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phpMyAdmin - ChangeLog
====================== (not yet released)
+ rfe #2890226 [view] Enable VIEW rename
+ rfe #838637 [privileges] Export a user's privileges
- [core] Updated mootools to fix some glitches with Safari.
+ rfe #2816943 [interface] Add REGEXP ^...$ to select dialog.
+ rfe #2924956 [interface] Add insert ignore option to editing row.
+ rfe #2838080 [interface] Show warning when javascript is disabled.
+ rfe #2823707 [edit] Call UUID function separately to show it in insert.
+ rfe #2420684 [export] Allow export of timestamps in UTC.
+ [core] Remove config data from session as it brings chicken-egg problem.
+ [core] Cookie path now honors PmaAbsoluteUri.
+ rfe #2393597 [core] phpMyAdmin honors https in PmaAbsoluteUri.
+ rfe #1778337 [core] Try moving tables by RENAME and fail to CREATE/INSERT if that fails.
+ rfe #1721189 [core] Force reload js on code change.
+ rfe #1954161 [interface] Do not display long numbers in server status.
+ rfe #2033616 [edit] Add option to just display insert query.
+ rfe #1435032 [interface] Move SSL status to the end, it is usually empty.
+ rfe #1340812 [interface] Show numbers of columns in table structure.
+ rfe #1186511 [inrerface] Add link to reload navigation frame.
+ rfe #2936156 [auth] Signon authentication forwards error message through session data.
+ rfe #2835109 [interface] Move ^1 to the end of message.
+ rfe #854911 [interface] Grey out non applicable actions in structure
+ [interface] Allow to create new table from navigation frame (in light mode).
+ rfe #1025696 [browse] Add direct download of binary fields.
- [browse] Properly display NULL value for BLOB.
- rfe #1516803 [edit] Allow to set BLOB to/from NULL with ProtectBinary.
- [edit] Do not default to UNHEX when using file upload.
- rfe #1379201 [core] Add option to configure session_save_path.
+ [interface] Provide links to documentation in highlighted SQL.
+ [interface] It is now possible to bookmark most pages in JS capable browser.
- bug #2936482 [core] Fix SSL detection.
+ rfe #2937850 [doc] Add some hints to chk_rel.php for quick setup.
+ rfe #2938579 [interface] Add class to some elements for easier theming.
+ rfe #2937840 [doc] Add some interesting configs to
+ rfe #2792992 [doc] Added advice to re-login after changing pmadb settings
+ patch #2952353 [interface] Prefill "Copy table to" in tbl_operations.php, thanks to iinl
+ [lang] Add English (United Kingdom) translation, thanks to Robert Readman.
+ patch #2948421 [auth] HTTP Basic auth realm name,
thanks to Harald Jenny - haraldj
- bug #2954916 [interface] Do not insert doc links to not formatted SQL.
+ [lang] Chinese Simplified update, thanks to Shanyan Baishui - rimyxp
+ [lang] Turkish update, thanks to Burak Yavuz
+ rfe #2963310 [interface] Focus TEXTAREA "sql_query" on click on "SQL" link
+ [lang] Uzbek update, thanks to Orzu Samarqandiy
+ rfe #2958013 [import] After import, also list uploaded filename, thanks
to Pavel Konnikov and Herman van Rink
+ patch #2974341 [structure] Clicking on table name in db Structure should
Browse the table if possible, thanks to bhdouglass - dougboybhd
+ patch #2975533 [search] New search operators, thanks to
Martynas Mickevičius
+ patch #2967320 [designer] Colored relations based on the primary key,
thanks to GreenRover - greenrover
- [core] Provide way for vendors to easily change paths to config files.
+ patch #2979922, rfe #2804874 [interface] Add inline query editing, thanks to Muhammd Adnan.
- bug #2966752 [setup] Allow to configure changes tracking in setup script.
+ patch #2981165 [edit] Optionally disable the Type column,
thanks to Brian Douglass - bhdouglass
+ patch #2984058 [edit] Buttons for quicky creating common SQL queries, thanks
to sutharshan.
+ patch #2984337 [interface] Convert loading of export/import to jQuery ready
event, thanks to sutharshan.
- [edit] CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is also valid for datetime fields.
- patch #2985068 [engines] Fix parsing of PBXT status, thanks to Madhura Jayaratne.
- patch #2986073 [interface] Convert upload progress bar to jQuery, thanks to
Philip Frank.
- patch #2983960 [interface] Add javascript validation of datetime input,
thanks to Sutharshan Balachandren.
- rfe #2981999 [interface] Default sort order is now SMART.
- rfe #2972969 [interface] Fix flipping of headers in non-IE browsers.
+ rfe #2964518 [interface] Allow to choose servers from configuration for
+ rfe #2988633 [relation] Improve ON DELETE/ON UPDATE drop-downs
+ rfe #2988629 [relation] Improve labels in relation view
+ rfe #2983207, patch #2988715 [interface] Use jQuery calendar dialog, thanks
to Muhammad Adnan.
+ [doc] Incorporate synchronisation docs into main document.
+ [core] Include Content Security Policy HTTP headers.
- bug #3004216 [CSS] Field attributes use inline CSS
- patch #2999595, rfe #2998130 [interface] Cleanup navigation frame.
- patch #3025161 [core] Prevent sending of unnecessary cookies,
thanks to Piotr Przybylski - crackpl
- bug [password] Generate password only available if JS is enabled
(fixed for Privileges and Change password)
- [core] RecodingEngine now accepts none as valid option.
+ [core] Dropped AllowAnywhereRecoding configuration variable.
- rfe #3016457 [interface] Define tab order in SQL form to allow easier tab
+ [core] Centralized format string expansion, @VARIABLES@ are recommended way
now, used by file name templates, default queries, export and title
+ [validator] SQL validator works also with SOAP PHP extension.
- [interface] Better formatting for SQL validator results.
- [doc] The linked-tables infrastructure is now called phpMyAdmin
configuration storage.
- [interface] Move drop/empty links from being tabs to Operations tab.
- [interface] Fixed rendering of error/notice/info titles background.
- patch #3038293 [doc] Language and grammar fixes,
thanks to Isaac Bennetch - ibennetch
- patch #3038312 [export] JSON export,
thanks to Hauke Henningsen - blubberkeks152
- rfe #1494550 [interface] Editor for SET/ENUM fields.
- rfe #2649375 [interface] Simplified interface to backup/restore.
- rfe #2973909 Users preferences
- [relations] Dropped WYSIWYG-PDF configuration variable.
- rfe #806035, #686260 [relations] Export relations to Dia, SVG and others
+ [interface] Added charts to status tab, profiling page and query results
+ [interface] AJAXification on various pages
- [core] Remove last remaining parts of profiling code which was removed in 2006.
- bug #3042665 [parser] Add workaround for MySQL way of handling backtick.
- bug #3056610 [interface] Removed modification options for information_schema
+ patch #3055886 [config] Add Left frame table filter visibility config option, thanks to eesau
- [core] Force generating of new session on login
+ rfe #1105678 [interface] Drop page-break-before as it is useless for smaller
+ rfe #2956556 [interface] Allow to wrap enum values.
- bug #1669459 [interface] Do not automatically mark PDF schema rows to delete
- bug #3087682 [interface] Do not apply LeftFrameDBSeparator on first character.
+ rfe #3111455 [interface] Column highlighting and marking in table view
+ Visual query builder
- bug #3115519 [interface] Prevent long queries from being shown in confirmation popup
- patch #3112792 [navi] Left panel table grouping incorrect,
thanks to garas - garas (not yet released)
- bug [doc] Fix references to MySQL doc
- patch #3101490 Default function for TIMESTAMP, thanks to jirand - jirand
- bug #3103853 [js] Double quotes were not escaped in generated js
- bug #3077463 [core] Events were not copied when copying/renaming database
- bug #1762306 [core] Copy database with view of a view
- patch #3117535 [replication] Add quotes to database in initial statement,
thanks to Craig Duncan - duncan3dc (2010-11-29)
- bug #3115519 (private) [security] XSS on db search, see PMASA-2010-8 (2010-10-25)
- bug #3059311 [import] BIGINT field type added to table analysis
- [core] Update library PHPExcel to version 1.7.4
- bug #3062455 [core] copy procedures and routines before tables
- bug #3062455 [export] with SQL, export procedures and routines before tables
- bug #3056023 [import] USE query not working
- bug #3038193 [display] Error when editing row with GEOMETRY column
- bug #3062454 [interface] Display routines/events also when no tables are defined
- support ARIA storage engine as well as its previous name MARIA (2010-09-07)
- patch #3050492 [PDF scratchboard] Cannot drag table box to the edge after
a page size increase, thanks to Martin Schönberger - mad05 (2010-08-28)
- bug #3033063 [core] Navi gets wrong db name
- bug #3031705 [core] Fix generating condition for real numbers by comparing
them to string.
- bug #3034026 [confirmation] TRUNCATE queries get no confirmation request
- bug #3036132 [core] Triggers not fetched if dbname has an hyphen
- patch #3039269 [dbi] Wrong variable checked for nopassword option,
thanks to Will Palmer - wpalmer
- bug #3040226 [XHTML] LockFromUpdate checkbox not checked by default
- bug [doc] Withdraw or edit FAQ entries related to older MySQL or PHP
- bug #3042706 [pmadb] Relations, bookmarks, etc deleted after table drop
- bug #3044189 [doc] Cleared documentation for hide_db.
- bug #3042495 [core] Move PMA_sendHeaderLocation to core.lib.php. (2010-08-20)
- [core] Fixed various XSS issues, see PMASA-2010-5 for more details. (2010-07-26)
- patch #2932113 [information_schema] Slow export when having lots of
databases, thanks to Stéphane Pontier - shadow_walker
- bug #3022705 [import] Import button does not work in Catalan when there
is no progress bar possible
- bug [replication] Do not offer information_schema in the list of databases
- bug [js] Avoid loading twice a js file
- bug #3024344 [setup] Setup forces numeric MemoryLimit
- bug #3025975 [auth] Odd LoginCookieValidity default value
- bug #3026400 [PHP] ereg functions are deprecated
- bug #3027557 [PHP] split() deprecated in PHP 5.3 (backport fixes from master)
- bug #3023507 [core] No result set display from stored procedure SELECT
- bug [export] CSV for MS Excel (Windows) should have semi-colon as separator
- [core] Update library PHPExcel to version 1.7.3c
- bug #2994885, bug #3029168 [import] Convert Excel column name correctly
- bug [scripts] MySQL 5.5.5 does not accept TIMESTAMP(14) in create_tables.sql (2010-06-28)
- bug #2996161 [import] properly escape import value
- bug #2998889 [import] Import button does not work in Catalan
- [browse] Fix handling of sort order if only column is specified.
+ [lang] Greek update, thanks to Panagiotis Papazoglou - panos78
+ [lang] Updated lot of translation based on work done in master branch.
- bug #3008411 [databases] Last dropped database remains active in navi
- bug #2986383 [parser] Not all data being shown / counted
- bug [synchronize] Rows were deleted in target table regardless of the
"Would you like to delete..." option
- bug [privileges] List of tables not shown when the db name has a wildcard
- bug #3011126 [display] Edit link missing after long query
- patch #3013264 [doc] FAQ 1.40 uses a comma instead of a period,
thanks to Isaac Bennetch - ibennetch
- [engines] Fix getting InnoDB status.
- bug #2986422 [import] Results for query are not displayed (2010-05-10)
- patch #2982480 [navi] Do not group if there would be one table in group,
thanks to Lorikeet Lee.
- patch #2983492 [sync] When asking to synchronize Structure and Data,
only Structure is done, thanks to Ankit Gupta - ankitgupta3
- patch #2984893 [engines] InnoDB storage page emits a warning,
thanks to Madhura Jayaratne - madhuracj
- bug #2974687, bug #2974692 [compatibility] PHPExcel : IBM AIX iconv() does not work,
thanks to Björn Wiberg - bwiberg
- bug #2983066 [interface] Flush table on table operations shows the query twice,
thanks to Martynas Mickevičius - BlinK_
- bug #2983060, patch #2987900 [interface] Fix initial state of tables in
designer, thanks to Sutharshan Balachandren.
- bug #2983062, patch #2989408 [engines] Fix warnings when changing table
engine to Maria, thanks to Madhura Jayaratne.
- bug #2974067 [display] non-binary fields shown as hex
- bug #2983065 [operations] Error when changing from Maria to MyISAM engine
- bug #2975408 [tracking] Data too long for column data_sql
- bug [tracking] Tracking report should obey MaxCharactersInDisplayedSQL
- bug [edit] Avoid selecting UNHEX function by default for a BLOB column for
which editing is protected
- bug #2994168 [structure] Show auto_increment in uppercase
- bug #2993970 [pdf schema] Page numbering in Table of Contents (2010-04-13)
- patch #2969449 [core] Name for MERGE engine varies depending on the
MySQL version, thanks to Dieter Adriaenssens - ruleant
- bug #2966078 [browse] Incorrect LIMIT is saved and sticks while browsing
- bug #2967366 [Structure] Some results of Propose table structure are
shown in hex
- bug #2967565 [insert] UNHEX not selected by default when inserting BINARY
- [navi] Changed link to git repository on main page
- bug #2972232 [menu] Import menu tab not present on main page
- patch #2976790 [menu] Go to the upper level after table DROP,
thanks to Kaarel Nummert - kaarelnu
- patch #2978815 [pdf] Fix generating PDF with table dimensions, thanks to BlinK_
- patch #2977725 [export] XML wrongly encoded, thanks to Victor Volkov - hanut
- patch #2979234 [import] Create tables with current charset and collation.
- patch #2979234, bug #2960105 [import] Properly import unicode text from ODS.
- bug #2973280 [export] Proper handling of temporary directory in XLS export.
- bug #2980582 [interface] Properly format server status parameter.
- bug #2973949 [session] SQL History broken (revert patch #2899969),
thanks to Dieter Adriaenssens - ruleant
- [doc] Be more specific about problems with Suhosin. (2010-03-16)
- bug #2941037 [core] Database structure not sorted by table correctly
- bug #2948492 [interface] Slide effect masks some fields on search page
- bug #2959746 [interface] Unknown table status: TABLE_TYPE
- bug #2953050 [export] export VIEW as SQL includes INSERT statement
- bug #2942032 [core] Cannot detect PmaAbsoluteUri correctly on Windows
- bug #2961609 [auth] Potential information disclosure at login page
- patch #2961540 [export] Do not export data of MERGE table,
thanks to Dieter Adriaenssens - ruleant
- bug #2961198 [parser] Querying a table named "data"
- bug #2931429 [structure] Editing long triggers
- bug #2970769 [structure] Incorrect reference to mootools-more.js (2010-03-07)
+ rfe #2308632 [edit] Use hex for (var)binary fields,
thanks to Maarten Dieleman - maartendieleman
+ patch #2794819 [navi] Filter for displayed table names,
thanks to Michael Valushko - dylfin
- bug #2794840 [core] Cannot redeclare pma_tableheader()
- rfe #2726479 [core] configurable maximal length of URL
+ patch #2724755 [display] Full/partial text links (big T) are back,
thanks to nullbarriere - nullbarriere
- bug [display] handle NavigationBarIconic as documented for navi buttons
+ rfe #2726479 [export] Export tables preselect
+ patch #2805828 [export] PHP array export plugin,
thanks to Geoffray Warnants - amnsk
+ patch #2798592 [import] Progress bar,
thanks to Tomas Srnka - tomassrnka
- bug [gui] Generate Password not working for 'Change Login Information', only for 'Change password'
+ [lang] Arabic update, thanks to Meno25 - meno25
+ rfe #2822190 [structure] BOOLEAN is standard SQL
+ [lang] German update, thanks to knittl
+ [lang] German update, thanks to virsacer
+ rfe #2813867 [structure] Default sorting order in list of tables
+ [import] Added MySQL type-detection functionality to import library,
thanks to Derek Schaefer
+ [import] Added ODS, Excel XLS, Excel XLSX, and XML import modules,
thanks to Derek Schaefer
+ [export] Added Excel XLSX export module,
thanks to Derek Schaefer
+ [core] Added ability for tracking changes made through phpMyAdmin
+ rfe #2839504 [engines] Support InnoDB plugin's new row formats
+ [core] Added ability for synchronizing databases among servers.
+ [lang] #2843101 Dutch update, thanks to scavenger2008
+ [lang] Galician update, thanks to Xosé Calvo - xosecalvo
+ [export] Added MediaWiki export module,
thanks to Derek Schaefer - drummingds1
+ [lang] Turkish update, thanks to Burak Yavuz
+ [auth] Add custom port configuration in signon, thanks to Gary Smith
- [core] Removed context from the error handler
- bug #2883633 [export] Export of InnoDB table is incomplete
+ rfe #2862575 [status] Order query statistics by % desc, skip rows with 0
+ rfe #2823686 [interface] Increase default height of query window
+ rfe #2129902 [structure] Don't hide indexes
+ patch #2812070 [interface] Allow selecting a range of rows by holding shift, thanks to Joolee
+ [lang] Russian update, thanks to Victor Volkov
+ [lang] Greek update, thanks to Panagiotis Papazoglou
+ [lang] Norwegian update, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen
- bug #2929958 [import] Cannot import (French interface)
- [security] Use X-Frame-Options header to protect against ClickJacking.
+ [lang] Finnish update, thanks to Jouni Kahkonen
+ [lang] Lithuanian update, thanks to Rytis Slatkevicius - rytis_s
- bug #2931939 [status] Seeing "m" as unit is confusing
- bug #2926613 [edit] Copy database shows errors when DB has foreign key
+ [lang] Catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro (not released)
- bug #2938492 [display] information_schema sorting order
- bug #2941101 [import] import timeout when table already created and
several data lines
- bug #2944069 [config] Extraneus dot from dirname() when installed in root, thanks to ayanamist (2010-01-10)
- patch #2903400 [bookmarks] Status of bookmark table,
thanks to Virsacer - virsacer
- bug [history] QueryHistoryDB is not respected
- bug #2905629 [auth] Blowfish secret is not hashed
- bug #2910000 [gui] ShowServerInfo should hide all server info from main page
- bug #2910568 [structure] Table size for ARCHIVE tables is not displayed
- patch #2899969 [core] Session lock blocks working from a second window,
thanks to Greg Roach - fisharebest
- patch #2915168 [import] Incorrect parsing of DELIMITER keyword,
thanks to Greg Roach - fisharebest
- patch #2918831 [export] Missing backquotes on reserved words,
thanks to Virsacer - virsacer
- [core] Fix broken cleanup of $_GET
- bug #2924357 [operations] Cannot rename a database that has foreign key
- bug #869006 [structure] Ignore number of records for MRG_MyISAM tables
- bug [browse] "Show BLOB contents" should display HTML code that is present
in a BLOB, thanks to Vincent van der Tuin
- [privileges] Improve escaping of hostname
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