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phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog
$HeadURL: $ (2008-09-27)
+ [export] properly handle line breaks for YAML, thanks to Dan Barry -
+ [navi] new parameter $cfg['LeftDefaultTabTable']
+ [table] support MySQL 5.1 PARTITION: CREATE TABLE / Table structure,
partition maintenance
+ [privileges] support for EVENT and TRIGGER
+ [error handler] NEW handle errors to prevent path disclosure and display/collect errors
+ [mysqlnd] do not display $strMysqlLibDiffersServerVersion if the client
is mysqlnd
+ [webapp] experimental Mozilla Prism support
+ [export] new plugin "codegen" for NHibernate, thanks to caocao; I'm
looking for a name more descriptive than codegen, taking into account
that it might later support other formats like JSON in the same plugin
+ [export] new export to Texy! markup
+ [lang] Finnish update, thanks to Jouni Kahkonen
+ [config] new parameter $cfg['CheckConfigurationPermissions']
+ [config] new parameter $cfg['Servers'][$i]['ShowDatabasesCommand']
+ [config] new parameter $cfg['Servers'][$i]['CountTables']
+ rfe #1775288 [transformation] proper display if IP-address stored as INT
+ rfe #1758177 [core] Add the Geometry DataTypes
+ rfe #1741101, patch #1798184 UUID default for CHAR(36) PRIMARY KEY,
thanks to Gert Palok - gert_p
- bug #1664240 [GUI] css height makes cfg TextareaRows useless
- bug #1724217 [Create PHP Code] doesn't include newlines for text fields
- bug #1845605 [i18n] translators.html still uses iso-8859-1
- bug #1823018 [charset] Edit(Delete) img-links pointing to wrong row
- bug #1826205 [export] Problems with yaml text export
- bug #1344768 [database] create/alter table new field can not have empty string
as default
+ rfe #1840165 [interface] Enlarge column name field in vertical mode
+ patch #1847534 [interface] New "Inside field" in db search,
thanks to obiserver
+ [GUI] Mootools js library ( and new parameter
* [core] cache some MySQL stats (do not query them with every page request)
+ [view] clearer dialog WITH (CASCADED | LOCAL) CHECK OPTION
+ [lang] Norwegian update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
+ [lang] Japanese update, thanks to Ishigaki Kenichi
+ [lang] Italian update, thanks to Luca Rebellato
+ [gui] Events
* minimal support on db structure page
* export
+ [pdf] Merged tcpdf 2.2.002 (PHP5 version), thanks to Nicola Asuni
+ [engines] Maria support
+ [engines] MyISAM and InnoDB: support ROW_FORMAT table option
+ prevent search indexes from indexing phpMyAdmin installations
+ [engines] PBXT: table options, foreign key (relation view, designer)
+ [lang] New Bangla, thanks to Raquibul Islam and Joy Kumar Nag
+ [interface] Display options; thanks to Dave Grijalva
for the idea about showing the display field while browsing
- bug #1910621 [display] part 2: do not display a BINARY content as text
+ rfe #1962383 [designer] Option to create a PDF page
- patch #2007196, Typos in comments, thanks to knittl - knittl
- bug #1982315 [GUI] Comma and quote in ENUM, thanks to Joshua Hogendorn
+ [GUI] Color picker
- bug #1970836 [parser] SQL parser is slow, thanks to Christian Schmidt
+ rfe #1692928 [transformation] Option to disable browser transformations
+ [import] Speed optimization to be able to import the sakila database
+ [doc] Documentation for distributing phpMyAdmin in README.VENDOR.
+ [display] headwords for sorted column
- bug #2033962 [import] Cannot import zip file
+ [lang] Swedish update, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg
- bug #2050068 [gui] "Check tables having overhead" selects wrong tables
+ [lang] Belarusian update, thanks to Jaska Zedlik
+ [lang] Norwegian update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
+ [lang] Italian update, thanks to Luca Rebellato
- [core] safer handling of temporary files with open_basedir (thanks to Thijs
- [core] do not automatically set and create TempDir, it might lead to security
issue (thanks to Thijs Kinkhorst)
+ [lang] Czech update
- bug #2066923 [display] Navi browse icon does not go to page 1
- patch #2075263 [auth] Single sign-on and cookie clearing,
thanks to Charles Suh - cws125
- bug #2080963 [charset] Clarify doc and improved code, thanks to
Victor Volkov - hanut
- bug [charset] Cannot sort twice on a column when the table name
contains accents
+ [lang] Spanish update, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza
+ [lang] Hungarian update, thanks to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg - dodika
- bug #2113848 [navi] Page number after database switching
- patch #2115966 [GUI] Checkboxes and IE 7, thanks to Martin - maschg
- bug #114066 [core] ForceSSL generates incorrectly escaped redirections (2008-09-22)
- [security] XSS in MSIE using NUL byte, thanks to JPCERT. (2008-09-15)
- [security] Code execution vulnerability, thanks to Norman Hippert (2008-08-28)
- bug #2031221 [auth] Links to version number on login screen
- bug #2032707 [core] PMA does not start if ini_set() is disabled
- bug #2004915 [bookmarks] Saved queries greater than 1000 chars not
displayed, thanks to Maik Wiege - mswiege
- bug #2037381 [export] Export type "replace" does not work
- bug #2037375 [export] DROP PROCEDURE needs IF EXISTS
- bug #2045512 [export] Numbers in Excel export
- bug #2074250 [parser] Undefined variable seen_from (2008-07-28)
- patch #1987593 [interface] Table list pagination in navi,
thanks to Jason Day - jday29
- bug #1989081 [profiling] Profiling causes query to be executed again
(really causes a problem in case of INSERT/UPDATE)
- bug #1990342 [import] SQL file import very slow on Windows,
thanks to Richard Heaton - wotnot
- bug [XHTML] problem with tabindex and radio fields
- bug #1971221 [interface] tabindex not set correctly
- bug [views] VIEW name created via the GUI was not protected with backquotes
- bug #1989813 [interface] Deleting multiple views (space in name)
- bug #1992628 [parser] SQL parser removes essential space
- bug #1989281 [export] Export fails if one table is marked as crashed
- bug #2001005 [GUI] ARCHIVE cannot have indexes
- bug #1989281 [export] CSV for MS Excel incorrect escaping of double quotes
- bug #1959855 [interface] Font size option problem when no config file
(todo (trunk): navi frame size does not change for theme original)
- bug #1982489 [relation] Relationship view should check for changes
- bug [history] Do not save too big queries in history
- [security] Do not show version info on login screen
- bug #2018595 [import] Potential data loss on import resubmit
- patch #2020630 [export] Safari and timedate, thanks to Sebastian Mendel,
Isaac Bennetch and Jürgen Wind
- bug #2022182 [import, export] Import/Export fails because of Mac files
- [security] protection against cross-frame scripting and
new directive AllowThirdPartyFraming, thanks to YGN Ethical Hacker Group
- [security] possible XSS during setup, thanks to YGN Ethical Hacker Group
- [interface] revert language changing problem introduced with (2008-07-15)
- bug [security] XSRF/CSRF by manipulating the db,
convcharset and collation_connection parameters,
thanks to YGN Ethical Hacker Group (2008-06-23)
- bug #1908719 [interface] New field cannot be auto-increment and primary key
- [dbi] Incorrect interpretation for some mysqli field flags
- bug #1910621 [display] part 1: do not display a TEXT utf8_bin as BLOB
(fixed for mysqli extension only)
- [interface] sanitize the after_field parameter,
thanks to Norman Hippert
- [structure] do not remove the BINARY attribute in drop-down
- bug #1955386 [session] Overriding session.hash_bits_per_character
- [interface] sanitize the table comments in table print view,
db print view and db data dictionary, thanks to Norman Hippert
- bug #1939031 Auto_Increment selected for TimeStamp by Default
- patch #1957998 [display] No tilde for InnoDB row counter when we know
it for sure, thanks to Vladyslav Bakayev - dandy76
- bug #1955572 [display] alt text causes duplicated strings
- bug #1762029 [interface] Cannot upload BLOB into existing row
- bug #1981043 [export] HTML in exports getting corrupted,
thanks to Jason Judge - jasonjudge
- bug #1936761 [interface] BINARY not treated as BLOB: update/delete issues
- protection against XSS when register_globals is on and .htaccess has
no effect, thanks to Tim Starling
- bug #1996943 [export] Firefox 3 and .sql.gz (corrupted); detect Gecko 1.9,
thanks to Jürgen Wind - windkiel (2008-04-29)
- bug #1903724 [interface] Displaying of very large queries in error message
- bug #1905711 [compatibility] Functions deprecated in PHP 5.3: is_a() and
get_magic_quotes_gpc(), thanks to Dmitry N. Shilnikov - yrtimd
- bug [lang] catalan wrong accented characters
- bug #1893034 [Export] SET NAMES for importing with command-line client
+ [lang] Russian update, thanks to Victor Volkov
- bug #1910485 [core] Unsetting the whitelist during the loop,
thanks to Jeroen Vrijkorte - jv_map
- bug #1906980 [Export] Import of VIEWs fails if temp table exists,
thanks to Falk Nisius - klaf
- bug #1812763 [Copy] Table copy when server is in ANSI_QUOTES sql_mode
thanks to Tony Marston - tonymarston
- bug #1918531 [compatibility] Navigation isn't valid
thanks to Michael Keck - mkkeck
- bug #1926357 [data] BIT defaults displayed incorrectly
- patch #1930057 [auth] colon in password prevents HTTP login on CGI/IIS,
thanks to Jürgen Wind - windkiel
- patch #1929553 [lang] Don't output BOM character in Swedish language file,
thanks to Samuel L. B. - samuellb
- patch #1895796 [lang] Typo in Japanese lang files,
thanks to tyman - acoustype
- bug #1935652 [auth] Access denied (show warning about mcrypt on login page)
- bug #1906983 [export] Reimport of FUNCTION fails
- bug #1919808 [operations] Renaming a database fails to handle functions
- bug #1934401 [core] Cannot force a language
- bug #1944077 [core] Config file containing a BOM,
thanks to Gaetano Giunta - ggiunta
- bug #1947189 [scripts] Missing </head> in scripts/signon.php,
thanks to Dolf Schimmel
+ [lang] Romanian update, thanks to Sergiu Bivol - sbivol (2008-04-22)
- PMASA-2008-3 [security] File disclosure (2008-03-29)
- bug #1909711 [security] Sensitive data in session files (2008-03-01)
- bug #1862661 [GUI] Warn about rename deleting database
- bug #1866041 [interface] Incorrect sorting with AS
- bug #1871038 [import] Notice: undefined variable first_sql_delimiter
- bug #1873110 [export] Problem exporting with a LIMIT clause
- bug #1871164 [GUI] Empty and navigation frame synch.
- patch #1873188 [GUI] Making db pager work when js is disabled,
thanks to Jürgen Wind - windkiel
- bug #1875010 [auth] MySQL server and client version mismatch (mysql ext.)
- patch #1879031 [transform] dateformat transformation and UNIX timestamps,
thanks to Tim Steiner - spam38
- bug [import] Do not verify a missing enclosing character for CSV,
because files generated by Excel don't have any enclosing character
- bug #1799691 [export] "Propose table structure" and Export
- bug #1884911 [GUI] Space usage
- bug #1863326 [GUI] Wrong error message / no edit (Suhosin)
- bug #1887204 [GUI] Order columns in result list messing up query
- patch #1893538 [GUI] Display issues on Opera 9.50,
thanks to Jürgen Wind - windkiel
- bug [GUI] Do not display the database name used by the previous user,
thanks to Ronny Görner
- bug [security] Remove cookies from $_REQUEST for better coexistence with
other applications, thanks to Richard Cunningham. See PMASA-2008-1. (2008-01-12)
- bug #1843428 [GUI] Space issue with DROP/DELETE/ALTER TABLE
- bug #1807816 [search] regular expression search doesn't work with
- bug #1843463 [GUI] DROP PROCEDURE does not show alert
- bug #1835904 [GUI] Back link after a SQL error forgets the query
- bug #1835654 [core] wrong escaping when using double quotes
- bug #1817612 [cookies] Wrong cookie path on IIS with PHP-CGI,
thanks to Carsten Wiedmann
- bug #1848889 [export] export trigger should use DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS
- bug #1851833 [display] Sorting forgets an explicit LIMIT
(fix for sorting on column headers)
- bug #1764182 [cookies] Suhosin cookie encryption breaks phpMyAdmin
- bug #1798786 [import] Wrong error when a string contains semicolon
- bug #1813508 [login] Missing parameter: field after re-login
- bug #1710144 [parser] Space after COUNT breaks Export but not Query
- bug #1783620 [parser] Subquery results without "as" are ignored
- bug #1821264 [display] MaxTableList and INFORMATION_SCHEMA
- bug #1859460 [display] Operations and many databases
- bug #1814679 [display] Database selection pagination when switching servers
- patch #1861717 [export] CSV Escape character not exported right,
thanks to nicolasdigraf
- bug #1864468 [display] Theme does not switch to darkblue_orange
- bug #1847409 [security] Path disclosure on darkblue_orange/,
thanks to Jürgen Wind - windkiel (2007-12-08)
- patch #1818389 to remove a notice (failed to flush buffer), thanks to
- patch #1821154, HTTP authentication: fix auth working with php/mod_fastcgi,
thanks to yarodin
- wrong default charset in case of broken session
- bug #1824506 [profiling] Profile command repeated on older MySQL servers
- bug #1825172 [export] Exporting and functions
- bug #1817224 [import] Incorrect detection of file_uploads in some cases,
thanks to Juergen Wind
- bug #1777249 [display] Do not underline links in left panel (in default
- bug #1826022 [privileges] unable to add user (MySQL 3.23) since PMA 2.11.2
- bug #1823045 [import] Error importing file with lowercase "delimiter"
- bug #1828913 [structure] Can't set FULLTEXT index on CHAR column
- bug #1804081 [export] export on server doesn't obey AllowAnyWhereRecoding
- bug #1789988 [display] space before SHOW COLUMNS
- bug #1831646 [table creation] Error in CREATE TABLE with multiple primary
- [display] Division by zero when showing all records (page selector)
- bug #1828265 [privileges] No weird characters in generated password
- bug #1759194 [import] open_basedir warning
- bug #1793948 [parser] ROW_FORMAT incorrectly parsed
- undefined PMA_MYSQL_INT_VERSION when no default server is set
- bug #1763343 [session] Behavior with session.auto_start enabled
+ [lang] Hungarian update, thanks to Mihály Mészáros
+ [lang] German update, thanks to Jürgen Wind - windkiel
- patch #1837691 [query window] js errors, thanks to Victor Volkov
- patch #1839052 [lang] catalan not in UTF-8, thanks to jaz001
- patch #1838626 [GUI] Login interface broken on Konqueror, thanks to fhimpe (2007-11-20)
- bug #1835123 [security] fixed XSS vulnerability on login page,
thanks to Tim Brown (Nth Dimension) for the advisory
and to Sebastian for the fix (2007-11-11)
- fixed possible SQL injection using database name
- fixed possible XSS in database name - thanks to Omer Singer, The DigiTrust Group (2007-10-27)
- patch #1791576 HTTP auth: support REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER, thanks to Allard
+ [lang] Serbian update, thanks to Mihailo Stefanovic
- bug #1798841 [relations] Copying db does not copy internal relations
- bug #1798646 [display] Character '+' in query wrongly interpreted
- bug #1801919 [themes] Do not use NaviDatabaseNameColor for fieldset legend
- bug #1764735 [core] Designer: PDF error when deleting a table
- bug #1764195 [views] DROP button does not work on defective views
- bug #1805773 [relations] browse foreign values: return values not escaped,
thanks to Alex Rambau
- bug #1807923 [login] Login with html entities in password fails
- [core] Undefined variable when creating a table that exists
- patch #1808578 Changes in font size were no longer detected after patch
+ [lang] Croatian update, thanks to Renato Pavicic
- patch #1807615 [GUI] Display patch for column rights in Opera
- bug #1811519 Can't delete user with a german umlaut.
- bug #1811519 [privileges] fixed used collation for accessing mysql.user in server privileges
- it should not be possible to move or copy a table to information_schema
- bug #1814733 win: copy db to mixed name db fails
- bug #1777249 [display] Remove horizontal lines in navigation panel
- bug #1805102 [display] TextareaAutoSelect issues: set this parameter
default value to false to help cut&paste from a terminal window; also
set focus to the textarea
- bug #1814463 [display] Wrong database size
- bug #1811527 [display] Problem with links to the MySQL manual
- patch #1817529 [auth] Incorrect login via URL when AllowArbitraryServer
is true, thanks to Juergen Wind (2007-10-17)
- fixed XSS in server_status.php, thanks to Omer Singer, The DigiTrust Group
- fixed some possible XSS with PHP_SELF, PATH_INFO, REQUEST_URI
(reference: CVE-2007-5589) (2007-10-15)
- bug #1810629 [setup] XSS in setup.php, thanks to Omer Singer, The DigiTrust Group (2007-09-20)
- bug #1783667 [export] NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO and MySQL version
- bug #1780098 [GUI] Logout causes CSS loss, thanks to Juergen Wind
. incorrect field ids, thanks to Michael Keck
- bug #1787522 [view] wrong choice in algorithm drop-down
- bug #1777620 [GUI] Table Print preview: missing column header,
thanks to Mario Rohkrämer
- Do not display "Your MySQL library..." if only the Z part of X.Y.Z version
is different
- bugs #1767759, 1216521 [data] Duplicate entry error Browse feature: this minor
feature removed due to its complexity
- bug #1774825 [operations] Rename database loses charset info
- bug #1791568 [core] Undefined cfg, thanks to Christian Schmidt
- bug #1782332 [structure] New table form does not overtake data
- bug #1793763 [requirements] minimum PHP should be 4.2.0
- patch #1787915 Avoid CSS reloading on every click, thanks to Juergen Wind
- bug #1798627 [GUI] Wrong storage engine displayed (2007-08-21)
+ [import] support handling of DELIMITER to mimic mysql CLI, thanks to fb1
+ improved PHP 6 compatibility
- bug #1674914 [structure] changing definition of a TIMESTAMP field
- bug #1615530 [upload] added more specific error message if field upload fails
- bug #1627210, #1083301, #1482401 [data] warning on duplicate indexes
- bug #1668724 JavaScript focus login Opera
- bug #1666657 [auth] Cookie password delete on timeout / inactivity
- bug #1648802 different mysql library and server version
- bug #1662976 [auth] Authentication fails when controluser/pass is set
- bug #1643758 [import] Error #1264 importing NULL values in MySQL 5.0
- bug #1523747 [innodb] make warning about row count more visible
- bug #1676012 [auth] strip non-US-ASCII characters (RFC2616)
- bug #1679440 Added FAQ entry about header errors under IIS caused by
an end-of-line character
- [gui] avoid displaying a wide selector in server selection
- bug #1614004 [relation] foreign key spanning multiple columns are
incorrectly displayed
- bug #1681598 [interface] Edit next row
- bug #1688053 [export] Wrong export of binary character fields
- bug #1498281 [parser] Wrong primary key used for displaying results
with subquery
- bug #1699772 Visual space bug in table name (in browser)
- bug #1699532 Cause of data manipulation issues: implemented changes
as suggested by crisp_; still have to work on updating an ENUM value
+ [core] added PMA_fatalError() and made use of it
. [core] added PMA_isValid() and PMA_ifSetOr() for variable handling
. [i18n] use generic $strOptions
. [core] get rid of $propicon
. [core] globalized variables to be includable inside function in
+ [doc] changed all documentation in to phpDocumentor style
+ [data] support for CREATE VIEW from query results
+ [gui] dropped css/ folder and moved into root of PMA
+ [l10n] new: Sinhala, Macedonian
+ [export] YAML export (see, thanks to Bryce Thornton
+ [upload] moved file upload functionality into own class
+ [upload] make use of $cfg['TempDir'] for file uploads
+ [server] improved display of binary logs
+ [data] better error handling in tbl_create.php
+ [routines] from Patch #1649881, thanks to Mike Beck
+ [querywindow] store sql history in session
+ [querywindow] sql history now without db too
+ [querywindow] tweaks in sql history view
+ [export] Native Excel (Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer) improvements,
thanks to Christian Schmidt
+ [doc] requirement of mcrypt on 64-bit, thanks to Isaac Bennetch
+ [lang] Danish update, thanks to Finn Sorensen
+ RFE #1435922 [gui] navigation frame shows listing of databases when none selected
+ [data] support BIT datatype (under mysqli), thanks to Christian Schmidt
+ [display] automatic confirmation for sort by key, thanks to Juergen Wind
+ [data] can now choose the number of insert rows
+ RFE #1704779 [gui] link documentation from login page
+ RFE #1513345 [setup] check control user connection during setup
+ [structure] TRIGGERS: display/edit/drop/SQL export
+ [browse] store browse state in session per query
+ [lang] Turkish update, thanks to Burak Yavuz
+ [lang] Galician update, thanks to Xosé Calvo
+ [lang] Brazilian-Portuguese update, thanks to Airon Luis Pereira
+ [gui] Insert/Edit: no longer display the Go button each 15 lines
but just at the end of a row
+ [gui] Query window: use verbose server name if any
+ [auth] patch #1712514 specify host for single signon, thanks to Thierry
+ [gui] Navigator for the db list in the navigation panel
+ [gui] Navigator for the table list in the content panel
- bug #1727138 HTML not encoded (more than 1000 characters)
+ [display] Support for MySQL 5.0.37 profiling
+ RFE #1743983 [gui] Replace $max_characters by a configurable param:
- bug #1746186 LeftLogoLink fails if set to some external site
. [transformations]: remove "auto-detect" MIME-type that was never implemented
+ [display] patch #1749705, Allow multibyte characters in number formatting,
thanks to garas
- bug #1747215 Export emits blanks at line ends
- bug #1751172 Do not export data when exporting a single VIEW
+ [lang] Swedish update, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg
+ [lang] Russian update, thanks to Victor Volkov and the users
+ [privileges] Support password hashing on the Edit Privileges interface
- bug #1755339 Warn about rename dataase actually being copy/delete
- bug #1746921 Left frame shrinks on db change, thanks to Juergen Wind
+ [gui] Export: Select All/Unselect All over the choices,
thanks to Florian Schmitz
+ [lang] Japanese update, thanks to Ishigaki Kenichi
- bug #1759528 browse_foreigners fails due to newlines,
thanks to Hanno Boeck
+ [lang] Norwegian update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
+ [lang] Italian update, thanks to Luca Rebellato
+ [lang] Spanish update, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza
. [export] Do not obey $cfg['MaxTableList'] on database export
- [doc] UploadDir and the Import tab, thanks to Juergen Wind
- bug #1766975 Parameters lost when editing stored routine
- [export] patch #1766633 Incorrect export with specified MySQL port,
thanks to Juergen Wind
+ [lang] Catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro
- bug #1751553 Drop-down instead of input when editing
- [data] foreign key browser: encoding mixups, thanks to Thijs Kinkhorst
- bug #1771721 Old SVN URLs (2007-07-20)
- bug #1734285 Copy database with VIEWs
- bug #1722502 DROP TABLE in export VIEW
- bug #1729027 Sorting results of VIEW browsing
- bug #1733012 Unwanted table alias in delete button
- bug #1736405 Pretty printer and HTML line breaks
- bug #1745257 Invalid DB name is still displayed
- bug #1730367 Calendar "Go" has no effect
- bug #1748633 Incorrect parameter validation for VIEWs
+ [lang] Russian revision, thanks to Victor Volkov and the users of
- Do not try to delete an internal relation if we just deleted an InnoDB one (2007-06-15)
+ [data] display all warnings, not only last one
- typo in fix for bug #1671813
- bug #1714908 Inserted Row Count is wrong
- bug #1712570 Deleting last record freezes
- bug #1717339 Missing header when deleting a checked column,
thanks to Michael Keck
- bug #1717477 Warning on Query page when db is empty
- bug #1721002 db rename -> undefined cfgRelation, thanks to Jürgen Wind
- bug #1721571 CREATE database privilege not always detected,
thanks to Gordon McNaughton
- bug #1715709 export in SQL format always includes procedures and functions
- bug #1722502 DROP TABLE in export view structure
- bug #1718787 Multi-server setup breaks Designer
- bug #1724401 Column truncation in repair table output
- patch #1726500 Wrong position of </tbody>, thanks to Jürgen Wind
- bug #1728590 Detected failing session_start fails, thanks to Jürgen Wind
- RFE #1714760 Obey ShowCreateDb on the Databases tab
- patch #1733762 Typo in message "INSERT DELAY", thanks to Victor Volkov
- patch #1730171 Dead message strLanguageFileNotFound, thanks to Victor Volkov
- patch #1731280 Avoid negative exponent in gmp_pow(), thanks to anosek (2007-04-23)
- bug #1541147 [js] '#' in database names not correctly handled by queywindow.js
- bug #1671403 [parser] using "client" as table name
- bug #1672379 [core] Call to undefined function PMA_removeCookie()
- bug [core] undefined variable in libraries/
- bug [gui] query window icon did not work, thanks to Jürgen Wind - windkiel
. [general] use PMA_getenv('PHP_SELF')
- bug #1676033 [core] pow(int,int) causes overflow
- bug #1680952 [core] undefined function PMA_getUvaCondition()
- bug #1596328 [export] drop support for POSTGRESQL compatibility mode
- bug #1609443 [privileges] Grant all priv. on wildcard name (fix message)
- bug #1567317 [sqp] Syntax highlighter: extra spaces
- bug #1239401 [sqp] table dot numeric field name
- bug #1672789 [sqp] Undefined offset: 4 in sqlparser.lib.php #1674
- bug #1682044 [export] Export file even if file not selected
- bug #1664212 querywindow loses url encoded characters
- replaced ctype_digit() with is_numeric()
+ [config] clean cookies on phpMyAdmin upgrade
- bug #1674972 [export] no export with %afm%
- bug #1667887 HTML maxlength
- bug #1679055 #1050 - Table '<table name>' already exists
- patch #1681620 [interface] support reordering of $cfg['ColumnTypes'],
thanks to Leonard den Ottolander
- bug #1690718 Can't edit if BLOB and no PK
- bug #1672636 [export] PDF export too wide
+ [lang] brazilian-portuguese update, thanks to Airon Luis Pereira
- patch #1698964 javascript typo, thanks to Corey Hollaway
- bug #1703897 [css] undefined index 'js_frame'
- bug #1690561 Blobs being cleared on Edit of row
- bug #1679801 [core] XSS vulnerability in PMA_sanitize(), thanks to sp3x SecurityReason
- bug #1704467 XSS vulnerability in browse_foreigners.php, thanks to sp3x SecurityReason (2007-03-02)
+ bug #1671813 CVE-2006-1549 deep recursion crash (2007-03-01)
. [config] set $cfg['Servers'][$i]['ssl'] default value to false,
we got reports from some users having problems with the default value of true (2007-02-28)
- bug #1659176 [general] memory error displaying a table with large BLOBs
- bug #1668662 [install] can create the new pma_designer_coords table
+ [gui] navi logo now links to main page by default, with still the possibility
of having an external URL
2007-02-25 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php: bug #1667466, undefined variable when
export + save on server
* server_status.php: bug #1665930, undefined PHP_SELF
2007-02-24 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/config.default.php: RFE #1621437, HEX and UNHEX were not
available for a BINARY field
2007-02-21 Marc Delisle <>
* pmd/scripts/move.js: bug #1650770, Designer and Mac OSX,
thanks to Ivan Kirillov
2007-02-17 Marc Delisle <>
* Documentation.html: patch #1659347, missing doc for some config,
thanks to Isaac Bennetch
* libraries/export/sql.php: bug #1663336, undefined variable
2007-02-16 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php, avoid generating big links
after an upload into a BLOB
2007-02-14 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/common.lib.php: white page after uploading a 700 Kio BLOB
* add a warning on main page if mcrypt can't be loaded (bug 1658160)
2007-02-12 Sebastian Mendel <>
* libraries/database_interface.lib.php: bug #1616486 server_databases does
not show all databases
* libraries/ MySQL function and column names, reserved
and forbidden words updated,
bug #1657045 Spatial functions not supported
bug #1657037 Missing column type "geometry"
2007-02-09 Marc Delisle <>
* main.php: some links should open a new page
* Documentation.html, libraries/,
libraries/config.default.php: $cfg['LeftLogoLinkWindow'] to decide
in which window the logo-linked page will appear
2007-02-09 Michal Čihař <>
* lang/czech: Fix syntax error (sorry for that).
2007-02-08 Marc Delisle <>
* themes/darkblue_orange/img/logo_left.png,
themes/original/img/logo_left.png: smaller PMA logo for navi
2007-02-08 Sebastian Mendel <>
* themes/*/css/theme_right.css.php: bug #1653769 browsing highlight disabling
doesn't work
2007-02-06 Sebastian Mendel <>
* pmd_general.php, pmd_pdf.php, pmd_save_pos.php: fixed short open tags
patch #1652886 thanks to Martin Thielecke - mthie
* tbl_change.php: fixed escaping of field names in HTML and JavaScript
* libraries/common.lib.php: PMA_backquote() did not quote 0
* tbl_change.php: bug #1652810 - slashes are not escaped properly
2007-02-05 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/japanese: Update, thanks to Ishigaki Kenichi - tcool.
2007-02-05 Sebastian Mendel <>
* lang/german: updated
2007-02-03 Marc Delisle <>
* pmd/scripts/move.js: display problems in Opera, thanks to Maxim Bulygin
2007-02-02 Marc Delisle <>
* tbl_replace.php: Calendar icon does not work on "Insert another new row"
2007-02-01 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/import.lib.php: bug #1626064, too much quoting on import
2007-02-01 Sebastian Mendel <>
* libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: bug #1644740 - $cfg['Order'] = 'SMART'
* libraries/Theme.class.php: removed __wakeup() due to some requirements are
not fulfilled at this point - also thanks to Jürgen Wind - windkiel
2007-01-31 Sebastian Mendel <>
* libraries/
bug #1630871 - Detecting a missing write permission on sessions directory
2007-01-30 Sebastian Mendel <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php PMA_SQP_analyze():
bug #1647785 - do not pass variables by reference
2007-01-29 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin)
* pmd_general.php: possibility of quotes in Designer messages,
thanks to Ivan Kirillov
2007-01-26 Michal Čihař <>
* libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/js_escape.lib.php,
test/escape_js_string.php, test/core.lib.php: Move java script escaping
to separate library, make it safer on </script> escaping and add
testcase for it.
* test/theme.php: Move to test package.
2007-01-22 Marc Delisle <>
* pmd/*: button for direct/angular links, thanks to Ivan Kirillov
2007-01-22 Michal Čihař <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
2007-01-21 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/Table.class.php: on a MySQL 5.0.33 server with 4400 databases,
one of which having 400 tables, it took more than 3 minutes just to
see the database structure (some accesses to INFORMATION_SCHEMA are
just too slow) so I changed PMA_Table::isView() to avoid calling
2007-01-20 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/sqlparser.lib.php: bug #1638267, wrong reserved word
* server_privileges.php: bug #1635377, superfluous backslash,
thanks to Hanut
2007-01-19 Marc Delisle <>
* pmd*, lang/*: Designer now supports set/unset of the display field,
thanks to Ivan Kirillov
2007-01-18 Michal Čihař <>
* lang/czech: Updated.
* libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php: Make server switching honour more
server settings (patch #1630104).
2007-01-17 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/turkish: update, thanks to Burak Yavuz - bourock
2007-01-16 Marc Delisle <>
### 2.9.2 released from QA_2_9
2007-01-12 Marc Delisle <>
* (many files): Designer, two features (snap to grid / display field)
thanks to Ivan Kirillov
* libraries/Theme_Manager.class.php: patch #1611684, force a change
of a session variable to avoid phpmyadmin.css.php caching problems,
thanks to Christian Schmidt
2007-01-11 Marc Delisle <>
* lang/estonian: Update, thanks to Marko Ellermaa - uhuu
2007-01-09 Michal Čihař <>
* index.php: Properly escape strings written in JS code.
* libraries/Theme_Manager.class.php: Avoid trigger error here, parameter
comes from user and it might lead to path disclossure.
* libraries/common.lib.php:
- Properly escape </script> in JS code.
- Check db, table and sql_query params to be string.
2007-01-08 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/ prevent attack on session name cookie
2007-01-05 Marc Delisle <>
* libraries/ bug #1538132, remove the setting of
session.save_handler to 'files'
* pmd_general.php: patch #1627831,
English language improvements, thanks to Isaac Bennetch
* pmd_general.php, pmd_relation_new.php, lang/*: abstract messages
2007-01-04 Marc Delisle <>
* pmd/scripts/move.js: avoid text selection when moving a table object
under MSIE 6, thanks to Ivan Kirillov
* libraries/ better icon for Designer, thanks to I.K.
2007-01-02 Marc Delisle <>
* Designer: various fixes and improvements (for example support
for MSIE 6), thanks to Ivan Kirillov
* pdf_pages.php: undefined $pdf_page_number when no auto layout
* server_privileges.php: bug #1614087, deleting a user having a
global GRANT privilege fails under MySQL 4.1.x
2007-01-02 Michal Čihař <>
* libraries/common.lib.php: Add <div> to allow selecting whole SQL by
tripple click (patch #1611591).
* libraries/export/sql.php: DELIMITER should not be commented out (bug
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