RFE #684097).
2003-09-08 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: Fixed bug #802611 (No 'LOCK TABLES' in DB-specific
2003-09-07 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.5.3 released
2003-09-05 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: NO ACTION was not correctly treated
* tbl_relation.php3: InnoDB support
2003-09-03 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
2003-09-02 Alexander M. Turek <>
* Documentation.html:
- rewrote FAQ 1.17;
- corrected some other FAQs;
- tidied up "Requirements" section about MySQL.
2003-09-02 Marc Delisle <>
* translators.html: azerbaijani, and change of address for
swedish translator
2003-09-02 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Fix displaying PHP code (bug #798804).
2003-09-01 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php3: Name of column is sometimes Default
(bug #798426).
* lang/estonian: Updated, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft).
* lang/azerbaijani, lang/, libraries/select_lang.lib.php3: New
translation, thanks to Shehriyar Imanov (sheki).
2003-08-31 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: extract ON DELETE, ON UPDATE for FOREIGN KEYs
* libraries/relation.lib.php3: populate $foreign with ON DELETE, ON UPDATE
2003-08-28 Alexander M. Turek <>
* README: Updated php / MySQL versions.
2003-08-28 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Allow xml to be also default export
(bug #796706).
2003-08-27 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_relation.php3: User forgot to define an index on the master table
before adding a foreign key constraint: trap the error, warn the user
and show him a link to the relevant doc
2003-08-27 Garvin Hicking <>
* lang/german*: Update
2003-08-27 Michal Cihar <>
* sql.php3, lang/*: Print view with full texts (RFE #742123).
2003-08-27 Alexander M. Turek <>
* browse_foreigners.php3: undefined variable.
2003-08-26 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Backwards compatibility.
* tbl_change.php3: bug #795171 (foreign field empty when editing record).
2003-08-26 Michal Cihar <>
*, lang/*, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
libraries/display_export.lib.php3, libraries/export/latex.php3: Improved
LaTeX export (patch #777451).
2003-08-25 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
2003-08-25 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_relations.php3, tbl_properties_table_info.php3, /lang:
InnoDB relations (for now, same db, only one index column, and
no ON DELETE or ON UPDATE clauses)
2003-08-25 Alexander M. Turek <>
* tbl_rename.php3: After renaming a table, move back to
tbl_properties_operations.php3 instead of tbl_properties.php3.
2003-08-22 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/galician: Updated, thanks to Xosé Calvo.
* lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (dhinostroza).
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/polish: Updated, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
* lang/swedish: Updated, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
* lang/greek: update, thanks to Kyriakos Xagoraris (theremon)
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: extract the CONSTRAINTs for FOREIGN KEYs
* libraries/relation.lib.php3: getForeigners() returns also the constraint
2003-08-21 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_relation.php3: improve variables, remove some code
2003-08-20 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: Fixed some typos.
2003-08-18 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/romanian: Updated, thanks to Valics Lehel.
* lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
2003-08-18 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* lang/catalan: Updated, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
* lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun (siusun).
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/serbian: Updated, thanks to Mihailo Stefanovic (mikis).
2003-08-17 Marc Delisle <>
* browse_foreigners.php3, tbl_change.php3, tbl_select.php3,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, /relation.lib.php3, /get_foreign.lib.php3:
Patch 789367: Browse foreign values, thanks to Garvin
### 2.5.3-rc2 released
2003-08-17 Alexander M. Turek <>
* translators.html: Garvin is now the official German translator,
2003-08-16 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (dhinostroza).
2003-08-16 Alexander M. Turek <>
* Documentation.html: Bad anchor link and other typos.
2003-08-15 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_properties_structure.php3: bug 786710, IE and dropping fields,
and bug 788676: added a table to help Netscape aligning the icons
with the text
2003-08-15 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_properties_structure.php3: RFE #784900 (show alternate text for
multi-submit button)
* tbl_properties_structure.php3, db_details_structure.php3: RFE #787810
- Enlarge area around the new buttons for better usability
2003-08-15 Michal Cihar <>
* Documentation: Synced export FAQ with export page.
* Documentation: Fixed information about transformations.
2003-08-14 Michal Cihar <>
* server_privileges.php3: Fix notice about undefined index (bug #780861).
2003-08-13 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3: do not check both radios (confuses Netscape 4.8)
2003-08-13 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_addfield.php3: Highlight correct tab after changing structure.
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: Bug #788097 (add space after
2003-08-12 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/export/csv.php3: Don't trim resulting line (bug #782483).
* libraries/functions.js: Don't ask for confirmation of query that will
not be executed (bug #783667).
* lang/slovak: Updated, thanks to Lubos Klokner (erkac).
* lang/czech: Updated, thanks to me :).
2003-08-11 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/export/csv.php3, libraries/export/latex.php3,
libraries/export/xml.php3: Added some stripslashes to generate correct
2003-08-10 Marc Delisle <>
* server_status.php3: bug 786331, a 100,00% not internationalized,
and align values for "More status variables"
* libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3: probable fix for IIS HTTP auth bug
2003-08-09 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: Cookies required message
should not look like an error
2003-08-08 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
* lang/lithuanian: Updated, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas.
* lang/polish: Updated, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
* lang/english, french: typos about $strDBGMaxTimeMs
2003-08-07 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/serbian update, thanks to Mihailo Stefanovic
* lang/romanian: Updated, thanks to Valics Lehel.
* lang/galician: Updated, thanks to Xosé Calvo.
* lang/bulgarian: Updated, thanks to Stanislav Yordanov (stanprog).
* lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (dhinostroza).
* lang/chinese_gb: Updated, thanks to Wang (fundawang).
* lang/swedish: Updated, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
* Documentation.html: bug 782597: FAQ 1.30 about Turck MMCache
2003-08-06 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3: bug 782925: fix "Showing rows..." message when user has
put a LIMIT in the query
* libraries/relation.lib.php3: bug 784143: SHOW CREATE TABLE on older
MySQL versions
2003-08-06 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Parse better enum fields (bug #784154).
2003-08-05 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Moved docu function (PHP3 compatbility)
(Bug #782966)
* tbl_change.php3: RFE #772991: Shorten dropdown field using
* tbl_change.php3: RFE #762221: Swap relational insert key order
2003-08-05 Michal Cihar <>
* sql.php3: Fixed regular expression.
* libraries/export/latex.php3: Use "table (field)" instead of
"table -> field" when dumping relations into LaTeX (bug #776957).
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3, libraries/export/csv.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3, Allow column headers
for Excel export (bug #771299).
* Don't allow including this file twice.
* db_details.php3, db_details_importdocsql.php3, export.php3,
tbl_move_copy.php3, tbl_rename.php3: Added some html quoting.
* libraries/tbl_change.js: When ENUM field has just one value, it could
not be set to NULL (bug #783533).
* tbl_move_copy.php3: Use database we're working on to avoid some problems
with replicated databases (bug #780439).
* read_dump.php3, sql.php3: Bookmark all SQL queries and not only the last
one (bug #780569).
2003-08-05 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/ bug 779453, wrong count
* lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
* lang/romanian: Updated, thanks to Valics Lehel.
* lang/ukrainian: update, thanks to Markijan Baran
* sql.php3: bug 782828, do not go into confirm dialog if we are coming
from "Create PHP Code" or "Without PHP Code"
2003-08-04 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
2003-08-01 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_select.php3: bug 697979, implemented a suggestion by
Joerg Klein (j0erch) to do a SELECT * when all fields were selected
on the Select page, to avoid (in most cases) a IE limitation
2003-08-01 Alexander M. Turek <>
* main.php3: Added link to charset page.
* libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php3, lang/*.inc.php3: More detailed charset
* tbl_properties_structure.php3: Tooltips for collations.
2003-07-31 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_replace_fields: bug 780793: a '+' sign in ENUM (or SET
or a foreign key) was wrongly urldecoded to a space
* sql.php3: bug 781170, bad check for DROP DATABASE and IF EXISTS
2003-07-30 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_move_copy.php3: wrong Missing message
2003-07-30 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: Implemented some version checks to avoid bugs like
2003-07-29 Marc Delisle <>
* serbian: big update,
thanks to Branislav Jovanovic <> and
Mihailo Stefanovic <>
* sql.php3: bug 779301: MySQL 3 and SELECT DISTINCT
* lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (dhinostroza).
* lang/catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
### 2.5.3-rc1 released
2003-07-29 Garvin Hicking <>
* Documentation.html,, read_dump.php3,
css/phpmyadmin.css.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3
o Introduced $cfg['IgnoreMultiSubmitErrors'] to let PMA continue
execution of a multi-query statement even though single queries
may fail
o Introduced $cfg['VerboseMultiSubmit'] to let PMA show the result
of each query of a multi-query statement (taking some maximum
line/pieces amounts into account)
o changed formatting of syntax_comment to include some space
* libraries/common.lib.php3, libaries/mysql_wrappers.lib.php3:
Display MySQL error code and link to the MySQL-Documentation of
error codes
2003-07-28 Alexander M. Turek <>
* tbl_properties_structure.php3, css/phpmyadmin.css.php3: Use icons for
multi-submit buttons.
2003-07-28 Garvin Hicking <>
* sql.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3 - when $cfg['SQP']['fmtType']
is set to 'none', positively retain any user formatting for query
output. (RFE #769219)
* tbl_properties_structure.php3: fixed strNoDrop to strDrop
2003-07-28 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3: bug 778899, could not create a bookmark
* ldi_table.php3: Users with register_global=off received some
Missing messages, due to a missing "require" in ldi_table.php3
2003-07-27 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: A user could not edit his own global privileges.
2003-07-25 Garvin Hicking <>
* Documentation.html: Updated my E-Mail, added latest credits-items
* images/*,, db_details_structure.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3, table_details_structure.php3,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, Documentation.html,
Even more new images on more places: DB properties, Table
properties, Table Display (LinkOrButton unified as well),
Left frame.
Multi-column mode also works for MySQL < 3.23.03 (does anybody even
2003-07-25 Marc Delisle <>
* XHTML compatibility
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3, /relation.lib.php3: bug 776789,
unable to insert record with FK in another db
2003-07-24 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3 - Confirmation is also needed on
TRUNCATE statements!
* libraries/common.lib.php3 - RFE #758051 (simpler PHPcode generation)
*, db_details_structure.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3: *EXPERIMENTAL* - implemented buttons
for the database properties page and implemented RFE #752062: multi-
column display for many tables.
(thanks to Kawika Ohumukini [boogie33]).
2003-07-24 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3 /relation.lib.php3 /get_foreign.lib.php3:
bug 772765, InnoDB and multi-columns foreign key
* tbl_select.php3: LIKE in Select sub-page for non-text fields
2003-07-23 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php3:
- better method for retrieving the supported MySQL charsets;
- fixed a bug that caused "armascii8" to appear twice in the charsets
list (as "armascii8" and "armascii");
- added ability to retrieve all collations and related MySQL settings;
- added a function to build description strings for given collations
(still needs some optimization).
* libraries/ Support for SHOW COLLATION.
* server_collations.php3,, lang/*.inc.php3:
New status page "Character Sets and Collations" for MySQL 4.1.
2003-07-23 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3: error when $_SERVER does not exist
* tbl_printview.php3: wrong validation for path disclosure (bug 776436)
2003-07-23 Garvin Hicking <>
* css/phpmyadmin.css.php3: Removed 'lowercase' transform
(Bug #769827)
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3, libraries/export/sql.php3
Only print Update/Creation/Check time when the checkbox 'Include
Comments' is chosen. So it is now also possible to check that
box even though the relational features could be deactivated.
But all checks to relational comments will only use those if
the relation features work.
2003-07-22 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/estonian update, thanks to
### 2.5.2 released
2003-07-20 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_properties_operations.php3: Do not display the
"Referential integrity check" section for InnoDB tables
as this was intended for pmadb relations
2003-07-19 Marc Delisle <>
* (in lots of scripts): checks for paths disclosure
* lang/catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
2003-07-18 Garvin Hicking <>
* read_dump.php3: When PHP3 < 4.3.0 is detected, try an alternative
way of rewriting bookmark variables.
* Documentation.html: Bookmark variable expansion only works with PHP
4.3.0 and above
* tbl_query_box.php3: For the querywindow - if no items are available
for the 'file import' tab, hide the 'Go' button and instead display
a warning message. Can happen if you don't have $cfg['UploadDir']
set and $is_upload is false.
2003-07-17 Marc Delisle <>
* server_status.php3: the percentages of Query types did not add up
to 100, because the number of connections is included in the total
number of queries, thanks to jht001 ( Jams H Thompson )
2003-07-17 Alexander M. Turek <>
* tbl_change.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3: Fixed a MySQL 4.1 bug that
appeared when inserting values into ENUM or SET fields.
2003-07-17 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_query_box.php3: Removed onsubmit() attribute of the noscript area.
Thanks to andreas_e ;)
2003-07-16 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/galician: Updated, thanks to Xosé Calvo.
2003-07-16 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/export/sql.php3: bug 771575: wrong quotes for variable expansion
2003-07-16 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/functions.js: Bug #771794 (CHAR length check although field name
is empty).
2003-07-15 Marc Delisle <>
* bug 771523: wrong type displayed for
a LONGTEXT with character set latin7
* db_details_structure.php3, tbl_properties_structure.php3: missing
$err_url for mult_submits
* scripts/create-tables.sql: don't use backquotes in USE
2003-07-14 Garvin Hicking <>
* Documentation.html: Link to phpMyAdmin homepage for a 'link section'
2003-07-14 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/ SHOW BINLOG EVENTS.
2003-07-14 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.5.2-rc2 released
2003-07-12 Marc Delisle <>
* bug 770095, error in multiple TRUNCATEs
* lang/estonian update, thanks to
2003-07-11 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
* lang/slovak update, thanks to Lubos Klokner
2003-07-11 Alexander M. Turek <>
* db_create.php3:
- Display CREATE DATABASE query;
- Call user-defined default tab instead of hardcoded db_details.php3.
* index.php3: Don't display scrollbars in queryframe (Opera fix).
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Disabled XML export for multiple
databases because an XML file must not contain more than one database.
2003-07-10 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Let the default function take
the honor to replace special strings, so that a non-default function
does not necessary have them introduced. Very convenient for the
text/plain->formatted display, which would otherwise get every
CR/LF converted to a <br> and introduce nasty skew.
2003-07-10 Marc Delisle <>
* pdf_schema.php3: do not display a foreign table if it's not selected
by user to be on the schema
2003-07-10 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (dhinostroza).
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* Fix JS error when in query window is not active SQL
2003-07-09 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: Fixed broken login with backslash
in password/username (bug #747020).
* server_privileges.php3: Fixed escaping when backslash in
* libraries/export/sql.php3: Separate extended inserts by , and not by ;
(bug #768351).
* lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun (siusun).
* lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (dhinostroza).
* lang/galician: Updated, thanks to Xosé Calvo.
2003-07-09 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_query_box.php3: Fix Bug #768652 (sql history tab submittet to
whole frameset)
* Documentation.html,, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3, Created auto-detection
for $cfg['OBGzip'] and set this as default. It will auto-enable OBGzip
for all browsers except IE6.x. Created a meta-header to identify which
setting is used, to make our debugging of bugreports easier.
2003-07-08 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_query_box.php3, Removed any 'top.' DOM reference.
This enables phpMyAdmin to be used within a frameset without trying
to escape out of the security JS-sandbox zone. Tested with IE6, Mozilla
1.4 and IE5.5.
2003-07-08 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3, sql.php3: bug 762213,
incorrect row count for MySQL 4.1 subqueries;
bug 649665, incorrect row count for UNIONs
2003-07-08 Michal Cihar <>
*, tbl_properties_operations.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3,
libraries/export/sql.php3, lang/*: Added checkbox for exporting/copying
AUTO_INCREMENT value (RFE #763957).
* Fixed undefined variable warning (bug #767740).
* pdf_schema.php3: Don't use hardcoded sizes of paper (bug #767680).
* lang/chinese_gb: Updated, thanks to Wang (fundawang).
* lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun (siusun).
* lang/polish: Updated, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
* lang/romanian: Updated, thanks to Valics Lehel.
* lang/swedish: Updated, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
* lang/slovak: Updated, thanks to Lubos Klokner (erkac).
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
2003-07-08 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Send headers before exiting because of missing
MySQL extension.
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
2003-07-07 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Backwards
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Dynamic loading of MySQL extension always failed.
2003-07-07 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_change.php3: Fix undefined index for disp_query
(when inserting a new row with a file uploaded to a column)
* libraries/transformations/,
libraries/transformations/ Proper escaping
of &amp;
* libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/defines.lib.php3: Safari detection,
smaller default font size (like OPERA). Bug #752646.
2003-07-07 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3,, user_password.php3,
Documentation.html: only one blowfish secret is necessary for
all servers, thanks to Alexander M. Turek
### 2.5.2-rc1 released
2003-07-06 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* css/phpmyadmin.css.php3: url() should not contain quotes.
2003-07-06 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
* libraries/export/sql.php3: Fixed bug #761956 (timestamp export fails).
2003-07-05 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/auth/config.auth.lib.php3, lang/*.php3:
* lang/swedish update, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
* lang/polish update, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
2003-07-05 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
2003-07-04 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: PHP3 compatibility
* user_password.php3, libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3:
sometimes, binary contents in cookies is not retrieved properly,
so protect it with base64_encode()
* lang/ukrainian: update, thanks to Markijan Baran
2003-07-03 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/romanian update, thanks to Valics Lehel
* lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
* lang/italian update, thanks to Pietro Danesi
2003-07-01 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: faq 8.1 about security alert of 2003-06-18
* tbl_properties_links.php3: fix missing SQL section for exports
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3, libraries/blowfish.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,, user_password.php3, Documentation.html, lang/*:
now used the blowfish algorithm to encrypt the password in the
temporary cookie
2003-06-30 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/french: update
2003-06-30 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_properties_operations.php3, lang/*: Reorganised layout a bit, added
CHECK link for InnoDB, use correct table type name fo BerkeleyDB.
* tbl_query_box.php3: Moved load text files link outside form.
2003-06-27 Garvin Hicking <>
* left.php3: Removed debugging code
2003-06-27 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, libraries/relation.lib.php3: Added some
checks to avoid trying to use relations when no table (bug #761835).
2003-06-27 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3: bug 760648: incorrect result count on MySQL 3
2003-06-26 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ukrainian: update, thanks to Markijan Baran
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3 typo
2003-06-26 Michal Cihar <>
* sql.php3, tbl_properties_links.php3, tbl_properties_structure.php3: Go
back to tbl_properties_structure.php3 when not dropping table.
2003-06-25 Marc Delisle <>
* scripts/ typo, bzip should be bzip2
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3, tbl_properties_export.php3:
bug 760648 export SELECT DISTINCT results
2003-06-25 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: Fixed XSS problem.
*, libraries/functions.js: Alert user when not
specied length for CHAR/VARCHAR fields.
* libraries/export/{csv,latex,xml}.php3: Use correct field names when
exporting custom SQL (also saves one SQL query for export) (fixes bug
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/norwegian: Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* lang/bulgarian: Updated, thanks to Stanislav Yordanov (stanprog).
* lang/czech: Updated.
* lang/*: Removed duplicate strReset.
* lang/ Ignore japanese specific messages.
* sql.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Support for exporting any
query into CSV/LaTeX/XML (RFE #684804).
2003-06-24 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3, bug 759568, row count, DISTINCT and MySQL 4
2003-06-23 Marc Delisle <>
* pdf_pages.php3: automatic layout start at 300,300 for better look
on the dom-drag scratchboard
2003-06-23 Garvin Hicking <>
* Documentation.html,, pdf_pages.php3,
css/phpmyadmin.css.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/dom-drag.js,
libraries/functions.js: Added Patch #757907: DHTML WYSIWYG-control
for PDF-relation setup. Based on DOM-drag.js, a library provided
by Aaron Boodman (
* lang/german*: Updates
* lang/*, pdf_pages.php3: Strings for DHTML scratchboard
2003-06-23 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/arabic-*.inc.php3, lang/czech-*.inc.php3, lang/finnish-*.inc.php3,
lang/french-*.inc.php3, lang/,
lang/lithuanian-*.inc.php3, lang/malay-*.inc.php3,
lang/russian-*.inc.php3, lang/ukrainian-*.inc.php3: Checked all language
files for incomplete arrays ($byteUnits, $day_of_week and $month).
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Security fix against bad JS code.
* translators.html: Removed Loïc from list; he is inactive at the moment.
* Documentation.html: Changed my email address.
2003-06-22 Robin Johnson <>
* scripts/
- Cleanup scripts/ (I use it elsewhere as well).
* scripts/
- Moved to using for updating documentation.
- Make tarring faster by re-arranging ops.
2003-06-21 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3: typo in call to cleanup columns
2003-06-20 Marc Delisle <>
* pdf_schema.php3: use PMA_getForeigners()
* db_details_qbe.php3: undefined variable
2003-06-20 Garvin Hicking <>
* db_details_importdocsql.php3: Will now NEVER reveal any filename
the docSQL import isn't able to read. Can now only read contents
of the 'docSQL' subdirectory and never be able to go higher than
that level.
2003-06-19 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: analyzer for FOREIGN KEYS
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: bug 756861, DEFAULT 0 becomes DEFAULT0
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: use PMA_getForeigners()
* libraries/relation.lib.php3: now PMA_getForeigners() gets also
foreign keys defined in innnodb
* tbl_select.php3: use PMA_getForeigners() also for innodb
2003-06-17 Michal Cihar <>
* Fixed typo (s/'PMA_pdf_page'/'PMA_pdf_pages'/).
2003-06-17 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/polish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
2003-06-16 Michal Cihar <>
* index.php3: Use $cfg['DefaultTabServer'] (bug #754260).
2003-06-14 Michal Cihar <>
* export.php3: Fixed saving compressed dumps on server.
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Fixed description for line
terminating character.
2003-06-13 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/ bug 753813, "session" is not
a reserved word
2003-06-13 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/charset_conversion.lib.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/defines_php.lib.php3, libraries/dbg/setup.php3: Use new PMA_dl
function, that checks true dl availability (fixes #747717). All checks
are based on php 4.3.1 source, so if this gets changed, we will need to
change checks also.
2003-06-12 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/relation.lib.php3: bug 751787: should not disable all
the features, when the relation feature is broken
2003-06-11 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: undefined scheme
* main.php3: undefined scheme
2003-06-10 Marc Delisle <>
* db_details_qbe.php3: bug 751787, missing FROM part in query generator
* libraries/export/sql.php3: typo largeblob -> longblob
2003-06-10 Michal Cihar <>
* scripts/ Set correct permissions before releasing.
* Documentation,, db_details_export.php3, export.php3,
main.php3, server_export.php3,, tbl_dump.php3,
tbl_move_copy.php3, tbl_properties_export.php3, lang/*,
libraries/build_dump.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
libraries/display_export.lib.php3, libraries/export/*: Reworked export,
- support for exporting selected databases
- if not needed buffering, output is send directly
- unifies all export, so there is now more common code
- sql export can contain relations and mime types in comments
- configurable defaults for export.
2003-06-09 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Display Full/Partial text links for
almost every select.
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/czech: Updated.
2003-06-08 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: MySQL 4.1 users could not edit column privileges.
SET and ENUM fields may have a character set, too.
2003-06-07 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Incremented required revision
* tbl_addfield.php3, tbl_alter.php3, tbl_create.php3,, tbl_properties_operations.php3,
tbl_properties_structure.php3, tbl_properties_table_info.php3,
libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php3: Improved MySQL 4.1 support:
- phpMyAdmin is now able to assign / alter table and field charsets;
- The table structure page sometimes displayed "Array" in the charset
- When altering the field type, the input box for the field length
sometimes had a strange default value.
2003-06-06 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html, new LimitChars behavior
2003-06-06 Michal Cihar <>
* Missing ;.
* libraries/relation_cleanup.lib.php3,, sql.php3:
Cleanup phpMyAdmin tables also after multi submit actions (RFE #749989).
* tbl_query_box.php3: Don't add target if not in query window.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: $cfg['LimitChars'] now limits all fields
(RFE #742123).
* pdf_pages.php3: Fixed undefined index warnings, don't attemt to
edit/display deleted page just after deleting.
* libraries/config_import.lib.php3, lang/*,,
db_details_structure.php3, pdf_pages.php3, pdf_schema.php3: User can
select paper size for pdf (RFE #631551).
* read_dump.php3: Fixed undefined variable warning (bug #750070).
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: Fixed bad displaying of parser bug report
(bug #678289).
2003-06-05 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: new faq 6.20 about CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: bug 716679, parsing of negation operator
* tbl_properties_links.php3, tbl_properties_operations.php3: merge
the Options tab into Operations
2003-06-05 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3, libraries/functions.js: Some
javascript cleanup.
* db_details_links.php3: Display Query tab even with no tables.
* libraries/charset_conversion.lib.php3: Default iconv parameters to empty
*, left.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Optional
dropdown for server list in left frame (RFE #555978).
* tbl_query_box.php3: Possibility to upload SQL file with no database
selected (RFE #641760).
* lang/czech: Typo.
2003-06-04 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: bug 592692, pretty printer
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: bug 683975, various pretty printer bugs
2003-06-04 Michal Cihar <>
* Use TRUNCATE when using MySQL 4 (bug #748792).
2003-06-03 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/spanish: Updates, thanks to Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
* lang/slovak update, thanks to Lubos Klokner
2003-06-03 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Fixed MySQLManualType/MySQLManualBase
2003-06-03 Garvin Hicking <>
* lang/*, tbl_query_box.php3, Documentation.html,
New feature - The automatic update of the query window seems to
cause some headache for users. They type in their query, want to
look in a different table for some fields, want to switch back to
their browser window and the changes are lost because the last table
is always filled in. Now we have a checkbox to preserve the edited
content from any update outside of the window. It is automatically
checked by editing the contents of the query textarea and can be
unchecked to restore previous behaviour. Thanks to Alexander Meis
for this suggestion. Optionally we could build in a config variable
to override this 'onChange' effect, but I guess it's not necessary.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Bug #748084 - Use preg_replace instead
of ereg_replace, because it interprets \0, \1 and so on not as strings
but as regex-subpatterns and fails to convert those strings correctly.
We'll have to see if that can be the case on other usages of
preg_replace as well.
2003-06-02 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_status.php3: RFE #723325 (Move total query statistics).
2003-06-02 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, lang/*: Better text on button for
executing bookmark (bug #745993).
* scripts/ Better checking for input, exit when cvs
doesn't work, don't include CVS and .cvsignore in tarballs, don't chmod
everything to 775.
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3,
tbl_dump.php3, lang/*: Allow to replace "NULL" with alternative string
(RFE #747343).
* Documentation.*: Add simple LaTeX document, to show how to use LaTeX
* main.php3: Add server to phpinfo link to avoid relogin with more
* main.php3, Replace target="_new" with
target="_blank" as it should be.
2003-06-02 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.5.1 released
* (not in 2.5.1) sql.php3: bug 747451, incorrect detection of
2003-06-02 Alexander M. Turek <>
* Happy Birthday to me :-)
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: Correct behavior for "SHOW INNODB STATUS".
2003-06-01 Michal Cihar <>
*, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Default iconv
parameters to empty string, as older iconv version don't support it
(bug #747164).
2003-06-01 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/catalan-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
2003-06-01 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/chinese_gb: Update thanks to Wang (fundawang).
2003-05-30 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/romanian updates, thanks to Valics Lehel
* lang/swedish: Updated, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
* lang/polish: update, thanks to Jakub Wilk
2003-05-30 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/bulgarian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to
Stanislav Yordanov (stanprog).
- Fixed display for tables with few indexes;
- BLOBs are always binary;
- RFE #623665 (MySQL 4.1 support):
- Fixed display of field charsets;
- The table charset is now displayed.
* libraries/ Added CHARSET, SQL_CACHE, SQL_NO_CACHE.
* tbl_change.php3: binary fields with CHARACTER SET definition were treated
as SET fields (again RFE #623665).
* Documentation.html:
- Declared MySQL 4.1 support as experimental;
- Added some notes about MySQL 4.1 / 5.0;
- php 5.0.0-dev should work fine with phpMyAdmin - it has been doing so at
least on my test machines for a couple of months.
* scripts/create-tables.sql: Added some notes about lower_case_table_names.
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: Parser treated "CHARACTER" as column type,
even if it was used in "CHARACTER SET".
* libraries/common.lib.php3:
- Removed check for default tab values: They are already checked in
- Corrected config file revison;
- XHTML fixes.
* server_databases.php3: Small interface fixes.
* translators.html: Removed a dublicate message.
2003-05-29 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
2003-05-29 Marc Delisle <>
* ldi_check.php3, ldi_table.php3, lang/*: bug 740607, now autodetect
the best method (LOCAL or not) in the LOAD dialog, and allow user
to override it
2003-05-29 Garvin Hicking <>
* index.php3: Add frameborder to allow resizing. Introduces a 1px
bar, but cannot be solved. Note that this is only neccessary
for Mozilla, IE5/6 allow resizing with a "0" frameborder
* Only update queryframes DB/Table info when
no error happened in a query.
* ldi_table.php3: Use <label> tags for the new radio buttons as with
our other GUI elements.
2003-05-28 Alexander M. Turek <>
* translators.html: Typo.
2003-05-28 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/spanish: Updates, thanks to Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
* lang/chinese_gb: Update thanks to Wang (fundawang).
* translators.html: more typos
2003-05-28 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/sqlvalidator.class.php3: Fix Bug #739096: Because
the PEAR library and PHP changed the way how referenced variables
get accessed, we have to pre-initialize the array and submit that
to the PEAR call() funktion.
* index.php3: Bug #743856. Fixed trinary operator, thanks to Virgile
* tbl_relation.php3: Will now not show a selected display field, if
none has been set yet for a table to not let users think, the key
is set.
2003-05-26 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: sorted.
2003-05-26 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun
### 2.5.1-rc1 released
2003-05-26 Michal Cihar <>
* documentation,, tbl_change.php3,, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: possibility
to disable ctrl+arrows moving.
2003-05-25 Garvin Hicking <>
* left.php3: Fix #742632 finally: Refresh to main.php3
if an empty DB has been selected.
2003-05-25 Marc Delisle <>
* left.php3: new fix for #742632
* lang/polish: update, thanks to Jakub Wilk
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
2003-05-24 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: talk about left frame levels
* lang/galician: update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
* lang/turkish: update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
2003-05-24 Garvin Hicking <>
* left.php3: Fix bug #742632, thanks to Kai Butchkau!
* read_dump.php3: Bug #741256
*, tbl_query_box.php3: Only focus the mainframe
when a query was submitted from the query window
2003-05-23 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: bug 653964: wrong alias set by
the analyzer, bug analyzed thanks to Michal!
2003-05-23 Michal Cihar <>
* read_dump.php3, tbl_alter.php3: Tabs highlighting...
2003-05-22 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/romanian updates, thanks to Valics Lehel
2003-05-22 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_indexes.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3: Better tabs highlighting
when editing indexes.
* tbl_replace_fields.php3, libraries/build_dump.lib.php3,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Don't hexify BLOB if it is empty (bug
* Documentation,, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
libraries/defines_php.lib.php3: Improved GD 2 detection (bugs #736111,
* lang/ Removed dropped farsi translation.
* lang/swedish: Updated, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/norwegian: Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
2003-05-22 Garvin Hicking <>
* sql.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3: Bug #692854: Never execute
a query in (with/without) PHP code views, and display a new
"Execute query" link in this mode.
* lang/german*: Update.
2003-05-20 Garvin Hicking <>
* index.php3: New rewrite of how the frameset is created
(Patch item #738226 plus some <noframes> corrections).
This fixes compatibility problems, even though it's not
valid XHTML 1.0, because the <script>/<noscript> tags are
not allowed in there.
2003-05-20 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/korean update, thanks to WooSuhan
* lang/estonian update, thanks to
* lang/norwegian: Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/slovak update, thanks to Lubos Klokner
2003-05-20 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_change.php3: Fixed table layout when LongtextDoubleTextarea is
* tbl_select.php3: Fixed problems with empty value in enum (bug #740420).
2003-05-18 Marc Delisle <>
* left.php3, index.php3: bug 739348: because the db name is no longer
encoded in left.php3 (to accomodate html entities), we have to stop
decoding it, otherwise a db name with a plus sign is not selectable
* sql.php3: bug 738508: do a quick count on the rows to avoid
a slow SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS, when "just browsing" (experimental)
2003-05-15 Michal Cihar <>
* Documentation,, tbl_change.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Double sized textarea for LONGTEXT is
configurable (RFE #737174).
2003-05-14 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3, tbl_dump.php3: Support for exporting
CSV for multiple tables, it just puts all content into one file, but
some people seem to want this (based on patch #735136).
* tbl_dump.php3, lang/*: Use other messages (thanks to Marc), replace
slashes in filename with underscore to avoid possible problems.
* db_details_export.php3: Remember selected tables after exporting to a
* libraries/common.lib.php3, tbl_dump.php3, sql.php3: Better way for
highliting tabs when including files (set $active_page for highliting).
* sql.php3, tbl_replace.php3, lang/*: Show insert_id after INSERT (RFE
2003-05-14 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/defines_php.lib.php3: bug 736111: better GD2 detection
2003-05-14 Garvin Hicking <>
* lang/german*: Translations.
* pdf_schema.php3: Merged patch #736999 (fixes Bug #728789 and
better fix for #624712), by Maxime Delorme. Thanks!
* tbl_change.php3: RFE #737174 implemented (comments welcome)
* tbl_change.php3: RFE #723124 implemented (reset button)
* read_dump.php3, tbl_query_box.php3: RFE #641760
* Documentation.html: Added FAQ 5.14 (Buggy Opera6)
2003-05-13 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/ bug 736793, new reserved
word 'DIV' in MySQL 4.1.0 (note: it is classified as a function but
follows the syntax of an operator: SELECT 5 DIV 2) so I have put
it in the reserved words for now.
2003-05-13 Garvin Hicking <>
*, querywindow.php3: Fix bug #736197
(clicking on edit link from a sql-query now switches
to sql tab of the query window)
* left.php3: Improved performance by using str_replace instead
of ereg_replace.
* lang/german*: Translations.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Fix bug #736609 (Escaping of
'Show as PHP')
2003-05-13 Michal Cihar <>
* left.php3: Fixed displaying of tables with quote in name.
* main.php3: $pma_uri_parts['scheme'] might be sometimes unset...
* tbl_move_copy.php3, lang/*: Check for same table and db name when moving
(RFE #734985).
* libraries/relation.lib.php3: Fixed warning in PMA_purgeHistory.
* ldi_check.php3, lang/*: Behave correctly if no file is given for loading.
* read_dump.php3: Correctly checks whether table exists.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Highlight tab also when current page is
read_dump.php3 and $goto is link of current tab.
* tbl_replace.php3: Display message after updating row.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Fix tab attributes when some specified as
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: Fix eporting without backquotes (bug
* .cvsignore,, db_details_db_info.php3, tbl_dump.php3,
lang/*, libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3,
Documentation.html: Support for saving to file on server (part of RFE
2003-05-12 Garvin Hicking <>
* queryframe.php3: Remove left/bottom margin to better fit the link title
in the small frame.
* Only update db/table variables if the query was correct.
Fixes #735970.
* left.php3,, libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/
common.lib.php3: Patch #725839 (Nested display of tables)
* ldi_check.php3, ldi_table.php3: Allow CSV import from UploadDir. Needs testing.
2003-05-12 Michal Cihar <>
* index.php3: Better fix for #736003.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Light tabs were displayed wrong, bug #736590.
*, server_databases.php: Add confirmation when
dropping databases (bug #736238).
2003-05-11 Michal Cihar <>
* Documentation.html,,
libraries/charset_conversion.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3:
Merged patch #729514 - support for iconv parameters.
* read_dump.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3: Merged patch #728928 - show
multi statement query result. Closes RFE #728833.
* tbl_dump.php3, libraries/build_dump.lib.php3,
libraries/display_export.lib.php3, lang/*: Merged patch #727027 - LaTeX
export improvements. Now can export table structure and some other
options. Closes RFE #718942.
* tbl_change.php3: Remember state of insert as another row - fixes
#736064, show used query.
* index.php3: Fixed typo in hash, fixed bad hash propagated with
JavaScript. Fixes #736003.
2003-05-11 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.5.0 released
2003-05-10 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: bug 735439: if too many page numbers,
show just the pages near the current page
2003-05-10 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Whole tab is now link.
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Disable CSV export for multiple
tables - fixes #734104.
* lang/latvian: Update thanks to Sandis Jerics (saaa2002).
* lang/chinese: Update thanks to Wang (fundawang).
* lang/ Fix for POSIX sh.
* db_details_structure.php3: Don't display 0 for InnoDB tables as records
count - fixes #735441.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Fix not displaying content of TEXT
fields (was treated like BLOB).
* libraries/common.lib.php3: $cfg['Server']['AllowDeny']['order'] might
be undefined.
2003-05-09 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: bug 731367: hexifying all
TEXT fields (a if on the type returns "blob") caused
2003-05-05 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: bug 731866: text fields were
exported hexified, because mysql_field_type() was used and
it returns 'blob' for 'text' fields, so use a new PMA_fieldTypes()
2003-05-02 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/get_foreign.lib.php3: bug 731480: was not counting
the rows of the foreign, thanks to Stefan Elssner
2003-05-02 Garvin Hicking <>
* css/phpmyadmin.css.php3: Small typo, seems to be
solution of support request #728820
* Documentation.html: Enhance FAQ 2.3 (mysql.sock readable,
thanks to Ryan)
* Added scripts/inno2pma (from Ernie Hershey). Please see
Patch Tracker #709383 for further information.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Bug #728813 (title for
relations when foreign_db != master_db)
* index.php3, left.php3, tbl_query_box.php3, db_details_common.php3,
main.php3, queryframe.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3: Should be
the fix for Bug #730718.
Moved the hashform from the "nav"-frame to the "queryframe"-frame,
altered the way the form is submitted in LeftFrameLight mode to
keep the queryframe. Only if JavaScript is usable, otherwise it's
not necessary to keep the 'opener' pointer.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: PHP3 compatibility.
* libraries/common.lib.php3, db_details_common.php3, index.php3,
main.php3: Still have to propagate $hash to the left frame...
2003-04-30 Marc Delisle <>
* pdf_schema.php3, bug 729517, better comment output,
thanks to Maxime Delorme
2003-04-30 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_move_copy.php3: Better fix for #729416 (use INSERT IGNORE).
2003-04-29 Michal Cihar <>
* server_privileges.php3: No need to escape wild characters here.
2003-04-29 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_move_copy.php3: Bug #729416
* tbl_query_box.php3, queryframe.php3: Bug #729446, maybe #728571
* index.php3: Typo
* db_details_structure.php3: Prevent uninitialized variable
2003-04-28 Garvin Hicking <>
* index.php3, queryframe.php3, tbl_query_box.php3, querywindow.php3:
Even more issues when QueryFrameJS is set to true, but JS is not
activated. Haven't ever thought this would be necessary. ;)
I tested everything with QueryFrame/QueryFrameJS set to true/false
with and without JavaScript enabled, and got everything working.
Please verify for yourselves! :)
2003-04-28 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/polish: update, thanks to Jakub Wilk
2003-04-28 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_query_box.php3: Partial fix for #728935 (can not submit SQL without
javascript). But there are still problems without javascript.
2003-04-27 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.5.0-rc2 released
2003-04-25 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/estonian: Updated, thanks to
* lang/norwegian: Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* lang/thai: Updated, thanks to Arthit Suriyawongkul.
* lang/{catalan,english,indonesian,spanish}: Added some missing
2003-04-23 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_dump.php3: Fixed syntax error with === (#724093, #707538).
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Automatically check "Save as file"
when selecting compression.
2003-04-22 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, main.php3, db_details_common.php3:
When reloading the frame, propagate hash value (for querywindow)
2003-04-22 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_indexes.php3: bug 725711: FULLTEXT index type not shown
in the drop-down box
2003-04-20 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, index.php3, left.php3,
tbl_query_box.php3, queryframe.php3, querywindow.php3:
Fixed Bug #723955, 723736, 723713 (Query Frame). Workaround for
(serious) issues with multiple instances of phpMyAdmin and
the query window. Also made sure that disabling the QueryFrame
is possible without seeing errors. Of course, this is
extremely reduced usability without JS.
2003-04-18 Garvin Hicking <>
* left.php3, index.php3, tbl_query_box.php3,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, queryframe.php3:
Fixed Bug #723713
2003-04-18 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: faq about double auth windows
* lang/ukrainian: update, thanks to Markijan Baran
* tbl_relation.php3: bug 696215: can now choose all segments
of the primary key
2003-04-17 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ukrainian: update, thanks to Markijan Baran
* bug 722791: "USE mysql" is not a good
test in MySQL 4 to check if superuser
2003-04-17 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_replace_fields.php3: Fix typo.
* tbl_replace.php3: Use rather SELECT *, as selecting only BLOB causes
MySQL sometimes problems...
2003-04-17 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_replace_fields.php3: Use $encoded_key instead of $key to
detect changes in BLOB fields with a special name.
* tbl_replace.php3, tbl_replace_fields.php3: Bug #722629 - Use
original values of a BLOB field when 'Insert as new row' is
chosen on edit.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Bug #662320 (highlight fields
crossing DB borders now allowed)
2003-04-16 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_query_box.php3: Only hide 'go' SQL button, when in files mode
with no $db set
2003-04-16 Marc Delisle <>
* badwords.txt: "status" is not a reserved word
2003-04-16 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/ Added AUTO_INCREMET to reserved words.
* tbl_properties_common.php3: Avoid displaying message twice in some cases
(fixes bug #722378).
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: Export BLOBs hex quoted.
2003-04-15 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_query_box.php3: Only display charset selection when a DB is
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Fix edit link for table without primary
key and with BLOB field (bug #708182).
2003-04-15 Garvin Hicking <>
*, queryframe.php3: Changed anchor target
and window name of queryframe as suggested by Armel
Fauveau (thanks!)
2003-04-14 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/ bug 647705: 'NO' is not
a reserved word in MySQL
* libraries/ bug 708887: MONTH() and YEAR()
are functions
* libraries/common.lib.php3: bug 721278: Skip Explain SQL
2003-04-14 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/some translations: Damn, I didn't commit all empty translations
* lang/ Updated to avoid empty translations problems (reports
which translations has failed, now also converts by default only
modified files and is capable to get charset from filename when reading
from file has failed.
* left.php3: More fixes for HTML entities.
* tbl_properties_options.php3: Remove '; InnoDB free:' part from comment
when changing it.
* lang/czech: Updated.
* lang/indonesian: Updted, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/swedish: Updated, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/catalan: Updated, thanks to Xavier Navarro.
* Fixed for quotes, HTML entities and other weird
characters in db/table name.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Fixed bug #720672 - moved headers.
* db_details.php3, tbl_query_box.php3: Display choice for charset also
when only UploadDir available.
2003-04-14 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Fixed SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE ... FROM ...
usage. (Bug #720846)
* Needed \n for some cases.
* tbl_query_box.php3: Only display file import when a DB is selected.
2003-04-13 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/french: update
* lang/spanish: Updates, thanks to Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
* lang/polish: update, thanks to Jakub Wilk
### 2.5.0-rc1 released
2003-04-13 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/, lang/,
lang/, lang/
Added $strCharset.
2003-04-13 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/{slovenian,russian,croatian,bulgarian}: We don't
want empty translations...
2003-04-12 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Better fix against possible "wrong parameter
count" errors.
* server_privileges.php3:
- Fixed a broken link in the user overview table;
- Fixed bug #539756 again.
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
* tbl_properties_structure.php3, lang/*.inc.php3: Nicer output for MySQL 4.1
(Feature #623665, part 1).
2003-04-11 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, config_import.lib.php3:
MaxExactCount backwards compatibility
* db_details_structure.php3: undefined $row_count for InnoDB tables
2003-04-11 Michal Cihar <>
* db_details_structure.php3: Get row count by SHOW TABLE STATUS, and by
SELECT COUNT(*) only for small (<20000 rows) tables (RFE #708533).
*, db_details_structure.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3:
$cfg['MaxExactCount'] is now used instead of hardcoded 20000 for above.
* Documentation.*: Documented above.
* lang/albanian: Updated, thanks to Laurent Dhima (laurenti).
* lang/galician: Added missing string.
* lang/thai: Updated, thanks to Arthit Suriyawongkul.
2003-04-10 Michal Cihar <>
* pdf_schema.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, libraries/get_foreign.lib.php3: Get row
count by SHOW TABLE STATUS, and by SELECT COUNT(*) only for small
(<20000 rows) tables (RFE #708533).
* tbl_printview.php3: Make javascript work on more browsers than MSIE.
* Documentation.*: Fixed typo and corrected FAQ 1.23 (bug #718569), fixed
XHTML errors, document is again valid XHTML.
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
2003-04-09 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: Fixed undefined index warnings in LaTeX
and XML dump.
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Added <br /> before charset
selection in export.
2003-04-09 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/*: $updComTab -> $strUpdComTab
* libraries/relation.lib.php3: put back version 1.30 message
that uses $strUpdComTab
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks again to Rachim Tamsjadi.
2003-04-09 Garvin Hicking <>
* pdf_schema.php3: Fix from Doug Suerich (dougsuerich)
to prevent false arrow aligning when using 'same widths'.
2003-04-08 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/galician: update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
* lang/lithuanian: Updated, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas.
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi.
* lang/chinese_gb: update, thanks to (fundawang)
* lang/swedish: update, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg
* lang/norwegian: update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
2003-04-07 Michal Cihar <>
* db_details_structure.php3, Added ANALYZE TABLE to
multi submit actions.
2003-04-06 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_query_box.php, libraries/functions.js: Patch #705899 included.
Now multiple fields can be inserted at cursor position (Mozilla/IE)
in the sql query textarea. Thanks to Alexis Soulard (alexis_soulard)
*,, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/relation.lib.php3: RFE #715914: Sort query history by
(autoincrement) key instead of timevalue. Only save queries in
history if they were successful. This required the moving of
the JS-stuff in to Please
test, if this works for everyone. It does for me.
2003-04-06 Alexander M. Turek <>
* db_datadict.php3: The result of SHOW INDEX does not have a 'Comment'
column before MySQL 3.23 (bug #712055).
* libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3: Make $HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE available for
machines with register_globals = off.
2003-04-05 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/romanian updates, thanks to Valics Lehel
* lang/slovenian update, thanks to Kositer Uros
2003-04-03 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Bug #714744 fixed. Thanks to poster.
2003-04-02 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_query_box.php3: RFE #714095. Use backquotes for inserted fields.
* tbl_move_copy.php3: At least one of the PDF integrity checks
on moving/copying a table can safely be enabled.
* tbl_move_copy.php3, tbl_properties_operations.php3: Made 'move to
newly created table' depend on a selected checkbox. State of that
checkbox is saved in a cookie.
* lang/*: Added $strSwitchToTable for the above.
* lang/german-*: Translations
2003-04-02 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_move_copy.php3: Fixed copying/moving to work after some changes in
generated SQL dump, move to newly created table also after copying.
* tbl_properties_operations.php3: Some fixes for html entities in db/table
* db_details_structure.php3,,
tbl_properties_structure.php3: Show multi submits result after headers
and tabs from originating place.
* lang/czech: Updated.
* tbl_properties_operations.php3: Not only remember, but also recall state
of checkbox for move to newly created table (see Garvin's entry above).
2003-04-01 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: clarify about wildcard database
* lang/bulgarian, translators.html: big update from the new translator:
Stanislav Yordanov, stan at
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi.
2003-03-31 Marc Delisle <>
* css/phpmyadmin.css.php3: calls from a css file are relative to itself
thanks to Jose Fandos (jose.fandos at
2003-03-27 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3, lang/*.inc.php3:
- Fixed bug #708292 (Support for host-based privileges).
- Show SQL query when adding a user.
* server_processlist.php3, lang/*.inc.php3: Feature #707495
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
2003-03-27 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3: avoid long delays when browsing big tables (MySQL 4)
2003-03-26 Michal Cihar <>
* db_details.php3, db_details_qbe.php3, left.php3, tbl_change.php3,
tbl_properties_operations.php3, tbl_properties_structure.php3,
tbl_query_box.php3, tbl_select.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3: Even
more fixes for HTML entities in field/table/db name.
2003-03-25 Alexander M. Turek <>
* Documentation.html: Fixed GRANT queries for the controluser.
2003-03-25 Marc Delisle <>
* main.php3: replace the 'USE mysql' test, as users with a global
priv like CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES can do a 'USE mysql'
2003-03-25 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_query_box.php3, tbl_properties_operations.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3, tbl_query_box.php3, querywindow.php3: More
HTML entities fixes.
* read_dump.php3: Fixed detection of $goto.
* Neated URL generating.
* lang/czech: Updated.
2003-03-24 Michal Cihar <>
* db_details_structure.php3, Added CHECK TABLE to
multisubmit actions (RFE #622603).
* db_details_structure.php3,, tbl_alter.php3,
tbl_properties_structure.php3: Show result of CHECK/OPTIMIZE/REPAIR
queries for multiple tables.
* db_details_structure.php3: Display correctly table names that contain
HTML entities.
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: Removed PMA_htmlFormat function as it
caused HTML entities to be quoted twice.
* tbl_indexes.php3: Fixed editing of index with HTML entities.
* lang/czech: Updated.
* tbl_properties_structure.php3: Fix enabling/disabling links to index
creating (it requires type, but there was also MIME type added).
2003-03-23 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,, Documentation.html: disabling of the parser no
longer possible
2003-03-22 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/defines.lib.php3: Small bugfix.
* libraries/defines_php.lib.php3: New constant: PMA_MYSQL_CLIENT_API.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Possible fix against "wrong parameter count"
2003-03-22 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/transformations/text_plain__imagelink: display the
image, with width and height options
* libraries/transformations/text_plain__link: the link was not
functional at my site; also, document this transform in lang.
2003-03-21 Marc Delisle <>
* server_privileges.php3: typo
* lang/french update
* image_jpeg__plain renamed to text_plain__imagelink, because
the contents is not an image but a filename
2003-03-21 Michal Cihar <>
* ldi_check.php3: Use $sql_query instead of $query to put query correctly
to sql.php3.
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Again fixed selecting table/db
filename template.
* tbl_move_copy.php3, libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: Fixed copying of
2003-03-20 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/hebrew update, thanks to Yuval Sarna
2003-03-20 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks again to Rachim Tamsjadi.
* libraries/mysql_wrappers.lib.php3: Fix for bug #705531 - check for field
type when doing charset conversion.
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Fixed selecting table/db filename
* libraries/read_dump.lib.php3, db_details.php3,
db_details_importdocsql.php3, tbl_dump.php3, tbl_query_box.php3, lang/*:
Automatic detection of compression for uploaded data.
2003-03-19 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_change.php3, tbl_query_box.php3, tbl_replace_fields.php3:
Display select box for stored files on Server ($cfg['UploadDir']) in every SQL
input area (SQL window, table properties) AND in the 'Insert/Update field' display
where you can upload files to blob fields. Experimental.
2003-03-19 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
2003-03-19 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_properties_operations.php3: fixed bad id of option (#706147).
* lang/dutch: Updated, thanks to Gilles van den Hoven.
* lang/thai: Updated.
* lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi.
* lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi.
* lang/lithuanian: Updated, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas.
* lang/chinese: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun.
2003-03-18 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Fixed variable usage.
* lang/*, libraries/transformations/*, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3: Added new transforms for a substr()
function, a dateformat() modified and a basic plugin for external
programs. Support for TIDY has been experimentally been built in.
External programs make use of piping and thus cannot be used in
Added the ability for transforms to adjust the "nowrap" option of a
Some german translation.
2003-03-18 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/select_lang.lib.php3: modify order of Russian lang files
because MSIE does not accept cp866 and users do not see anything,
thanks to Volckov Konstantin Michailovich (wolf at
2003-03-18 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: removed &nbsp; from button text, as
Konqueror doesn't like it there and it is not needed.
* lang/czech: updated.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Don't show BLOB text instead of content
when using transformations.
* libraries/display_export.lib.php3, db_details_links.php3,, server_databases.php3,,
server_processlist.php3, server_status.php3, server_variables.php3,
tbl_change.php3 libraries/server_privileges.js: Fixed end of line chars.
* tbl_dump.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3, lang/*: User can now
specify how will filename for exported data look like (RFE #678642).
* Documentation.*: Next release seems to be 2.5.0.
* lang/latvian: Updated, thanks to Sandis Jerics.
2003-03-17 Mike Beck <>
* pdf_pages.php3 will now check if the pdf_pages table has entries
that reference tables that no longer exist. if it does user is prompted
to delete them.
2003-03-17 Marc Delisle <>
* user_password.php3,, libraries/user_password.js:
put back js functions for user password change (= old user_details.js)
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, functions.js: new feature:
browse mode page drop-down, thanks to Alexis Soulard (alexis_soulard)
2003-03-15 Marc Delisle <>
* pdf_pages.php3: Automatic layout of tables on the schema
2003-03-15 Garvin Hicking <>
* pdf_schema.php3: Fixed typo.
2003-03-14 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, db_details_importdocsql.php3: Fixed
'../' safety issues, display transformations only if file exists
(Bug #703555)
2003-03-14 Robin Johnson <>
*, libraries/config_import.lib.php3 tbl_change.php3:
- Typo fixes:
* scripts/create_tables.sql:
- Neaten up SQL, add DROP TABLE/DATABASE cleanness
2003-03-13 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_status.php3: Fixed the Garvin's calculations.
* server_variables.php3: Fixed the display for MySQL <= 4.0.3-beta.
* libraries/,
libraries/transformations/overview.php3: Fixed CSS link.
* Added tooltips for transformations.
2003-03-13 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: analyzer: where_clause_identifiers
2003-03-13 Garvin Hicking <>
* lang/*, server_status.php3: RFE #702485 - display total# queries per hour/minute/second.
* Put a note for flipped headers: CSS only works for IE. ('writing-mode')
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Display fields used for WHERE query highlighted in
results page (1px border in the color of BrowserMarkerColor around the cells).
RFE #638800
* libraries/build_dump.lib.php3, db_details_structure.php3, db_printview.php3,
pdf_schema.php3, tbl_dump.php3, tbl_printview.php3, tbl_properties_structure.php3,
lang/*: RFE #7000385: Export AUTO_INCREMENT field.
Display Create/Update/Check_time in PDF-Pages, printview, DB/Table structure and table
dumps, if information is available (gathered by 'SHOW TABLE STATUS' for MySQL 3.23.XX).
* - Altered comments for PMA_* tables for easier integration and more
clarity. Make it easier to enable defaults (RFE #695265)
2003-03-12 Garvin Hicking <>
* db_details_structure.php3: When using Alias-Displays for Tables, fix bug when a tablename
was not displayed if it has no comment.
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3 RFE #550554 - Execute SQL bookmarks when browsing the
* db_details_structure.php, left.php3, tbl_properties_links.php3, libraries/bookmark.lib.php3:
RFE #550552: Change default initial query for browse mode, if a bookmark with the same
label as the tablename is found.
* tbl_properties_options.php3, tbl_properties_table_info.php3: Support changing
auto_increment value. (RFE #639655)
* db_printview.php3, tbl_printview.php3, db_datadict.php3, pdf_schema.php3:
Display DB comments and MIME types, where appropriate.
*, querywindow.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3: Fixed some bugs for
the querywindow which didn't show the latest querys always.
* Documentation.html, db_details.php3, read_dump.php3, tbl_query_box.php3:
RFE #470000 - Use parameters for bookmarked queries. This is a bit tricky
to do, so please see Documentation.html. I thought it too hard to move the
bookmark-box around where you can store the bookmarks, because there are a couples
of redirections involved. So the major problem is that your to-be-stored bookmark
HAS to yield at least a single result row for you to be able to store that.
* tbl_move_copy.php3, tbl_properties_operations.php3: RFE #571838 :
Add 'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS' checkbox. Will maintain any existing PMA_* entries
for that table.
* tbl_properties_export.php3, db_details_export.php3,
libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Reworked DB/Table export, so that DB
export now is a perfect look-alike except for a multi-tables dropdown.
Put the code to display the export into a seperate file for re-usability.
* tbl_change.php3,, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3: RFE #422243 - Definition of which MySQL functions
map to which MySQL field type and in the dropdown of the function list first
display the fitting functions, and then for compatibility reasons the rest of
the functions.
TODO: I don't know if I chose the correct mapping for all types. Please correct
config_import.lib.php3 and if therer are any mismappings.
* sql.php3, tbl_alter.php3, tbl_move_copy.php3, tbl_properties_structure.php3,
tbl_rename.php3, libraries/relation.lib.php3:
Bugfix #579256 / RFE #577328 : Automatic update of relations,
display fields, comments, bookmarks, ... on update, delete and duplicate.
Automatic duplication/moving of PDF pages does not yet work. Would the
original author please be so kind to have a look at the tbl_move_copy.php
script, search for '[TODO]' and apply necessary fixes? ;)
* tbl_dump.php3: New $sql_structure variable for the new table export
design broke DB export functionality. Fixed this.
2003-03-12 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ukrainian: update, thanks to Markijan Baran
2003-03-11 Garvin Hicking <>
* docSQL/*, read_dump.php3, db_details_importdocsql.php3,
libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3, libraries/read_dump.lib.php3:
Improved security of docSQL importer. You now can only access
a subdirectory of phpMyAdmin ('docSQL' proposed) OR upload each
file on its own via File Upload (if $is_upload is true).
Filenames not matching the converter will no more printed out to
maintain security. Permits input of '../'.
* transformation_wrapper.php3 - Remove $err_url, because if a query
fails here, the user won't get to see the error string anyways.
Can happen if you want to display a blob without having an index
key in your query, because the blob cannot be filtered by a content
2003-03-11 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/ bug 700082, support of XOR
2003-03-10 Alexander M. Turek <>
* translators.html: Another mechanism against stupid people who use the
translator list as a list of localised support hotlines or try to get a
translation by mail order... :o)
*, index.php3, left.php3, queryframe.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/ Ensured
that the correct font families are used.
2003-03-10 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Fixed getElementbyId-Bug #687548,
thanks to Csaba Gabor!
* sql.php3: Fixed another occurence of addslashes() where it no longer
* tbl_addfield.php3, tbl_alter.php3, tbl_create.php3,, libraries/common.lib.php3: Goodie for you all
- when creating/altering/adding table fields you can now change the
wrong form input, instead of losing all your data. Have fun. :-)
* tbl_dump.php3, tbl_properties_export.php3, css/phpmyadmin.css.php3,
Added new table export format by Michal Cihar. db_details_export.php3
should be adapted to the new layout somewhen. Fixed Compression.
*,, index.php3,
left.php3, queryframe.php3, querywindow.php3,
transformation_wrapper.php3, css/phpmyadmin.css.php3,
libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/db_table_exists.lib.php3,
libraries/functions.js, libraries/,
libraries/, libraries/left.js
Massive code-cleanup. Put all stylesheets into new central file
css/phpmyadmin.css.php3. To reduce overhead in this file, the
common.lib.php3 has a new variable to determine whether the full
code structure or only those codes needed for the stylesheet class
is parsed. This is to prevent duplicated code, even though it looks
somehow ugly. The stylesheet is now embedded via a <link rel>-
directive and should also be able to be cached by the browser.
See patch #699454.
Also some unneccessary code was removed from querywindow/wrapper.
* tbl_change.php3: Patch #697541 to prevent non-associative MySQL
fieldnames to be mapped to false keys for display.
2003-03-10 Marc Delisle <>
* transformation_wrapper.php3, lang/*,
new transformation for png (inline)
(still issues with PNG's transparency in PHP 4.3.0)
* libraries/common.lib.php3: bug 692652, support for disabled ini_get()
2003-03-09 Garvin Hicking <>
* db_printview.php3: Added print button (#700205)
2003-03-08 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/transformations/*.sh: did not work in bash
2003-03-07 Marc Delisle <>
* transformation_wrapper.php3, lang/*,
now 2 options for resize: width, height
2003-03-06 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3:
Fix bug #658668, special escaping of \n, \r and \t characters.
Please test, works fine for me now (both magic_quotes on/off).
2003-03-05 Robin Johnson <>
* Documentation.html, Documentation.txt: Long-withstanding spelling fixes!
* Script to make conversion easier
2003-03-05 Garvin Hicking <>
* Documentation.html: Added FAQ 2.6 about localhost-socket connections.
* libraries/relation.lib.php3, libraries/transformations.lib.php3,
tbl_relation.php3, tbl_move_copy.php3: Replace PMA_handleSlashes()
call with PMA_sqlAddslashes() call because of new global s
* sql.php3: Fixed querytime bug, when query was only shown for PHP
* read_dump.php3, sql.php3, tbl_alter.php3,
tbl_properties_export.php3: Fixed remaining calls to stripslashes()
where not neccessary, because grab_globals already stripslashed
the data. This fixes the problem of the SQL Pretty printer showing
the data wrongly formatted.
2003-03-05 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/ TRANSACTION isn't reserved word (fixes
2003-03-05 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html, faq 1.29 about the "duplicate field names" problem
* transformation_wrapper.php3, libraries/defines_php.lib.php3,
resized thumbnails
2003-03-03 Alexander M. Turek <>
* tbl_replace_fields.php3: Bugfix: User was unable to insert values
containing quotes.
* libraries/common.lib.php3:
- Avoid reloading the left frame twice;
- PHP3 compatibility;
- $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] autodetection did not work as expected if php was
in CGI mode.
2003-03-03 Marc Delisle <>
* badwords.txt: bug 692874: "date" is not a reserved word
2003-03-02 Alexander M. Turek <>
* db_details.php3, db_details_qbe.php3, db_search.php3, ldi_check.php3,, read_dump.php3, sql.php3, tbl_addfield.php3,
tbl_change.php3, tbl_create.php3, tbl_dump.php3, tbl_indexes.php3,
tbl_properties_operations.php3, tbl_properties_options.php3,
tbl_query_box.php3, tbl_rename.php3, tbl_replace.php3,
tbl_replace_fields.php3, tbl_select.php3, transformation_wrapper.php3,
user_password.php3, libraries/build_dump.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, libraries/grab_globals.php3:
If magic_quotes_gpc is enabled, grab_globals calls stripslashes when
extracting the arrays $_GET and $_POST. This should replace a lots of
workarounds and avoid present and future problems with magic_quotes_gpc.
* server_privileges.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3:
- Escape wildcard characters in the database and table dropdown boxes;
- CSS fixes.
2003-03-01 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/english: typo
* tbl_dump.php3: undefined variable $use_comments
* tbl_properties_export.php3: bug 692143: now we remove the
LIMIT clause from the original query to use the limits entered
on the export form
* pdf_schema.php3: better header/footer for long pages,
thanks to Maxime Delorme
2003-03-01 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_indexes.php3: Cleaner solution for showing query after changing
2003-03-01 Robin Johnson <>
* libraries/xpath/XPath.class.php, libraries/xpath/:
- Removed (was part of the early DB config prototype)
* lang/
- Counts just how out of date the translations are!
2003-02-28 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_indexes.php3: Show SQL query after modifying/creating index (closes
#694800), show structure after modifying index.
2003-02-28 Alexander M. Turek <>
* Documentation.html: Fixed a typo.
* server_privileges.php3: Fixed bug #691910.
* server_status.php3, lang/*.inc.php3: Patch #683302: InnoDB status monitor,
thanks to Jason Carlson (jjcarlson).
2003-02-28 Garvin Hicking <>
*,, queryframe.php3, querywindow.php3,
tbl_query_box.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
- Finetuneing for query window: Only three tabs, if DefaultTab
is not set to 'full'.
- Inserted nobr-Tags to make german translation for 'sql history' fit inside a tab.
- Improved windowsize of the query window (no a *lot* smaller, hope this will suit
Rabus ;).
- Made the textarea smaller (*1.25 instead of *2) for the window only.
- Fixed a bug when you changed from a table to a database on the left frame and the
query window still wants to show the previous table.
* tbl_query_box.php3: Only show fieldlist, when $table is set.
* translators.html: Adjusted to same topmenu as Documentation.html.
With the new 'Transformations' item the bar was too large to fit
on standard 800x600 browser windows.
2003-02-27 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* lang/english: Resorted.
2003-02-27 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3:
- Backwards compatibility;
- Removed some unnecessary code;
- Added a small HOWTO.
* The tab settings don't fit into the 'left frame' part.
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Grammar.
* Documentation.html: Fixed some dead links.
* scripts/create_tables.sql: Adjusted table comments.
2003-02-27 Garvin Hicking <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, tbl_properties_links.php3, db_details_links.php3,
querywindow.php3: Integrated Manuzhais patch for Lightweight Tabs.
* querywindow.php3, tbl_query_box.php3,,, index.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Added (optional) DB-based SQL-history with
purging on login, made querywindow tabbed, improved Querywindow-compatibility.
*,, librarires/config_import.lib.php3:
Experimental: Added $cfg['DefaultPropDisplay']. Enables vertical display
(optional, default off) of the columns. I didn't like to have to scroll in horizontal
directions, so with this mode you can see about 6 columns at once on a single screen.
* Fixed bug when certain fields are not
enabled, they threw an undefined offset. [2nd try, now for real :)]
* Documentation.html: Updated for my new features. Should include
everyting, I hope. But seriously needs a proofread.
* Inserted new directives for empty
$cfg['Servers'][$i]. (history, verbose_check)
* tbl_create.php3, tbl_addfield.php3, tbl_alter.php3: Added more checks
to suppress Notices/Warnings when MIME-types are not enabled.
2003-02-26 Garvin Hicking <>
* lang/german-*: better grammar. ;)
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Fixed transformation-link variable
usage for special queries like 'SHOW FIELDS', where certain variables are
not set.
*, tbl_addfield.php3, tbl_alter.php3, tbl_create.php3,
tbl_move_copy.php3,, tbl_properties_structure.php3,
transformation_wrapper.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, libraries/relation.lib.php3,
Test if MIME-feature are really available. Preparation for PMA_db-based
Removed a dupe for inserting comments, fixed integrity check when
moving/renaming tables and keeping comments.
* Added one more Javascript if-structure to make sure
the frameset is initialized when querying for an active window. Without
this, when starting phpMyAdmin for the first time, IE6 may complain
depending on the order it loads the framesets.
2003-02-25 Marc Delisle <>
* db_details_structure.php3: undefined variable $comment
* tbl_move_copy.php3: 'column_info'
2003-02-25 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/bulgarian-*.inc.php3, lang/czech-*.inc.php3, lang/dutch-*.inc.php3,
lang/swedish-*.inc.php3, lang/thai-*.inc.php3: Removed problematic %e from
$datefmt (translations #692065).
* lang/japanese-*.inc.php3: Fixed some inconsistences.
*, db_details_importdocsql.php3, Documentation.html,
sql.php3, tbl_move_copy.php3, tbl_rename.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/relation.lib.php3,
libraries/transformations.lib.php3: Changed 'column_comments' to
* ChangeLog: Removed the 2.3.x branch from this ChangeLog; I moved it to
2003-02-25 Garvin Hicking <>
* Fixed duped display of comments due to
merging diff conflict.
* lang/german*: German translations, only missing transformation
descriptions. They shouldn't be translated at that early point, I guess.
* libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/relation.lib.php3,
libraries/transformations.lib.php3: 'column_info', they were somehow
not included in rabus' commit?!
2003-02-24 Alexander M. Turek <>
* common.lib.php3: Backwards compatibility.
2003-02-24 Garvin Hicking <>
Submitted multiple patches from the patch tracker:
* JS rowmarker now works in vertical display mode
Files: libraries/functions.js, display_tbl.lib.php3
* Display nav_bar even when only one row is returned, to enable display in
vertical/horizontal mode (especially for rotated headers)
Files: libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3
* Measures basic query time [#571934]
Files: sql.php3, display_tbl.lib.php3
* New display mode with 90 degree rotated table headers [#544361]. Works
either as CSS or as 'faked' PHP-transformation.
Files: libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3
* Update and display column comments in Add/Edit Fieldmode and CREATE table
mode. Display comments in table structure (optional) with underlined
CSS-mouseovers. Display comments in browser mode (optional), both in
vertical and horizontal display mode. Keep column comments in synch, when
DROPping/ALTERing and moving/copying tables.
Files: tbl_addfield.php3, tbl_alter.php3, tbl_create.php3,, tbl_properties_structure.php3, db_details_links,
tbl_relation.php3,tbl_move_copy.php3, tbl_properties_links.php3,
tbl_rename.php3, sql.php3, db_details_structure.php3, db_details_links.php3,
* Display and enter DB/table comments for navigation, stored in pma comments table.
May be displayed as Alias-Tooltips in left frame. [#650064]
Files: db_details_structure.php3, left.php3, relation.lib.php3
* Display column comments in table/database dumps, as inline SQL-Comments
Files: tbl_dump.php3, tbl_properties_export.php3, build_dump.lib.php3
* Display MIME types to transform any table cell. You can only choose from a
list of pre-defined MIME-types. The list gets built by a function searching
a directory for valid transforms. For further information see
libraries/transformations/README-file and soon in documentation. ;)
Files:, transformations.lib.php3, relation.lib.php3,
create_tables.sql, tbl_addfield.php3, tbl_alter.php3, tbl_create.php3,
tbl_move_copy.php3, transformation_wrapper.php3,
libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, libraries/transformations/*
TODO: Add predefined functions!
* Display a (javascript) based query window as a new frame below the left
frame with query history [#526008]. Currently a bit experimental, works with
IE6 and Mozilla 1.2. Utilizes pretty basic JavaScript functions which *should*
work with any browser.
Files: queryframe.php3, querywindow.php3,,
tbl_query_box.php3, common.lib.php3
2003-02-24 Olivier L. Müller <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: if $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] is empty and
port == 80 or port == 443, do not add ":80" or ":443" anymore to the
generated URL -> prevents a double password query with some browsers
(Safari) in case of http authentication. (tested with https, http and
http running on port 8080)
2003-02-24 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_change.php3, tbl_replace_fields.php3: Move magic words used for
fields type into special variable. Fixes #647689.
* db_details_structure.php3: Removed extra /. Fixes #692171.
2003-02-23 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.4.0 released
2003-02-23 Olivier L. Müller <>
* docs.css: highlight FAQ questions in blue -> more readble.
2003-02-23 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges: Better code for "check privileges"; This should fix
bug #687808 and a few other problems.
* ANNOUNCE.txt: Updated list of known bugs.
* server_variables.php3: Modified generated XHTML code.
2003-02-22 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/italian update, thanks to Pietro Danesi
* lang/slovak update, thanks to Lubos Klokner
* lang/polish: update, thanks to Jakub Wilk
* lang/thai: update, thanks to Arthit Suriyawongkul
* tbl_change.php3: do not use enctype="multipart/form-data"
if !$is_upload (possible solution for bug 689215)
* lang/swedish: update, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg
2003-02-19 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Coding standards.
* lang/romanian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Valics Lehel.
* lang/spanish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
* lang/galician-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Xosé Calvo.
* lang/catalan-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Xavier Navarro.
2003-02-18 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3: bug 649665: undefined variables with UNION, and
also get the correct row count
* lang/norwegian: update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
2003-02-18 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_databases.php3:
- Fixed bug #688360 (Database privileges and AllowUserDropDatabase);
- The link "check privileges" is now only displayed to superusers.
2003-02-17 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* Documentation.html: Removed obsolete FAQ 6.17 about binary upload.
2003-02-17 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: Fixed edit link.
* Documentation.html:
- Reformulated some passages;
- FAQ 1.28.
* ANNOUNCE.txt: Synchronized features list with documentation.
* server_databases.php3: Fixed bug #688271 (missing "?").
2003-02-17 Garvin Hicking <>
* tbl_replace_fields.php3, read_dump.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3:
Reworked blob file upload. More security cautions, and preserve
fields contents, if no new file was uploaded. Moved is_uploaded_file
function from read_dump.php3 to common.lib.php3 for reusability.
2003-02-17 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_change.php3, tbl_replace_fields.php3: Removed checkbox for binary
upload, upload field moved into table.
2003-02-17 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.4.0-rc2 released
* sql.php3: use SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS on MySQL 4 to find the
correct number of rows
2003-02-16 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3, lang/*.inc.php3, lang/server_privileges.js:
- Reimplemented ability to change a user's login information
(bug #684984);
- Feature: copy user profiles;
- "Check privileges" should now also check for wildcards;
- The revoke mode for deleting users did not always produce valid MySQL.
* lang/chinese-*.inc.php3: Fixed bug #682161 by removing some errornous strings.
* ANNOUNCE.txt: synchronized list of features and fixes.
2003-02-16 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* docs.css: Fixed URL.
2003-02-16 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3, libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: new analyzer logic
for splitting the SELECT clauses, to solve almost all records
counting bugs
* pdf_schema.php3: improved alignment, thanks to Maxime Delorme
* lang/japanese: update, thanks to Yukihiro Kawada
2003-02-15 Alexander M. Turek <>
* ANNOUNCE.txt: Prepared announcement for 2.4.0. Please feel free to correct
it if necessary.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Don't display edit link for
database-independant queries.
* lang/polish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
* docs.css:
- Wrong URI;
- Typo.
2003-02-14 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_databases.php3, server_privileges.php3, lang/*.inc.php3:
Reimplemented "check privileges" feature.
2003-02-13 Robin Johnson <>
* sql.php3: Fix simple little bug #685082
2003-02-12 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: Fixed bug #684947 ('uncheck all' of 'privileges'
is broken), thanks to Alexander Schuch (ci-dev).
2003-02-12 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/indonesian update, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi
* lang/italian update, thanks to Pietro Danesi
* lang/lithuanian update, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas
* lang/slovenian update, thanks to Kositer Uros
* lang/swedish: update, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg
* tbl_change.php3: upload field only to BLOBs
* libraries/defines.lib.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3: adjust Konqueror
font size
2003-02-11 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_replace_fields.php3: sometimes we receive "none" as the file
name when there is no field upload for some field
* sql.php3: bug 684712, undefined variable $table (js disabled
and confirmation for drop database)
2003-02-11 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_databases.php3: Wrong link title.
2003-02-10 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_databases.php3: Ensured that the database list is built.
2003-02-10 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/catalan: update, thanks to Xavier Navarro
2003-02-09 Robin Johnson <>
* lang/Galician*: Updates thanks to xosecalvo
2003-02-09 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated again.
2003-02-09 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_databases.php3, lang/*.inc.php3:
- Bugfixes & interface cosmetic;
- Drop multiple databases.
* db_stats.php3: Removed, the file is replaced by server_databases.php3.
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
* Added a note about another possible setting.
* lang/galician-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Xosé Calvo.
* lang/romanian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Valics Lehel.
* translators.html: Fixed a typo.
* lang/indonesian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/italian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Pietro Danesi (danone).
2003-02-08 Alexander M. Turek <>
*, lang/ Typos.
* lang/ Updates, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* server_databases.php3,, lang/*.inc.php3:
Reworte db_stats.php3 to be conform with the new server_ pages.
2003-02-07 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
2003-02-07 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/italian: update, thanks to Pietro Danesi
* lang/norwegian: update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
* lang/polish: update, thanks to Jakub Wilk
* lang/swedish: update, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg
* lang/slovak: remove duplicates
* lang/*, new $strDefaultValueHelp
2003-02-06 Robin Johnson <>
* lang/arabic*: Updates thanks to Ossama Khayat <ossamak at>
* lang/ Fixed duplicate '$strDBGMin' where it should
be '$strDBGMax'
* translators.html: Added Ossama Khayat <ossamak at>
2003-02-06 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: PHP3 parse error
* Documentation.html, db_details_importdocsql.php3, tbl_relation.php3,
libraries/relation.lib.php3: bug 681298, we should always backquote
a restricted word like "comment" when used as an identifier
* Documentation.html, bug 681776, wrong command for my.ini file
* libraries/left.js: png files
2003-02-05 Alexander M. Turek <>
* db_details.php3, tbl_query_box.php3: Disabled the autoselect feature of
the SQL query box for Opera 7 for Windows in order to avoid trouble here.
* Documentation.html: Removed FAQ entry about Opera 7.
* db_stats.php3: One <img> tag still pointed to a GIF file.
2003-02-05 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_replace.php3, tbl_replace_fields.php3: do not display the
UPDATE query if there was some binary upload in it, otherwise
display it
2003-02-04 Alexander M. Turek <>
* common.lib.php3:
- Patch #669255 (Initial DB list for MySQL > 4.0.2), thanks to Charles
Bailey (charles_bailey);
- Don't use small fonts for Opera 7.
* ldi_check.php3: Backslahes should be escaped.
* Documentation.html: Added a note about Opera 7.
2003-02-04 Michal Cihar <>
* Documentation.*: Added information about binary checkbox when uploading
2003-02-04 Garvin Hicking <>
* common.lib.php3: Fixed a possible 'undefined index' error.
2003-02-04 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: new faq entry about IE bug with http auth,
switching from one server to the other
* db_details_qbe.php3: bug 661758 (undefined offset when doing a qbe
and only table selected)
* ldi_check.php3: check local_infile on recent MySQL versions,
thanks to Alexander
2003-02-03 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, tbl_change.php3: Show blob size (RFE
* tbl_replace_fields.php3, tbl_change.php3: Allow binary uploads.
* tbl_dump.php3: Fix bug #679699 (export to XML, save to file - Undefined
variable: charset_of_file).
2003-02-03 Garvin Hicking <>
* pdf_schema.php3, libraries/dbg/profiling.php3,
libraries/xpath/XPath.class.php: Backwards compatibility (foreach loops).
2003-02-03 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.4.0-rc1 released
and after the release:
* lang/romanian: update, thanks to Valics Lehel
* lang/spanish: update, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza C.
* lang/catalan: update, thanks to Xavier Navarro
* lang/dutch update, thanks to Ivo Teel
2003-02-02 Olivier L. Müller <>
* tbl_addfield.php3: ignore empty fields on alter table
2003-02-02 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Backwards
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
* server_privileges.php3: Remove column privileges.
* Added $cfg['DefaultTabServer'].
* Link the default tabs.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: PHP3 compatibility.
2003-02-02 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* lang/ This needs bash.
2003-02-02 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/indonesian: update, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/norwegian: update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
* libraries/kanji-encoding.lib.php3 bug fix, thanks to Yukihiro Kawada
* libraries/dbg/setup.php3, lang/*: generic $strCantLoad
(later when we get enough translations,
we can use it instead of $strCandLoadMySQL)
* lang/romanian: update, thanks to Valics Lehel
* lang/galician: update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
* lang/lithuanian: update, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas
* lang/japanese: update, thanks to Yukihiro Kawada
* lang/*, libraries/dbg/profiling.php3: strDBGMaxTimeMs,
thanks to Alexander
2003-02-01 Robin Johnson <>
* R.I.P.: --- On Feb. 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-107) was lost during its
re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. In memory of the brave men and women who
gave their lives for the people of Earth. ---
* Documentation.html: Removed a bit of duplication in [7.4] and the
Developers section
* libraries/dbg: New directory for DBG code
* libraries/dbg/setup.php3:
- DBG initialization code, including module support
* libraries/dbg/profiling.php3: Profiling code
* lang/*: New strings added for DBG extension
* config options for DBG, off by default
* DBG profiling output
2003-02-01 Michal Cihar <>
* Documentation.*, translators.html, docs.css: New documentation layout.
* scripts/ Added --dont_wrap_pre to lynx parameters.
2003-02-01 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3, tbl_replace.php3, (new)tbl_replace_fields.php3,
db_details.php3, tbl_query_box.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3:
new Feature: BLOB field upload
(TODO: handle open_basedir restrictions)
2003-01-31 Alexander M. Turek <>
*, Documentation.html, libraries/common.lib.php3,
libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Added experimental support for
compressed connections to the MySQL server.
2003-01-30 Marc Delisle <>
* db_details_structure.php3, libraries/fpdf/fpdf.php3: better browser
support, thanks to Jose Fandos (jose.fandos at
2003-01-30 Michal Cihar <>
* Documentation*: Added faq 1.27 about GZIP output buffering problem.
* Documentation.html, translators.html: Unified using of font sizes.
2003-01-30 Alexander M. Turek <>
* main.php3, user_details.php3, libraries/user_details.js: Removed the old
user management.
* server_processlist.php3: Fixed a bug the denied the access to the
process list for normal users.
* Removed note about buggy setting.
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
* Documentation.html: There won't be a PHP 4.5.0; typos.
2003-01-29 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_select.php3: drop-down for enums, thanks to Joerg Klein (j0erch)
2003-01-28 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3, tbl_replace.php3: display UPDATE statement after row edit
2003-01-27 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/slovenian update: thanks to Kositer Uros (urosh)
* lang/albanian: update, thanks to Laurent Dhima
* lang/slovak update, thanks to Lubos Klokner
2003-01-25 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/relation.lib.php3: improve messages
2003-01-23 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_relation.php3, bug 659227: in Relation View, cannot enter comments
2003-01-22 Robin Johnson <>
* lang/swedish*: Updates, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth)
* lang/italian*: Updates, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone)
* lang/english*: Resorted and Resynced.
* lang/farsi*: Added ready for Farsi translation
* lang/, libraries/select_lang.lib.php3:
- Updates ready for Farsi translation
* lang/polish*: Updates, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus)
* fulltext.png, partialtext.png, pma_logo.png:
- Ran PNGCRUSH on files to reduce size optimially.
* plus.gif, browse.gif, desc_order.gif, asc_order.gif, minus.gif,
vertical_line.gif, item_rtl.gif, item_ltr.gif:
- Old image files removed and replaced with PNG files (feature
* plus.png, browse.png, desc_order.png, asc_order.png, minus.png,
vertical_line.png, item_rtl.png, item_ltr.png:
- New PNG image files (feature #458895)
*, left.php3, main.php3, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3:
- Code changes for PNG images (feature #458895)
2003-01-21 Robin Johnson <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: checkType function
2003-01-21 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/catalan-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
2003-01-21 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3, tbl_properties_export.php3, libraries/build_dump.lib.php3:
row limiting for exported results
2003-01-21 Michal Cihar <>
* db_datadict.php3, pdf_schema.php3, tbl_printview.php3,, tbl_properties_structure.php3, tbl_select.php3:
Fixed bug #667682 ("UNSIGNED" option in SET or ENUM), SET and ENUM can't
2003-01-19 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: Added column privileges editor.
2003-01-19 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3, tbl_properties_export.php3, tbl_dump.php3,
tbl_move_copy.php3, libraries/build_dump.lib.php3:
Feature: Export results of SELECTs
2003-01-17 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: faq 5.12 about OS X Safari problem
* tbl_move_copy.php3: typo (wrong back link)
2003-01-17 Robin Johnson <>
* lang/spanish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza C.
* lang/norwegian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
2003-01-17 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: Wrong label.
* scripts/ Changed the CVS hostname to cvs1 because is now blocked for the SF shell servers, too. Note:
The script now works on the SF shell servers ONLY!
2003-01-16 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* libraries/tbl_change.js, tbl_change.php3: Improved Ctrl+arrows moving in
field editing.
2003-01-15 Robin Johnson <>
* lang/ Fix status output bug '\n'
* db_details_importdocsql.php3: Move hardcoded strings to language files
* lang/*.php3: Add new strings for docSQL importer
* libraries/sqlvalidator.*.php3: Finish fixing bug #644709
* Documentation.html: Revised FAQ entry about SQL Validator
2003-01-15 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/lithuanian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas (viliusz).
* lang/indonesian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/italian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/polish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
* lang/slovak-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Lubos Klokner (erkac).
2003-01-15 Marc Delisle <>
* pdf_pages.php3: feature: deleting a pdf page
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: bug 667317 (INTERVAL 10YEAR)
, bug 667663 (ALTER TABLE tbl_name AUTO_INCREMENT = 1 )
2003-01-14 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3:
- Lookup database / table lists if possible;
- The database name was displayed instead of the table name in the sub
page heading.
* lang/slovenian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Kositer Uros (urosh).
* lang/norwegian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to
Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* lang/albanian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Laurent Dhima (laurenti).
* lang/catalan-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
2003-01-14 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/galician: update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
* lang/spanish: update, thanks to Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
2003-01-14 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_properties_structure.php3, libraries/functions.js: Added (un)check
all for fields selection.
*, libraries/functions.js: Merged patch #554439
(Jumping cursor using keyboard).
* tbl_alter.php3, tbl_addfield.php3, tbl_create.php3: Always include
functions.js to allow jumping using keyboard.
* tbl_change.php3, libraries/tbl_change.js: Moving cursor with Ctrl+arrows
works also for row editing.
* Documentation.*: Documented moving using Ctrl+arrows (FAQ 6.16).
2003-01-13 Robin Johnson <>
* libraries/sqlvalidator.class.php3:
- Removed dependency on overload extension
- Started to fix bug #644709
* sql.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3:
- Revert line 88 of sql.php3, and fix it a different way...
2003-01-12 Robin Johnson <>
* read_dump.php3, sql.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
- Fixed bug #641765, see mailing list post
2003-01-11 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_*.php3:
- The messages are now displayed by, so may be included earlier;
- Beautified code.
* server_privileges.php3:
- Wrong GRANT syntax;
- Changed the default behavior of the for fields "pred_username" and
2003-01-10 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_change.php3: bug 665885, wrong back link after sql error
* lang/spanish: update, thanks to Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
* lang/ukrainian: update, thanks to Markijan Baran
* lang/romanian: update, thanks to Valics Lehel
* lang/japanese: update, thanks to Yukihiro Kawada
2003-01-10 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech*: Updated.
2003-01-09 Marc Delisle <>
* sql.php3, libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: bug 664951, add
support for the EXTRACT ... FROM syntax which is not a real
2003-01-09 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3, lang/*.inc.php3:
- Forgot to implement "This host";
- Drop the users' databases;
- Don't send comments to the MySQL server;
- When trying to delete multiple users, display an error message if none
have been selected.
2003-01-08 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3, libraries/functions.js,
sql.php3: - use the parser for confirmation requests
- better check before appending LIMIT
* lang/galician: update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
* lang/spanish: update, thanks to Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
* lang/indonesian: missing semicolon
* lang/japanese: update, thanks to Yukihiro Kawada
* lang/romanian: update, thanks to Valics Lehel
2003-01-08 Michal Cihar <>
* libraries/url_generating.lib.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3: New URL
and hidden input generating stuff.
* almost all php3 files: Use new URL and hidden input generation stuff.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Addded extra check for MySQL even when in
safe mode (could fix #661949).
2003-01-08 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/english-*.inc.php3: Fixed a typo.
* server_privileges.php3, libraries/url_generating.lib.php3:
- Beautified generated XHTML code;
- Coding standards;
- Added a missing @param comment.
2003-01-07 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
2003-01-07 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3: Sorting user list.
* translators.html: Typo.
* lang/catalan-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
* lang/indonesian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
* lang/italian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/lithuanian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas (viliusz).
* lang/norwegian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to
Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* lang/spanish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
2003-01-07 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: clarification about cookie/http modes
* lang/dutch update, thanks to Ivo Teel
* lang/japanese: update, thanks to Yukihiro Kawada
* lang/ukrainian: remove duplicate messages
2003-01-06 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3:
- Interface cosmetic;
- Smaller bugfixes;
- Added a db / table privileges editor.
* server_privileges.php3, XHTML fixes.
* server_privileges.php3, libraries/server_privileges.js:
- Optimized some JS functions for the new interface;
- Added ability to create new MySQL users via GRANT (feature #502465).
* Documentation.html, translators.html, libraries/defines_php.lib.php3:
Incremented version number to 2.4.0-dev.
2003-01-05 Alexander M. Turek <>
* Documentation.html: Added a note about "bug" #662602 (FAQ 3.4).
2003-01-03 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/estonian*, malay*: remove control M
* lang/romanian: update, thanks to Valics Lehel
* lang/galician: update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
* lang/english: typos fix, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth)
2003-01-01 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/german*: Updated.
2003-01-01 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech*: Updated.
* lang/italian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/ Made POSIX sh compatible.
* lang/ Made require bash.
* lang/swedish*: Updated.
* lang/*: For many translations fixed missing/duplicate strings.
2002-12-28 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/ukrainian: update, thanks to Markijan Baran
* user_details.php3: add $strGrantOption
* lang/french update
* main.php3, lang/*.php3: $strOriginalInterface
2002-12-25 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3:
- Made the script compatible to MySQL < 3.22.11;
- Fixed the missing "LOCK TABLES" option in the privilege editor.
- Fixed a bug that caused the script not to use GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES even
if all privileges have been selected.
* libraries/
- Fixed bug #655817 (New privileges are not detected correctly).
- Updated function list.
2002-12-23 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/italian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Pietro Danesi (danone).
2002-12-22 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_privileges.php3, lang/*.inc.php3, libraries/user_details.js:
Added ability to delete users.
2002-12-21 Alexander M. Turek <>
* tbl_dump.php3:
- Fixed wrong charset information in XML exports.
- Beautified the output of the MySQL version number, e.g. '4.0.5' instead
of '4.00.05'.
2002-12-20 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/italian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Pietro Danesi (danone).
2002-12-19 Michal Cihar <>
* server_privileges.php3: Fixed undefined variable warning.
* lang/czech*: Updated.
* lang/*: Fixed a typo.
2002-12-19 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/romanian: update, thanks to Valics Lehel
* lang/dutch update, thanks to Ivo Teel
2002-12-19 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/norwegian-*.inc.php3:
- Corrections, thanks to Tore Longva <longva at>.
- Updates, thanks again to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* lang/malay-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Shafique (sicksand).
* lang/italian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
* lang/*.inc.php3: Fixed a typo.
* lang/lithuanian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas (viliusz).
* lang/english-*.inc.php3, lang/romanian-*.inc.php3: Reordered strings.
* server_privileges.php3, lang/*.inc.php3:
- Bugfixes;
- Small design modification;
- Added ability to change passwords via SET PASSWORD FOR user.
2002-12-18 Alexander M. Turek <>
* main.php3,, server_privileges.php3, server_links.php3,
lang/*.inc.php3: Started rewriting the user administration; changes:
- Use GRANT / REVOKE for privilege changes (feature #502465);
- Support for the new privilege system introduced with MySQL 4.0.2-beta;
- Support for user resource limits;
- Improved user friendliness.
Currently, it can only display and edit global privileges.
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Undefined index.
* lang/slovenian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Kositer Uros (urosh).
* lang/estonian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Alvar Soome (finsoft).
2002-12-18 Michal Cihar <>
* main.php3: Since every user has access to his processlist, set
is_process_priv to TRUE as default (fixes undefined variable warning).
2002-12-18 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_select.php3, bug 648263
* libraries/common.lib.php3, bug 653764
* tbl_move_copy.php3, tbl_properties_operations.php3: feature 508564,
append data only to a table
2002-12-17 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/russian: update, thanks to Nicolay Zakharov
2002-12-16 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/{,}: Make it work with POSIX sh.
* lang/czech: fixed typos, thanks to Vojta Beran <xmamut at email dot cz>
2002-12-16 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/russian: update, thanks to Nicolay Zakharov
* lang/galician: update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
2002-12-15 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/get_foreign.lib.php3: bug 646263,
bad drop-down in select sub-page
2002-12-14 Alexander M. Turek <>
* libraries/common.lib.php3: Removed a comment.
2002-12-14 Marc Delisle <>
* ldi_check.php3: bug 530255 (LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE)
2002-12-13 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_dump.php3: Fix output order of inserts/creates, generate file
extension to include also file type, not only compression (now it
generates something like dump.sql.gz).
2002-12-13 Mike Beck <>
* pdf_schema.php3: Change generated filename to
db_pdfname.pdf instead of db_pdfnumber.pdf
2002-12-12 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/italian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Pietro Danesi (danone).
* lang/polish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
* lang/slovenian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Kositer Uros (urosh).
* lang/norwegian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to
Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Small grammar fix.
2002-12-11 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
* lang/catalan-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
* libraries/build_dump.php3:
- Fixed part 2 of bug #652311 (Undefined variables);
- Coding standards.
2002-12-11 Michal Cihar <>
* tbl_dump.php3: Fix exporting of structure and data to file, fix and make
cleaner charset conversion for export.
* db_details_export.php3, tbl_dump.php3, tbl_properties_export.php3,
lang/*, libraries/build_dump.lib.php3: Support for exporting to LaTeX,
thanks to Valentine for creating the patch #627496.
2002-12-11 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/galician: update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: bug 649665 undefined vars with UNION,
but there is still some work to do about how to split a UNION
* tbl_properties_options.php3, bug 651522 wrong back-link,
thanks to Mischka ( stollner at uni-muenster dot de )
2002-12-10 Michal Cihar <>
* lang/czech*.php3: Updated translation.
* tbl_dump.php3: Fix Alexanders fix for bug #651414.
2002-12-10 Alexander M. Turek <>
* server_*.php3, lang/*.inc.php3, main.php3:
- Added 'SHOW PROCESSLIST' interface;
- Small bugfixes.
- XHTML fixes.
* lang/spanish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to
Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
* tbl_dump.php3, lang/*.inc.php3: Warning for bug #651414.
2002-12-09 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/norwegian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to
Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
* lang/swedish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
* lang/spanish-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks again to
Dr. med. Daniel Hinostroza C.
2002-12-08 Alexander M. Turek <>
* Documentation.html,,, main.php3,,, server_status.php3,
server_variables.php3, lang/*.inc.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3:
Started working on a new interface to server related pages.
* lang/thai-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Arthit Suriyawongkul (bacteria).
* lang/german-*.inc.php3: Updates.
* lang/english-*.inc.php3: Reordered strings.
2002-12-07 Marc Delisle <>
* db_search.php3, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3
bug 633422, use a button if search result would generate a too big URL
2002-12-06 Mike Beck <>
* pdf_pages.php3,pdf_schema.php3,db_details_structure.php3:
Choose between Landscape and Portrait for the
Datadictionary in PDF Pages
* pdf_schema.php3: lineheight for Textrows in Datadictionary
was equal to textheight, i added one mm above and below text
(hope your tables are not too big not to fit on a page now ;)
2002-12-06 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/ Updates.
* main.php3: Fixed bug #649641 (usernames containing '@' character).
* libaraies/ob.lib.php3: Merged patch #647148 (Fix for Output Handler
warning / php >= 4.3.0) by Mats Engstrom (matseng).
* lang/thai-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Arthit Suriyawongkul (bacteria).
* lang/norvegian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
* lang/lithuanian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas (viliusz).
* lang/estonian-*.inc.php3: Updates, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft).
* lang/italian-*.inc.php3:
- Updates, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
- Coding standards.
2002-12-06 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/*.php3, pdf_schema.php3, pdf_pages.php3, db_details_structure.php3:
new data dict feature for PDF pages, thanks to Maxime Delorme
* lang/*.php3, libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: login error message,
thanks to Piotr Roszatycki (d3xter)
2002-12-05 Alexander M. Turek <>
* lang/ Updates, thanks again to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
2002-12-05 Marc Delisle <>
* pdf_schema.php3: remove control M
* lang/dutch update, thanks to Ivo Teel
2002-12-04 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.3.3pl1 released
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